Activating the Body-Intelligence

Our body’s Intelligence is endlessly strong compared to any navigation we can and do carry out with our minds. In this sense we are likely quite arrogant in “thinking we know better” and forcing the body to move from the mind rather than being in respect of and bowing to the intelligence of the body – allowing for our landing and relaxation into the ground of the Earth and of nature, and letting IT lead our way ahead as humans.

The body has been under way through billions of years of evolution and we only stepped into this vehicle of Gods something between 10 and 100 years ago. Only have “what we have Heard” and learned and boxed through those extremely limited years to go on, and from there we take the steering wheel and drive the bus. No wonder we Crash Hard that way.

This time is more challenging than any other time we have ever faced as a species before it – biologically speaking. We have never been more removed from nature and at the same time never been surrounded by more damaging elements – in terms of radiations, toxins in almost every piece of food we can pick up to put in our mouthes not to mention the fact that Any participation on this planet in this time in societies is filled with mental noise and self-destructive energies of waste, abuse and neglect of the body.

This means, friends, that the only way ahead for us, is to take matters into our own hands and hearts, when it comes to our body’s health and well-being. And this is where our minds actually DO come in handy – in their humility. Because with them we can study and contemplate to move ourselves towards an emotional and psychological Acceptance of the state of affairs, from where we can collect data and start making informed decisions. For ourselves and our loved ones.

Yes, we are talking about changing our minds around that which Actually cannot really get around to Care Enough to spend the energy to get-eyes into the Detail of Matter. It is a massive field of arrogance and lack of care through mind-dependency, which we need to lay down. To Face what we Always Had right here and all along – the wisdom at Nature, Ripe and rightly available for the asking – by simple and natural respect and humility.

There are a number of steps in reaching the Full Agreement – and the road to activation of our body’s Intelligence goes through our willingness to trust THAT, more than anything we hear and more than any idea we can pick up from other minds in their navigation apart from the deep rest in nature herself.

The journey goes through stages. From not-caring to maybe “going organic”, perhaps even Vegetarian or at the longer stretch vegan, gluten-free and other ways in which we move to take care of ourselves and each other.

The choices of what is right for you can not be made from a place of “good ideas” or following the stream of the newest health-trend of super-food. It has to be accompanied by and growing out from a growing self-love and respect for the body. The reason is simply, that we do not have the same human bodies nor in any way have the same state of the body we have, and so our very specific wiring needs our very specific attention and Listening.

In some sense each human body is uniquely designed to carry it’s inhabitant across the ocean to the full blossoming as yourself – JUST as it can be said, that there in a more general sense are actually different body-types. Your body-type may not be the same as the people around you, and so your body-type may has different needs. Whether in regards to what and how to eat, how to move with sleep or it’s need for special care and attention in certain areas as a part of you coming to unfold and fully be Alive and in Place regarding the sharing of your gifts and own well-being. The studies pay off – there is no doubt about that.

On the Journey to our Knowing of our own bodies and their needs, we stand to face the very personal and individual Touch of re-claiming the power of Healing, as the most natural way of the body and therefore our life – as a part of our return to Nature. To go all the way, we actually have to become so Direct in our Listening, that we get Eyes All the way into our human biology, finding out how the different parts of our bodies interact and Listen how things affect us and what they need (and often more importantly, what they don’t need) to be as Healthy and Strong as possible in this time of mayhem.

Activating the voice of the body, comes through the willingness to Listen. To humble the mind-made voice (no matter how “knowing or wise”) and allow the mind to become a servant to matter – Him to become a servant of Her – your body – which knows a Lot better than your mind does, no matter how much information you collected. It is sincerely a return to the innocence of letting life and nature decide and to meet god in the Feminine through the voice of Matter/Mother.

Listening is to Ask and to Receive Answer. To Hear and Respect what is Heard. To do that, we must put down all that which we think we know and come to fully move ahead with the master which is in the body, as the way-shower when it comes to the direction of our lives as humans. She leads us where we need to go, doing what we need to do and so on. She is ACTUALLY Right Here. Directly Available for your humble asking to her – and you Can rely on her answers, as long as you are willing to face the pain and ludicrous derailing of the mind, to return to Her. Over and Over throuogh the healing of your conditioning to mistrust in nature.

The Coming deeper and deeper into the ground – not to mention the fact of our bodies coming into age over time – invites us to reach a point of realising, recognising the reality of Mortality as a part of our Beings.

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