Taking Care of the Body

As we walk on the way and embrace the expanse, the care for the body and the importance of strengthening the body becomes quite significant – as significant as strengthening the mind.

We can’t stand as lightning-bearers if we do not take care of the weaknesses in the body – if we don’t solve the puzzles and attend to what the body needs. To truly stand able to deal with Life on a bodily basis, we need to remove all of the obstacles to Life in the system. Hence the dissolution of all of the somebodiness in the body, which makes us stiff and stale.

We can and do grow in sensitivity in our embrace of the Earth and then of course we stand responsible for also finding out how and what is needed for the body to live in good health in a world, which is “on the brink”. Nature is being destroyed and more than anything, nature in our own selves are continuously being distorted and destroyed by the loss of simplicity to complexity, as we are affected by anything from electromagnetic waves, over toxins in our food to the increasing noise from an unending stream of input and manipulations via everything from media to the 1 bio. options of entertainment in jumping on the wave of flourishing numbness.

In short there is an UN-ending stream of mal-information moving in this world, which we – whether we like it or not – are affected by until we stop, step into responsibility and start stepping forward with conscious choices.

So how do we actually Reach the place of being able to live with an increased and increasing sensitivity and consciousness in this world? The answer is of course in the combination between getting to know and develop the skill of discernment, for yourself in cooperation with your body, thereby getting to know what is needed and what is not. What is needed is that you meet, face and choose Grace over the wasteful and careless handling of yourself. Yes, we truly stand before a journey into the Wisdom of our own bodies, which is calling, for us to live in good health.

There are different kinds of bodies, and they have different kinds of needs. Your body-type requires something specific from you and it is your responsibility to study – to give your wiring the time and space it needs for you to get to know the nuts and bolts of the human vehicle, to solve the puzzle and claim back the power of healing as the natural way of life, living in a human body.

The body’s intelligence is unbelievable and if we are willing to Listen to it, we can Truly be surprised where Life is trying to take us in terms of reaching a healthy, integrated and real state of being human.

Feelings are not the Enemy

In our embrace of Reality on and in-ground we develop loving kindness and compassion. It happens through the dissolution of the arrogance towards existence, which we are bound to meet as the resistance we have to be deeply and truly on ground.

We stand before the return to an emotional honesty, which isn’t based towards the squeeze we are inflicting to our way of feeling, based on a need to fit into an imaginary context. Setting free this preference of feeling requires our courage, stamina and constant application as Love in a movement towards full presence. Towards Love for the Earth and deep surrender to Her as the archetypal force of creation. That meeting with Source is the ground of Being in the belly.

When we open the door to fulfil our humanness, it isn’t about what we do – but about what we Are. When we Are, on ground, we are not disconnected from Source nor do we have a problem with any which feeling that can arise inside our emotional system as humans. In other words feelings are not the enemy anymore, and due to our presence with and holding of them, they have lost their control over us as something we compulsively have to live-out or express. We have befriended them and can now be the painter standing inside the painting.

It is not outside the scope of our ability as consciousness and walk in Truth to arrive at such human Peace. What is required is however, that we stop seeing feelings as the enemy. As something we have to overcome or get rid of, but rather start embracing the reality of our human nature, as a way to fully release the contrast and opposition between our consciousness and human existence. To do so in a way where we arrive on a bed of gratitude towards, fully able to appreciate the gift of our human experience. This human life and body was given to you by Life itself – and we are frankly speaking being quite bratty, when we receive this gift with reservation and rejection towards 50% of it, holding the level of arrogance most of us hold towards fully and deeply appreciating the whole thing – the Totality of it.

We’re not here to pick and choose. We’re here to surrender and abide by – and this we can do, when we pass the fear of being alive of being true and start investing in being real rather than being safe.

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