Action-body Activation

As we stand here before entering cooperation together on the creation of a center here on the island, some words to spill on the activation and unfolding of your action-body.

For close to 2 years, the teaching has focused on the ground-embrace. It has grounded the field which is now ready to move on to the full and continuous balancing between all aspects of Being.

When we embrace the ground, yes, humanity, vulnerability, feminine etc. However… Attention is needed also on developing the Divine Masculine, as it is this masculine, which is the Holding-Power of our/the Feminine. It puts on the map, the recognition of pure Spirit as well and requires our passing beyond the self-centred in the unfolding of the Action-body.


FACTS about the Action-body (and its revelation of the unknown/all the realms of existence)

  • The Action-body unfolds and our hearts are purified through selfless action. Seva. Focusing on covering our own needs can send us spiralling into a me-me-me based and me-focused existence – blinded towards our real hearts capacity and limited in our Love. It can become a revolving around our own self-center and “our own life” ::: Taking care of our ground is important, but it must be balanced with our taking care of everything/everyone (yep guys – world-wide care, not just the ones in “our own life” – and the reason is that our surrender to the BIG LIFE Depends on our surrender to be of the Greatest Service Possible). This is why a major part of the buddhists focus is on *all sentient beings* – and not just buddhists ::: Without aligning our hearts/care to the One Life, the Heart simply cannot develop.
  • When we step into a context, where we get to work for ALL OF US, we are facing the unseen challenge of our FEAR of the unknown. This can make us procrastinate, show as laziness and shorten our energy-supply. Furthermore our minds can somehow attempt to find reasons to and justify the over-prioritising of ourselves based on the separate self, instead of giving up the self-center in the Heart – based on this unseen fear. This is faulty – there can be no over-prioritising based on neither excluding ourselves from the equation of the Whole, nor excluding the Whole by over-focusing on ourselves. The Silence lies right there where Life gets to Dance as an endless and ever strengthening stream of giving, to yourself, to All, to yourself, to All – and in a way that keeps both you and all attended to.
  • Naturally you will have to GROW in your Love, to LOVE MORE – to become limitless and naturally flowing in this circulation. Instead of fearfully managing the limited amount of energy you have available (believing in the limitation and believing you have to savour it for yourself), KNOW that your Giving draws water from a bottomless well of Love – and that it is That Giving, which reveals and builds up your energy-body and moves you beyond this imaginary limitation.
  • When we realise this, we can consciously, for ourselves and for All, step into the conscious balance of being of service. Service is important and the only way to empty the heart.
  • Spending time working to take care of All must be balanced with spending time taking care of yourself, or we will get worn down as humans, and only grow in the heart. Only taking care of ourselves, will make our hearts shrivel. Finding the balance between giving love to our human and giving love into the Whole, and we’re Golden. The Answer is to GIVE AS MUCH to yourself, as you give to the Whole. Neither more, nor less – Exactly the same! (Now make your assessment of where you are in that balance…)
  • When we engage in service, we open the door to the Universal power. You will RECEIVE Love from GIVING Love – and you will have to surrender to Be Loved as a part of Giving Love. Every time you have worked with the rest of us, you are bound to get a gift from above. Working with this instead of against it, will make your engagement with this coming journey of ours much easier. All it calls for is that after you have given, you go home and place yourself on your bed – and let go, to graciously receive the gift of God. Your body may shake a bit and you can joyously give in to that. The degree to which you are being Kissed depends on how much you have Given your Love into the work done. If you only work as much as to never hit your limit, you wont be able to grow beyond your limit either. Growth of capacity as Love comes from giving your All. Always. (It is what I have done for close to 19 years now and what has made me limitless in every angle of mySelf as Reality.

I am proud to be able to say that the field now has a context, wherein you can develop your Heart to maturation. Congratulations on the center on Møn in Denmark – to all of you. You are welcomed to step in and take part in Creation of will likely become one of the worlds first Full-Inclusion Truth centers (please write on info@aishasalem.com). It will be a blessing and major energetic impact for All, when this transmission lands into Solid Soil as a place accessible to All.

I will leave you with this for now – to read and re-read. Please make a proper contemplation of this content and Know, that I am Here to guide the process as we move along.

For All of Us,

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