Tenderness – the Pearl

In the investigations of what brings our human wholeness, we for sure have covered a lot of ground in focusing in on the wounding and the meeting of that, with our Love.

Another significant key in the matter, is that key which brings our healing capacity to its highest peak and our human well-being and in-depth satisfaction, our relaxation to its deepest.

Yes, I am speaking about the turn of our Presence from the colourless being-with over it’s loving and kind compassion and turning that dial all the way to its infusion with human warmth. The keyword here Is Tenderness. To say it straight, we all long for it, to be Met by and with it and this silent human longing seriously assists in defining our way.

When the body is Met with this Love, with Tenderness, it exhales so radically that it can cry and cry for days. Letting go of all of that, which there was no space for in the living life. To be loved like that is to be loved wholly, completely, and to let go to that is the inner agreement to let All hardness dissolve in the tender palm of Her. This Love – and the ability to give it to ourselves – is within all of us. It doesn’t just leave us feeling loved, but feeling fully accepted. In other words, it tends to straighten out all the odd legs of misconception, which has formed on our way as humans, as a result of the verious traumas we have been exposed to in life.

When I speak of a Love that can efficiently eradicate trauma, please be aware, that the efficiency in it has nothing to do with “getting something done”. Very oppositely, I would say, that it is the strength of that Tenderness which is so fully and agonisingly rich to us in a way, where we simply cannot keep a single nugget of that part, which so strongly believes itself to be un-loved, un-held, un-wanted, un-welcome. It is a big surprise for the nervous system to experience this Love.

The Deep Earth-acceptance is the Core of this Love. Of Tenderness. Its existence is a direct reflection that all is alright, and somehow it removes the defenses against feeling and letting light in, in even the most painful parts of ourselves.

I find that our Knowing of this way of loving ourselves – as well as others – is a pre-requisite of truly being able to appreciate being with ourselves. It is the Pearl of the Human Love and it holds a scent of romance within it, is my experience. Romance in its truest sense, where the now is so deeply celebrated and appreciated, that we can’t help but be In it. Fully in Love with it. The breathless charm of the moment – of adoration of the sensitive, the delicate, the slow – as your very Now. The quality of everything changes with this kind of Love. With Tenderness.

I must say, that of all the gems that have been uncovered along the Way, this one certainly tops as the Pearl.

There is very little doubt in me, that this Key – the Key of Tenderness – is THE one key that is needed and required for us to turn this planet around. It is the key needed to Hold and be present with the collective pain and traumas as well as it is for us individually. When I use the word trauma, I refer to the fact, that even not having access to Fathers and Mothers Love during our childhood has imprinted us with trauma. That is deeply traumatising for the human being in itself. In other words, I do not just mean those traumas that happened as a result of deeply dramatic events, which have taken place during our life-time.

It can be said, that there are parts of our humanness, which cannot be met without this kind of very compassionate and tender love. And the reason is, that there are states of being human, which are so devastating to us, that we have a hard time simply Being them, without feeling this Tenderness in the background. With that tenderness, we for sure can meet and feel our way through anything.

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