Beyond Existence – Realisation on head-level

Hey everyone, yes, so I have been asked a few times recently and See there is a need to make a new scriptural transmission of the nature of realisation on headlevel.

First, the context. For one, we have both the realisational and the integrational aspect. The realisational aspect, is that which unhatches the use of the brain overall from the nature of thought – as a controlling instance running by belief. In other words it is a bringing home of by far the most fatal part of your recognition of reality. The Truth-realisation, which has the nature of complete demolition in terms of the binding force of the ego on headlevel. To realise on head-level, is bound to bring you he proper foundation for the onwards work of delivering the brain through the layers of the unconscious. Without it, you are somewhat fucked, in certain ways, in terms of being able to pass through the gates of meeting the forces of the darkness without having to have real and time-consuming dealings with what appears there.

Same as saying, that without Truth-realisation it REALLY pays to be humble to the fact, that you don’t know the Truth. As otherwise the impact of the sublteties of the unconcsious gets an even bigger impact of you – as you don’t know how to truly operate on an empty mind.

The integrational aspect is that which continues to bring in greater and greater manifestation of the God-head. As pure brilliance. When I say it ike that, I mean it as both the experiential reality of a brain actually factually linked to the big think tank, wherein all data within consciousness is stored. Access to this. But secondly I mean it also as a human access-point to the brilliance of living pure inspiration. Limitless creation by the power of thought. I know I don’t speak about this much (anymore) – despite it actually being one of the most enjoyable parts of being realised and alive, for me, but the reason for that is, that it is the aspect of reality, that people obsessed with power and unable to be truly humble or innocent in the face of, usually want to hang on every word of. It doesn’t mean it isn’t the real deal, it just means, that I am instructed to focus on the lower levels of realisation with you – because it is what the planet needs. Almost like there are foundations on human linked-in level, which needs to mature and unfold, before we can be in proper relationship to this.

So let me say a few words about the nature of reality on headlevel – as it is what I have been hearing some Calls for lately – from people in the community.

Let’s say, when I speak about moving beyond existence, I am speaking about the total death and reversal of your existence as a me on energetic (life/energy) level as well as on the level of your perception, which as outset has its natural ways of constantly being held up against a background of “me”. For some traditions, Truth goes only as far as realising “I Am”, right? So “I Am” is the step further out – existentially – than the “beyond existence” of which I speak. I am is still the fullness of Love, while “byond existence” as I refer to it is a return to the Absolute, which is prior to All Life – prior to God.

We can’t realise this without fully embracing the nature of death. Death as the total reversal of our life-force back to the Absolute. Some of the worlds over time most known sages, had those moments of allowing themselves to truly die – in this life – prior to their living on as realised Beings and a good number of those got attached to and kept living as “no one” also. To realise “beyond existence” is to realise death. This need is what has kept buddhists and many other traditions having death-practices, as a major part of their teaching. When I speak of it non-chalant-ly it is not that it is to be mistaken for an easy or lala interpretation of what I mean, when I use those words. Definitely not. It is simply because the wisdom and mastery of it, here, is so deeply ingrained and Known, that it is hardly taken to Be anything anymore – almost like taken for granted. But it definitely does not mean that you guys should ake the same assumption or go lightly in regards to this aspect of reality.

Without the recognition of nothing, it is bordering on impossible, I suspect – to bring in the in-depth mind-level of Knowing as the recognition of the empty nature of all things! In other words, aspects of your brains use will still and ongoing have the identity roaming on head-level, which at large will affect your entire manifestation as yourself. The mind is tricky business – do not doubt that. It is to be taken seriously.

How can one put words to what “beyond existence means”, when the minds nature is to try and pin “something”… Anything really unto itself as the way of understanding. How, then, does one convey the nature of the Absolute, when the recognition of same in fact fully is the reversal behind the existence of a mind at all?! It is a good question. And it is probably the Only part of realisation which we can’t really Talk about, simply because the only real words that can be put to it are these;

Beyond Existence, is the recognition, as perception (not even consciousness, as consciousness is existential and in its nature conscious about Something – even if in the God-realisation it is conscious about itself!)) – of Absolutely Fucking Nothing. It is the End of Everything. A full reversal from the theatre of Life all together.

Beyond Existence is indeed the full reversal of every wind of life back to the Source – the Absolute.
It is the End – of Everything. Of Love. Of you. Of God. OF thought. Of action.
It is a reversal of our perception so far back – that it shatters at first our belief-system, then our sense of self, then our brains usual structures of relating – to anything from world to ourself.
It is a reversal which rewires your head. From “someone” using the brain, ingrained in the jaws, seeing through your eyes, listening through your ears – back through a dissolution of the thinking faculties, which at first hands you One Single Aspect to perceive – the Primordial Silence. The Job to fall in Love with that. And afterwards in Life’s return hands your faculties back to their Right owner – which is God – basically.

SO basically I can say, of course, that my description here is the full fledged realisation and stabilization of the recognition of Truth (unfolding of the Truth-body), which came out of 2,5 years of sitting in solitary retreat, letting myself drop completely beyond the edge of the map of Life itself. Be aware, that many Meet the Void. Touch Nothing – they See it, Touch it briefly, and move back rom it with an experience of “Nothingness”. The experience of “Nothingness” is a direct description of the reflection of eperience that the ego itself has upon its meeting with the Void. realisation is not this. It is the Merging with Nothing to whatever depth is needed to stabilize our Knowing as a full disappearance of the background behind perception which usually stops at “I Am” and thereby never moves beyond the map of existence itself. The number of beings who have actually dissolved into the Primordial Silence in a manner of Merging with Nothing are few but valuable in terms of shining upon the world, this aspect of Reality.

It probably makes sense, to point out, that the reason that I keep bringing forth the nature of all three realisations (although I primarily work on creating the foundation on ground which will Make the human being able to carry higher recognitions without harming the Whole), is not that everyone is supposed to realise them to the depth of which I speak, but maybe persistently, it is a reminder for humanity to move beyond the arrogance of thinking that they know. Of fighting each other in their different aspects of Knowing and letting Everything we have brought home as human species Count, hold value and benefit across beings in the unfolding of the full scope of our true potential.

To face what I am saying here – or what I say on any other aspect of reality – in areas that we are not intimately familiar with our dissolution in the direction of – or easily find ourselves fighting against the reality of in simple denial – perhaps is based on the fact that we as this human species For Real need to get over our clinging to and hubris created around our partial recognitions – it is a true show-stopper. In other words, I guess, I as a bridge-holder, am a representation for the fact that any aspect of Knowing always holds the invitation for both further and deeper, when it comes to our recognition – and that maybe the cessation of the defending of our belief-systems based on our differently placed recognitions is a major step towards undoing the fight, which we hold in ourselves and between us, in this world.

Our ability to Know that we don’t know. Our ability to be humble and innocent in the face of Reality truly is the gift which – in the end – will bring all of us together and into an era of a new time, where we can co-operate in learning from each other, rather than cause or rise battle of defense and “wanting/needing to be right” based on our difference in Knowing. These turns are All aspects of the victim mind which flourishes through the collective at large. Unknownst to us – even in the face of and meeting with Reality in its Call towards our highest potential through different people’s birth of Knowing.

I hope this article has clarified a bit, on the dissolution awaiting on head-level. I refer you please to read the article “purification of mind” available on aishasalem.com for further movement with what it means, to dissolve the belief-system which is the first step to get access to the in-depth recognition of Reality beyond Existence.

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