A Love-affair of Gods

Our Meeting,
Our Meeting is a Love-affair of Gods.

It is the fabric
from which all that ever was
that ever will Be,
has Come to Weave itSelf,
into the making as Love,
the Making of Us.

Our Eyes,
Our Eyes are the blank and shiny pools
through which our souls are Dancing,
Diving, Drinking, Delighting
In the Sacred Pool of Existence,
Of Gods Silent Lake
and Shiny Moon.

It is in our Dance,
In our Dance, that we Discover
the Wild Nature of our Spirit,
of our Souls and our Hearts.
In the Mirrors of each others Eyes,
in the Eyes of God,
that we relentlessly Die,
Die to be Born again,
to be Born as the Life and the Love
of what we are Meant to Be.
What we Can be,
if just we open our Hands
open our Hands and Drop
into the unknown fabric of our Lives,
Of our Love.
Of the Sea.

In the opening of our palms,
we Taste God,
we Drink God,
We are Drunk,
beyond the Safety and heresy
of our small and shrunken Lives.

It is in our Breath,
in our heaving heart-beating chests,
that we Find our Self,
That we Find each Other.
Our Dance,
Our Eyes,
Our Meeting,

Our Meeting is a Love-affair of Gods.

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