Walking the Earth as Mature Adults

In our dance of Life, we face the responsibility of acknowledging “where” we are coming from, as we move into and with the world.

There is a big difference between moving out from a place of avoidance and lack and one of engaging with Love and readiness to engage. The difference lies in your willingness to Love yourself.

When we move out from avoidance and lack, we are in a mode of meeting and relating from a place of trying to fill a hole inside. We are sensitive to the opinions of others, we are seeking confirmation and a reason to feel good about ourselves. We have a hole inside, which when not met in honesty, makes us use other, to attempt at patching up the self-view, in a way as to come to feel good about ourselves. By reflection from the outside, instead of viewing ourselves from the inside.

Moving out from and with Love is something quite different. We engage not from a place of wanting and needing, using and abusing – but from a place of recognition and respect. Of Love and having something to offer, due to having taken and continuously taking responsibility for the brokenness inside. The brokenness, the hole, it needs your Love and attention.

As we move out trying-to-(ful)fill (instead of in) – not only are we carrying the distortion of looking away from ourself out into our meeting with the world, with other, but we are also continuously moving on trying to get confirmed through what we are doing, saying, etc. All of which are turns away from the pure meeting with life and the human maturity of Actually taking responsibility for our state of being. In this way the entire body can actually be delivered into one big movement of need-for-Love, of wanting and egoic movement. This is fragility and people moving on such very easily “get hurt” when the world is not reflecting the self-view that we would like to have. We become dependent on the love of other people, based on not loving ourselves, instead of engaging in love, relating, cooperation from a place of shared power and All having something to offer.

To be able to know the difference of movement and come to move from a Real place, we need to acknowledge what spiritual and human maturity actually is.

Our human maturation is the engagement with life from a responsible place of agreement to take care. Human maturity is operation on and from compassion – for ourselves and each other. To take care – of Everything – with an equal commitment of attending with Love to every aspect life – without confusing which parts of you are the self-centred move and which are a true attending to human needs.

As we surrender to be Real in Life, we face the reality of being part of something bigger. As the result we are invited to exist and co-exist from a place of true equality, based on True authority and Love. It will make our Eyes and Hearts grow Alive with the sound of pure Life in humility of moving without dissatisfaction towards doing what needs to be done.

Living the compassion – the maturity – equals facing the loss of tending to the separated ego, which only wants to tend to its own needs – many of which aren’t Real needs. As the result we come to stand face to face with the pouty and enraged inner child, which just-wants-its-way. We also stand to face the grief of loosing our “own lives” as we come to acknowledge the grander reality that we actually are not separate individuals, but parts of a Whole which offers us a very specific place in the scope of things based on our sacred gifts, which are waiting to be born and shared through our willingness to give up the separation.

We come to acknowledge that what we want from the whole and true place in us is not based on excitement and energy going up, but on energy coming down and our learning to rest and relax into the Earth of Adult maturity and human responsibility.

Deep Love, Pema

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