Our Gifts

It is That Time. The Time to fully accept, embrace and start allowing the Living of our gifts…

Our gifts… they are not our invention. Not based on our minds thoughts of what we want to do or how we want to be or serve. They are the Evidence of our deeply humble and surrendered existence. The evidence of our level of Care in arriving with the integrity of How we were put together as human beings and How that can serve everything in the Best Possible Way.

It requires the loss of ideas. The facing and attainment of Humility and Surrender. It is not something we can invent. It is a Bowing. A Bowing to loose the seed of action based on our woundings – that which imagined something different based on our own wants or hopes. Wanting to be loved, to be seen, to be heard, to be special, to be important or anything else, which has come as a spin-off from the wounding itself. From a child which never had the proper mirroring and healthy individuation from the parents. The someone with a lack or hollow core of missing self-love. Of missing Love.

When we’re Ready, the acceptance and natural living of our gifts happens through the loss of identification with the separate self – the disconnected and separated. It becomes an emergence of our true identity – moving in a way which is deeply integrated with the Whole. A happening of being and living, which takes place in deeply surrendered and humble agreement to play our part. Not to do what we Want from a place of disconnection and lack of humility, but to be and rest as a grown up – moving from the integrity of the Earth and bent to the emergence of what is Needed from us. Needed from us based on what we are really good at – our natural abilities – and how they can best serve in the Whole.

It is a loss of the dream born from the need for self-gratification, needing to be loved or any other action stemming from our lack of being whole. It is a loss of the direction based on the things that we Thought would make us happy, but which was Actually born out of the attempt at attaining some future  based on the need to be Seen. To be Loved.

Because when we Love ourselves, when we truly See and Are with ourselves, we don’t Need to Seen by others, to find out who we are or to stick to the ideas we had about what would make us happy. Not a single piece of us are Lost in our willingness to live the compassion and act as a part of doing what is needed. Quite the contrary – we get to experience the adult and matured human  fulfilment that takes place, when we are not moving against Life but living deep compassion. Truth.

We loose the Need to be special or stand out to be admired or adored. And simply and humbly face the fact of wanting to play our part – whatever that may be – of serving with our gifts and with what we are naturally gifted with.

The result of becoming a matured adult, rather than living as an emanation of our core wounding, allows for simple rest in and living of the integrity made of deep connection and humility. Of Listening to and respecting the Earth and ourselves as Love and in a deep bowing to Reality – to Truth – where we can serve with the deepest impact and benefit.

Dealing with our brokenness – to become Whole through the arrival in humility and surrender to the Earth – means everything for the reality of living a life in integrity – of fulfilling our purpose. And on a human and deep Soul-level, nothing can Ever fulfil or satisfy us more than doing Exactly that… Even if it is hard to perceive of from the someone having to let go of the dreams and hopes, while walking the walk and working the work of dissolving the wounded one.

Pema Salem

A writing in honour of all of the people facing and coming to terms with their Gifts, bowing to their place in the world…

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