The Dynamics of Harmony

During the last few months, I have had deep space to investigate deeper into the nature of Harmony. As with everything there is a certain sort of dynamics, which counts when it comes to the true understanding of same.

The main prospect within which I have ventured to discover Harmony is the aspect, which has interested me since the beginning of this life – the harmony of man and woman. As in; in the intimate relationship. It is in fact the most Tricky relation within which to find Harmony, but it IS in fact possible.

The main key of intimate relating is tenderness. Which is the very trunk on the tree of compassion. In other words, we must find a proper way into applying compassion towards our own self, for a harmonious intimate relationship to become possible.

To dive into the dynamics, we have to consider an image. An image of a line. On one end of this spectrum, we have the masculine qualities on the other end the feminine.

The masculine side in short holds freedom in fulfillment of Spirit. It is the satisfaction of our Spirit where we are able to rest beyond attachment, playful, inspired and carefree. On the other side of this spectrum – the feminine side – in short, we have the qualites of nurture and fulfillment on a bodily and human level. Resting on this side of the line, we can enjoy the intimacy, protection, closeness, bonding and care.

Of course each side has its own limitations, and should we find ourselves sticking to one side of the Totality of this equation, we for sure will meet the unanswered need of its opposite if not in ourselves, then in the opposite Essence of the other, which will then be unfulfilled.

Now to travel into matter and attain deeper and deeper levels of intimacy, we also have to deal with the fact, that matter is hard and heavy to move in. In other words, with the pleasure comes the pain, as well as the ongoing possibility of getting stuck in comfort and safety. The belief in knowing what is going on.

To let go into pure spirit, we get to meet on being-level, which can be filled with wonder but often not very deep nor humanly fulfilling. Moreover, the flipside of the wonder is the emptiness, which is another aspect of the masculine Source-recognition. Our sexual union will often be or become extremely hard, if we at all are trying to avoid the intimacy and Call of consciousness properly into the ground of Being through the body.

So the image, which I would like to paint you here, is that of Harmony. With a view of that line of relating which stretches from the masculine to the feminine – each endless in its capacity – imagine, that this line, is actually a string on an instrument. And that each end of the string and all the in-between places we can meet in Actually are tones. Like on the musical scale.

Now if we are to find harmony together, we need to lift ourselves beyond the preference of the tones on either end of the string and stretch ourselves by widening our view, beyond the singularity of each tone and their differences. We need to move ourselves towards the vibration that makes one single sound across the entire string by attaining a proper mastery of movement, a flexibility, which makes it possible for us to glide on that string with effortlessness and smoothness of Presence able and willing to respond to and Be with every tone, in a way as to not have the sound of our relating become chunky and abrupt.

Yes, we can feel properly like novices in this – and we are supposed to. Until we properly learn to fully play the entire string as one single vibration – as the sound of Harmony. Harmony involves everything. It involves willingness to be present with every single aspect of what can appear within the intimate relationship. In man as woman. If we say yes to feel, we say yes to feel it All.

Now a tricky part can be the part of giving up our addiction to our sense of (separate) self – and yet without falling into the unity which defies true man and womanhood – the polarity. To let us hollow out and stand open to the firmness of all-inclusion. The power of pure Being and of Passion, as we are born into real man and womanhood from a place of real love for the other. It can become tricky to wear down our preferences, but what we must never ever forget, is that there is no culprit in the equation. That we can loose our trust and yet choose to forgive and keep choosing to surrender and to choose love over the temptation to self-protect from the pain that arises, so that man and woman can keep deepening together and grow together.

To be able to be in intimate relating together, we must be willing to move across the entire spectrum and acknowledge Harmony as the sound of how we choose to deal with the Now. In moment to moment embrace of Intimacy, Passion, Life and Truth. The sound of Harmony is the sound of forever, and a relationship in which humility is present, we can withstand the trials and embrace with joy the practice of learning to play the Tune. This is what creates a Tune which never ends.

I look forward to share more with you, as deeper investigations on the nature of Harmony takes place.

Blessings, Pema