Letting the Wildness In – Naturally

The wildness of which I speak, is not the wildness of partying like crazy or moving carelessly and with full speed in some direction. It is the Wildness of nature that I mean – that wildness which we can become One with, without it becoming an acting-out kinda business…

As I write this, my sense is that the living creatures in the Earth are All Around Me. In the transition into living in the Earth, in the Wildness, I could come to wonder, why Light offered me no more progress. No more sense of Further. Now I Know. It is Because I have transitioned into living in the Dark.

The Darkness is none like the unconscious. When the Darkness becomes conscious, it reveals the pure black space of Being which is beyond our usual preference of Light. The vision through our eyes becomes Black as night.

Surrendering to the Feminine means giving in and over to the absolutely lethal pulse of Her.

Embracing the wildness is the end of ANY attempt at changing Anything. And it is delivering us. fully and naturally – to the state of Wholeness.

I understand why people are scared- there can be no transition without fully surrendering the addiction human kind has, to the Light. To Him.

The primary movement taking place is the brain being taken over by Her. As in the transition asks us to stop, to sit, to receive… which in turn brings to the mind immense loads of concentration, of power into the brain.

Some animal spirits are teachers in this. Some spirits of animals so strong that they cannot be tamed – the way we have agreed to be as humans. These animals will be felt as Black. In their soul. Devoid of aggression – but as pure blackness which in turn is the wildness of their true nature.

They can show us, these animals, how and that everything can be alright Even if there is total Wildness across the spectrum. As in the day doesn’t end in disaster just because She is not tamed. This is what we need to learn. This is the trust, which we need to come into. Our health depends on it. The force of Creation must have space to Breathe.

The surrender is equal to removing any subtle movement of the need to tame – which frankly speaking comes from the masculine. It is the end to subtly manipulating Her to turn Her the way of the masculine. He in us must serve Her – not the other way around. But in turn, She lands into softness.

We don’t like the facts, that when we surrender here, into the Darkness of Her, we loose all control. She will determine what is going on and the part of us which prefers to control the situation is met with the feeling of fear. The extent of this fact I probably can only give you a very faint idea of. But it is literal. It is like, if we stop using the feminine to try and form an ordered structured life and society, then we have a chance of returning to humility of allowing Her to move as She pleases.

As you can probably hear, there can’t be moral compasses forced down over Her. This is like trying to tell the ocean to make waves with certain distance between them and in a certain direction and height. Good luck with that! It is just not possible and it removes fully the Beauty of Her wildness.

The Wildness, it is for sure the most scary aspect that I have yet met on this journey, because the nobodiness of all acceptance, of non-objection leaves us truly in the hands of Whatever She Wills.

Taming does not have to be the instant reaction to wildness. There is True Beauty on Her as She is. And it is complete hubris of us to try to force nature, Gods creation into the boxes which we find to be acceptable.

We reach this point of letting go that, when we have reached the end of the pain of living with our separation from Her. We don’t need to live with this separation. When She is no longer forced, She turns naturally gentle.

Parts the teaching, has been about how to tame Her. I am taking it beyond this notion now and the result will have to show itself.

The vortex isn’t just the vortex, it is the central and baseline of all passion, of any draw and movement in the Universe. Of all pleasure and fulfillment. Wide as forever. Alive. Joyful. Deep power in movement through surrendered arms and legs.

The elements and elemental teachings play a Major role here. With them in place, integrated we can make the shift. Denying any element of nature, we are not able to make the shift. the transition. We need to unite with and ascertain certain evidence in ourselves that we master the elements, before the door truly opens for breathing securely in wild-as-fuck.

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