Revealing the Imbalanced Feminine – part 1

This article is a response to the worlds movement with and towards a balancing with the feminine essence. It portrays particularly the field of the feminine in some pivotal points of misunderstanding towards the acknowledgement of Her true manifestation and unfolding. The writing is in 2 parts, and next chapter revealed next week is a direct continuation of its contents. The article is relevant to men and women both, in terms of bringing a greater understanding to the table between sexes in their unfolding and true manifestation.

Clear View

In this time, where the feminine essence beckons us, we are standing before a challenge, which is largely unacknowledged and unseen in the fields, where the Feminine is being embraced consciously.

The past has handed us a version of masculine, which became imbalanced due to its filling to the brim of contraction, identification and lack of connection, as well as lack of acknowledgement/respect for and inclusion of the feminine.

It became hard and unyielding as a reflection of our lack of surrender to Totality of Reality, and our meeting with capacity, was causing surge after surge of humanity using power to manifest a very disconnected and careless reality. A reality where the abuse of power, manipulation and rejection is a part of our everyday life and where our humility has slid So Fully into the background, that we mainly operate as these grandiose egos. Something which gradually has led the world of people and mind into total dissociation from our deep and natural connection with Mother nature, with the planet. The result, you can see all around you.

So here we are, in the time of needing to face our mistake, acknowledging that we need to turn the wheel and slide ourselves into greater maturity. Back into connection with nature and into development of True Care – which entails a full commitment to ourselves, as well as all which is around us – on a base of Silence.

What is happening in this time, though, is that we, due to collective lack of information on what is actually unfolding and real, are sliding ourselves towards the opposite side of the spectrum. The opposite of where the masculine became truly imbalanced and rejecting of the intelligence behind the sense of feeling. In short – in our embrace of the feminine, we tend to be prone to creating a new reality of rejecting the Masculine Essence – same movement, different end of the spectrum!

This is not a very intelligent move. Let’s look closer…

The Imbalanced Feminine Field

Whenever I step into a field of women, I feel this rising of imbalance which is taking place and leads the women in that field towards the opposite direction than the masculine.

There is a certain sweetness to this version and it is understandable why it is preferred to the empty, purely efficiency-based masculine version of human existence. It holds within it the potential for appreciation – for adoration of the feminine even – in ways which can bring great sweetness – but which is quite full of itself on identification-level. The human value of the sweetness must be acknowledged, but to the extent it simply makes us a bunch of somebodies with no rest in the Silence of non-existence, it also is the extent to which we are bypassing reality.

On the surface, it looks good. In the depth, you will find the untouched rage of the feminine. Exactly that which rejects being emptied out and wants to cling to Life – cost whatever it may.

It is a move which is bound to create as much of an imbalance, as the masculine did – just in the opposite end of the scale. Unless we catch ourselves in this movement and recognise the need for our growing out in Truth – as the death/life-recognition and masculine/feminine balance, rather than just shifting our reference point from one, to another destination.

The sweetness of the female is evolved in the Real walk, but it requires a catching up and growing out of both our real masculine and feminine. This is a fact, if the Feminine’s arrival is not to be truly blinded by its own emotional content, which in turn will generate another and very powerful field of illusion.

The movement of simply moving into the feminine, leaving our masculine behind, is one which we simply do to keep ourselves “safe” and from facing the unseen seeds of hatred towards the True Masculine/Silence. We thereby get to have the human joys without bringing in the masculine as a part of ourselves, to Hold the feminine in us. In other words it ensures the edge is “kept safe” and fairly untouched, while we still get to feel like we’re on our way and “doing well” because change is appearing in the shape of “opening”.

It simply becomes a drop of our point of reference – from the mind and thoughts down into the emotional register – with a rising claim of power, of our right to Be as we Are along with a load of entitlement – and without any true acknowledgement of our responsibility in this movement.

The moment we celebrate ourselves as women or men, without acknowledging our inner masculine/the nature of Silence, as a part of our mature man- and womanhood, we are causing a new extreme and generating energy into another imbalanced form, which is awaiting dissolution down the line.

We are not Supposed to dump the masculine, nor Clarity or Silence, for the feminine, but to move ourselves to the next level of maturity by bringing that Silence into our bodies in the meeting with every edge and angle of our identity and inner distortions of our relationship with power/creation. To take the invitation which allows us to arrive at an even greater state of Being, by becoming the balance of Masculine holding Feminine by dissolving the point of reference, which continuously moves to try out a new part of existence – causing ever new appearances of identity, created in yet another alley of our existence.

The moving point is what caused the disconnection in the first place and our movement onwards is going to require Silence and the embrace of Truth – along with our drop into the Feminine – for us to meet and dissolve the nature of this *point of reference* which by its very nature is limited in its view – simply by being a point! It requires us to come into a true relationship with Silence – the True Masculine while embracing the True Feminine. It requires us to develop our faculties immensely much more than just replacing one rejection with another. And it requires us to grow into that which is our True potential – the Radical Compassion.

Yes, you know what I am talking about!

I am talking about the increasing force of females, which gestates and generates as a field of female celebration of form, which in itself is beautiful, but which is severely lacking our true potential simply for excluding the marriage between the Masculine and Feminine in its appearance. That Holding, which is required for us to honestly meet and take responsibility for the anger and rage, which is in this soil of our bodies and which is that which allows us to truly traverse the path to the manifestation as Truth in form. Our female ways – in its denial of the masculine – isn’t coming anywhere Near the potential which is the result of being broken open by the Masculine, and being returned to Silence for here to BE balance. Something which we cannot meet nor harvest the Real Value from of turning into true humility, without the inner masculine also making its appearance.

What I watch is arising out of these feminine fields, is what I can only call an imbalanced feminine. It is the imitation of Care. I use the word imitation, because the lack of Masculine Presence in us, simply tends to keep us circling around our own lack of surrender and resistance to Silence. This until we rise the masculine inside as well for us to break through and acknowledge what is truly behind the emotional noise generated from a system refusing to become silent.

Whether we like it or not, much – if not most – of what arises within the sense of feeling, when we have not landed into the ground of Being, are distortions. Identification with somebodiness which has an endless number of emotions to take on – as reflections from the past, beliefs and all else – until we agree to rest deeper into Silence in the body.

Self-love and the move towards maturity is not equal to starting to take these reflections seriously, but to enter silently, compassionately and presently – to take none of it seriously – and yet to be present with it all, for its passing. We are truly a Lot more simple, than we appear. And when we’re done creating endless forms out of nothing, and return humbly to reality, we will find ourselves with a Very simple set of ground feelings; The grief and longing of separation from God on ground and the Joy as the reflection of our rest in God, into the ground of Being. It truly is that simple.

What often happens in the female circles where the imbalanced feminine starts generating, is that rather than truly doing the compassionate thing of becoming pure Silence of Presence – not taking Any of what is sprouting from the rejection of Silence seriously, and yet accepting as women, that all must be Felt, we spend aeons of time being “compassionate and understanding” towards that rising of noise and somebodiness, which arises out of the inner self-rejection. We do so as women, for the other to not feel wrong or feel like it doesn’t belong etc. – and we do this even in the moments where a deep feeling of wrongness needs to be met honestly inside the one refusing self-rest.

This is not compassion. It may seem like it, but really all we are doing is allowing the rejection of Truth to spill over into our precious feminine form, where more than anything the need is for the silent bowing to Truth and proper exhale into Being – widened and endless.

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