Revealing the Imbalanced Feminine – part 2

This article is the continuation and finishing of the previous part 1 of the article on the imbalanced feminine. It is relevant to both men and women. Please read part 1- prior to this article.

The Anger/rage/aggression

Recently I was approached by a woman. She was looking for a place, where the expression of her rage was welcome and asked me, if it was with Me. And this is Exactly it – the base of female misunderstanding and inability to See what is what – what benefits and what doesn’t. Let me explain.

The rage in the human body, is not waiting to be handled by us through looking for an external outlet. It is needing us to develop the being of compassion by a meeting with the Core of it and our taking of its invitation to humility. It is in full a door of transformation, which we can either waste the access to and damage with, or which we can embrace with the responsibility which allows us to traverse the planes unto our next level of maturity and birth into Bing and Beauty.

As females we tend to imagine, that it is real or right for us to spill our guts. As if that makes us “right”, real or even surrendered. But this is a grave misunderstanding!

In Truth, our maturity comes from facing the Real Value of this rising pressure inside of us, as well as our inner translation of it to anger, fury or aggression. In reality, though, it is the fuel to Grow into the being of compassion.

We do not generate a single ounce of space as compassion or strengthen our Holding-power the least by spilling out from inside our sphere, in the moment of pressure. We feel a momentary release, yes, but all we really do, is waste away the rising power, which gave us the opportunity to truly grow in/as Being on ground. The rise of pressure itself holds a much deeper message, than just the momentary release – which in nature is much like an orgasm, feeling good for a while, but doesn’t really allow for a growth into your true body of Being. And we miss this message and its transformation, when we spill over, rather than Hold and transmute through its passing through the right channels of us as conscious feeling.

Not only do we impact our surroundings in a destructive way, when we spill over from the inner rejection, but we are cheating ourselves out of being born to the Beauty, which we are meant to become in the dissolution of our inner reaction to the meeting with the edge of our point of reference. We are wasting the power of what arises from the ground into an expression, rather than allow for the inner turn towards ourselves as compassion in a way which handles and passes us unto the next level of being! In a way where our power can be used to manifest Beauty, rather than fear and aggression.

In Truth, our best option is to be-with and Hold, to be led into humility, in that meeting with power.

Clearer View – balanced Being

Radical compassion is not a state, a mood or a feeling. It is the Presence of Him in Her, which paves the way for our manifestation as Truth in form – with all of the qualities which comes with maturing as humans, as spirit/love and as mind. It is the arrival of consciousness in matter, in a way which opens the entire ground of Being in exactly that way, which births our real potential.

We are not just becoming compassion for the sake of other, or for the world. We are doing it for ourselves. To bring ourselves into the next level of maturity and evolution, which reveals more of our human potential and true nature. This is the real value of the challenges we meet – inside as outside.

It is a grinding, wearing, tearing arrival of Presence and Love into the unseen, the disregarded, the painful and unconscious, the mean and the heavy. And this requires our radicality – in both our level of responsibility in regards to our respect for the Truth of Silence as well as our bowing to the ground.

Exactly that, is what we greatly walk around in our embrace of the Feminine outside the scope of the balancing between our masculine and feminine.

Our Masculine needs be equally as strongly developed as our Feminine, for there to be able to manifest a solid and stable rest in the ground of Being, which frankly speaking is the fertilizer for our true potential to grow out. we can only become as accurate as the space we develop in between our masculine and feminine.

It means that our job not only is to move across some spectrum – from mind to body, or masculine to feminine – but to truly surrender the limited viewpoint, which is that which moves – that which is infinitely restricted simply by being a point of view, and which as result continues to represent only a partial recognition of and rest in reality.

Partial realities leads only to justification of preference and building (and rebuilding) of identification attached to the known parts of the spectrum – meanwhile holding a rubbing edge up against every other part of reality. Something which demands the point of reference itself to dissolve for the fuller inclusion.

The feminines way – in this regard – is not one wee better than the masculines way. Apart from the fact – that the feminine takes care of our planet by an entry into connection. But if we speak about a move to greater maturity and our next level of being, rather than another imbalanced partial view, then what is required is that we land the reality of both into our selves as the ground of Being.

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