Money in the Game

A conversation was struck recently in the team on the part of including moneyflow on the Way. The transmission of the bottomline certainty and confidence in the fact of money being fully included was given, and these words followed…

Money is an energy, which is simply a part of what naturally flows in this manifest physical reality as a part of covering needs and playing creatively. What we often run into when embracing Truth is this inner part, which makes some kind of claim of being “too good” to Stand with Love in places which challenges us and yet are in need of it. (How directly is this a manifestation of rejection?!)

Mindwise we have to break fully out of the box of working the hamster wheel on a bottomline of fear and survival. But this is a mind-thing – it has nothing to do with your action, as there is no right or wrong action but only the surrendered embrace of application as Love, where we Are, waiting to be rooted in the conscious choice of supporting a workplace which holds value.

What if this part of life is about you getting Strong in your Love and investing it consciously, rather than looking for a way out?

There is definitely only one way ahead and it is the Way paved with Love – and yet, if we divide the idea of self-love and the Love of everything/All, as if it holds Any kind of opposition, then we are moving towards an idea of love based on illusion, which has a bottomline avoidance in “trying to save ourselves” rather than include All in our rising as Love.

The Way Ahead

1. Spend some time looking into your gifts – what do you have to offer?! Find your strengths, where you can carry Love out from (the Real answer is everywhere, but you may have certain areas right now which are easier than others and therefore have greater option of bringing money-flow in return) and find out which action is needed, for you to make the difference you Can being who you Are.

2. Look around you – find out where these gifts can be employed. What is needed from you – invest ALL that you are in birthing Love and look towards ANSWERING NEEDS/Serving rather than trying to get good ideas based in trying to make money to “get you off the hook”. CHOOSE CONSCIOUSLY the place that you would like to invest your Love in.

3. Connect with the places and people necessary, offer your assistance and include the fact in your inner movement, that this is as much for you as it is for them.

4. Apply your Self/Love to that place, and step into it with the upper hand of getting rid of this arrogant spot inside, which feels the right to reject 99% of existence – not wanting this, not wanting that, because it brings you face to face with the lack of strength in your Love. SEE there is a NEED FOR LOVE EVERYWHERE, and that it doesn’t really matter where you apply yourself, as long as you DO. Your lack of strength to Love will NEVER let you rise until you have given up the arrogance and agreed to Love all in its deepest Need and greeting of humility and dropping of separation.

5. (and as this conversation was taking place in the team, an adding was;) On the heart-purification-side your Work Here (in the team) is taking care of business in terms of ensuring the evolutionary movement towards highest efficiency of making a real difference, but KNOW, that EVERYWHERE you invest your Love is a place to make that difference and work towards attainment of that efficiency.

Time to get this part Down also. Money is not separated from Truth and never was.

Spirituality is not about money – but it DEFINITELY is not about not-money either. Money is nothing. It is simply an energy, which comes your way in return for your sincere application of your Self, wherever you can root Love through action.

Penetrate to the core of the survival-fear, the victim and the arrogance wrapped in the idea of inability to Love EVERYWHERE and start moving on where you can invest your Love/energy to make a difference. Your life is not about surviving – but about thriving.


BE CREATIVE & PARTICIPATE WHERE YOU ARE: You are likely going to have to think outside the box. Lay down the puzzle-pieces of “Need, Enjoyment and Opportunity” and connect them in an intelligent way, which allows you to work, earn money and bring goodness to something valuable from a position of being Open and Willing to Apply your Self.

/Pema Salem

PS: If you See no opportunities, it is because your mind is closed – a negative cycle of closing your Self (Love) out rather than allowing the flow of your Life and Love with an open mind where LIFE STATES the door is open for you. There is NOTHING but opportunities… Life is an invitation to play – and to work your asses off taking care of everything   and you’ve got nothing but time for exactly that.

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