The Inner Marriage

The human body – it Longs for God.

We can say whatever we like, but this is a fact. The Only thing that can truly satisfy the human body, is Love. IT being surrounded and penetrated and immersed in Love. In God.

When we disregard the importance of Love as the Universal force, we are denying this longing. We are not owning our deepest Need and as the result we suffer as humans. It becomes a Need which we then project into actions, into relations, into expectations on receiving exactly that Love from Doing what we believe will bring us the answer to that longing – will bring us fulfilment.

This is not how it works.

If Love is to arrive with you as a human – not only can you not put the delivery of Gods Love over on other, because it WILL create unrealistic expectations, hopes, dreams and dependency. We have to arrive – as consciousness. Consciousness breathing as Love through our very own flesh. Our very own human body in its every cell.

Being Loved by another is wonderful and beautiful and when it is free of the subtle unanswered expectations it is a gift. But if we do not ourselves agree to arrive AS that Love towards ourselves, then our inner marriage awaits and our Being is bound to be in imbalance through the lack of own inner compassion and Love.

If we are to arrive as Love, we have to both allow and own the longing, which is natural and can be all the way to excruciating in the human body – as WELL as we have to allow ourselves to Answer that body’s Call by allowing our arrival as the masculine – as consciousness looking to Hold our bodies, to cover Her Needs. Eternally.

This is the basis of the inner marriage. The union between our masculine and feminine. Our masculine must – you as consciousness, as attention, as Love – must agree to arrive and fully include your body through its every cell in the Eye of your attention and care. Never to leave again.

Every time you get invested in something outside yourself and leave your rest for tension, for hopes –
Every time you overlook your own pain or deny your tears –
you are reconfirming and repeating the abandonment of your body, that the feminine has been exposed to forever.

It is time to Get Married. To marry your masculine – your consciousness and Love – to your feminine. To your body in a way as to care about your feminine enough to let Her flow over into life rather than allow your life to roll from the compromise and self-sacrifice. It is time to take her along with you in everything you do. In everything you are.

When the inner man and woman is married, the inner fight stops. The body no longer protects its pain from being Seen, Felt and  from its own opening.

With Love,

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