In the Deep Dark Mists of Her arrival

I find myself wandering the subtle planes – tasting the places of my body’s longing for Full Absorption… Before I disappear. Disappear as the entire body is Taken. Filled with her Golden Black Light. No feelings remain, no thoughts, not a single drive or any inner voice remains, as She waves Her black ocean through my veins and vessel. Only the Silent Song  of Her. Her fulness. Her Wavering Immensity of Endless Black Silence.

Every Breath… Another salute to her, salute to the death and new beginning of every moment.

Feeling All towers crumble within my bodymind – on a cellular level – as She waves herself in through any tissue. Exhaling HerSelf deeper and deeper into my flesh, as She gets dangerously close to the bones in which the strongest core of matter persists.

Permeation. Permeation. Penetration without Any Force what so ever. Just a Simple and Silent agreement, recognition, acknowledgement of Her Superiority. As I Melt. Melt to Her Ruling and Reign. None save Her. Allowing my body to be Hers and Hers alone – turning into, birthing as the Queen of spades. Just pure pure Passion moving as the Thickness of HerSelf.

And Then… As the surrender is complete… She is In. She is Gone as Anything. She is Me. My flesh and bones deeper penetrated. Me stronger Lit Down. Such Humility remains. The scent of Her as none but the never ending desire to keep my head bowed and palms open to Her. Accepting this Fate. A Fate of Truth. Of Unity with God as the Divine Feminine. As the Black Light of Being. as my Love and Feminine Self.

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