Commitment – an Invitation to Contemplation

Commitment to live Truth and the life we are here to lead and fulfil requires a Solid Yes to embrace our life on ground – as consciousness. It is a dance of facing what our specific incarnation is bringing of gifts to this world, and an acknowledgement of the Need for it’s application in the larger scope of it all.

To Truly Acknowledge, we must tune in, drop down and Feel what this world is in Need of. The time of “just another good idea” of what we can ALSO do – is Over. we Have to start Listening, and be brave enough to take the chances needed for us to become plugged into the stream of life, actions and speech, which we are here to Live and benefit from and in.

Our homogenous wiring, which leads all of us towards the living of the conventional and repetitive life is a focusing on our own little bubble of what is important to us alone. This kind of thinking and the deeply enclosed sense of Feeling is bound to Burst itself into a much deeper acknowledgement. An acknowledgement which isn’t Just about us finding our own happiness based on what we want and envision for ourselves to bring us that happiness, but about us playing our part in the much larger picture which includes our own Joy from a place of maturity and the Goodness of Truth towards every other part of existence.

True Joy lies at the center of that. Not just in fulfilling our own wishes and wants, but in fulfilling our deep need to be of benefit to the Whole – this world which we are a part of…

An Invitation to contemplation:
What does the sense of playing your part, the Feeling, the deeply touching reality of your own full commitment do to you? Give it some time of contemplation – Feel what it Means to give up the move of energy of attempting to satisfy the self-centred and turning the use of your energy towards the gratitude and satisfaction lying in walking with the mature part of you in its connectivity with all else, moving on playing your part.

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