Radical Self-care

Radical Selfcare, is about a reversal of our consciousness back to the body, back to the Holding of ourselves as bodies in our living lives and very intimate sphere of our well-being. This post shares a bit on How that relates to the aspects of navigating our lives and movement ahead

The movement of ourselves as consciousness is based in the wiring of our hearts – in our acceptance and love. This means, that as long as we prioritise anything other – person, place etc. – higher than ourselves, there is going to be a Jump Out, so to speak, of our focus, which means a transference of Presence from a rest in ourselves, to ours surroundings.

The reversing and coming to Rest of the consciousness relies on our willingness to fall in love with ourselves. Not as persons but as bodies. Humans. To become so deeply embracing of our human experience, that we do not abandon it for Anything. Not for the pain which may occur as a part of life’s happening, not for the feelings we usually dislike feeling, like anger, hatred or other negative feelings and lastly not for the feelings, which may arise and seem so intense in the nature, like the pain of grief, longing, loneliness and such.

When we can be true about these feelings. True to them in a sense of not being willing to abandon ship for any of their arisings in the sensory system, we start becoming able to Hold our human existence. This Holding is the display of compassion towards ourselves. When we can be compassionate to ourselves in that way, we can move our living lives to a place, where we aren’t moving life ahead, from a place of trying to avoid feelings, but where it is sheer kindness, that let’s us lead our lives forward in conscious choices to ourselves. Forward towards the fact of living a life in kindness with proper boundaries in place. And this – this becomes an invitation to the living and unfolding of our sweetness. Our joy and appreciation of every moment in our daily lives.

The dance of breaking down the identity around preference of feeling lies in allowing ourselves to be exposed to what rises the uncomfortable feelings in us. This often is something which takes place in relating. Relationships are a perfect cauldron for this revelation simply because we are attracted to that which is opposite us and so we are in a coming together bound to meet the aspects of our own Beings, which we are in rejection of in ourselves. The full one falls for the empty one, the sweet one is attracted to the rebel one and so on. The saving one attracted to the victim and so on. In short, we are not truly able to establish a life in balance, before we ourselves have come into balance and acceptance, of every part of our own existence. Simple a fact which stands util we have been able to Meet, greet and run through the feelings which the other invoke in us.

Without being able to feel the uncomfortable aspects of our human selves – which are those which are opposite to what we are identified with – we are bound to attract exactly that which we do not want in our lives. That which is needed universally to threaten our identities and shake them to the ground. Relating is immensely significant to this aspect, as it is birthing a knowing and rest with the opposite parts in us, leaving us wide open. So living ourselves to the wide open through relating is a must. A premature retraction from that which triggers us is bound to leave identity wrapped around the edge of our comfort-zone and that which protects rather than breaks down our identity through letting us meet that edge.

Once we have confirmed however, that our full range of feelings has been revealed – as a relaxation with and ability to feel everything from the brightest to the darkest – we are able to deal with our way ahead from a place of integrity. It often happens that we start our lives anew. From a place of inviting and unfolding our way ahead with balance between our masculine and feminine – as this Holding in un-abtrupted and radical self-care. From this place we no longer need to attract our opposite and a movement into relating tends to happen more from a place of equality. As in rather than the opposite, we stand to attract relations of same level of love and maturity.

A  premature retraction from what triggers the uncomfortable feelings in us may very well be a movement of attempting to avoid meeting the challenging feelings but in that also to break down the identity which is gathered around their opposite. On the level of consciousness a rejection of the negative or painful, feelings in our own self, is basically the trajectory to the dissolution of the separation between darkness and light and thereby a necessity towards the birth of God at ground-level – in the belly. In other words retracting from or releasing parts of our lives and our engagement with it needs to happen on a base of self-love and self-care and not rejection of other. Although subtle, there truly is a difference between the two.

If we prematurely release ourselves from the confrontational factor of the challenging feelings, we can be Sure that life is going to re-introduce them on our Way ahead. In that sense, we are here Only to Learn, and as long as we haven’t learned, we are bound to recreate situations based on the tension of identity needing to break down, which will call us to meet the parts of existence, which we internally hold to be loaded and something.

In that sense, the way to the wide-open goes through the mud and there is no way around our dissolution in Truth as our path to radical self-care is paved with the dissolving of all inner rejections and side-steppings on our responsibility for loving All which Is.

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