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Embodying Truth

In the realization of the pure Heart, the Universal Force/the Divine is recognized by surrender to the expansion of the heart-space throughout the entire human body into Universe. It is the expansion of perception into the Cosmic Body.

The Full transparency of Heart is not the case until every cell has been surrendered to vibrate the Universal Force of Love, wherein the Beloved is.

In the realization of pure Mind, the Primordial Silence is recognized by inversed existence by surrender through the head-space. Identification and thereby any “me” dissolves by implosion to non-existence in merging perception into the Space of Beyond – wherein no I am. It is the recognition of non-existence – the No-body.

The Full absorption of Mind is not the case, until every wind of the nervous-system has returned to Source and has come into the recognition of vast empty space as itself.

To come into a full transparency of the third dimension, through which Truth Also Calls for recognition, we as well need to dissolve the body-image from the base of the stomach – for the full recognition and transparency of and through the Earth-body.

This article is about the transcendence of identity through the third dimension of Being; the Gut, through embodiment of the Absolute into the human body.

Source through the Stomach-space

As we penetrate as consciousness downwards into our Earth-body, the human vessel is hollowed out downwards, into the Earth, just as our perception expands outwards in our coming into Universe and backwards beyond in awakening as the Primordial Silence.

To be able to embrace this task of penetrating the Earth, we must embrace two aspects of the spectrum of matter:

– Firstly the level of our maturity as human, in terms of the level of self-love embodied as integrity and respect for the human soul – becoming an adult and fully functional human being – able to communicate and operate.

– Secondly, we stand to fully mature into and through the recognition of ourselves as the impersonal aspect of the the Dark Mother herself; as Matter in its entirety – Earth.

As we embrace the naked and pure individuality and allow our depth of realization to include Love for the embodied form, we become infinitely merged with Earth and our Earth-body. It is in many ways as much a coming into – as it is an establishing of a deeply respectful connection as Love with matter, and it calls for both a Full Healing of the individual psychological aspects of our Self, as well as a growing of Heart-space into the Earth, which contains All the pain existent within consciousness itself.

A key to and through the integration process is our relationship with pain. Our bodies will be experiencing a cracking open, which both touches the physical plane as well as it touches upon every angle of psychological pain which we must learn to Be with and through until integration finds its stable ground embodied.

The Human Education

The invitation for including realization and conscious transparency within the human dimension of Being, invites for a reach of the same level of maturity and expansion within our human reality, as is the case in our recognition of the impersonal, of Source as it emanates from beyond.

It points towards recognition of sameness between the micro and macro-levels of Being, which calls for a full taking of responsibility for our relationship with our individuality and coexistence with this Earth including all its Beings. It happens by growing into handling this dimension with the same care as our infinite Love of God and of the Primordial Silence. Truth must be embraced as That in This!

Despite the fact that realization through the heart and head eludes suffering, by transcending the body-image from different angles of Being, the embrace of the third dimension; the gut, invites for a growth into and through our humanity, which seemingly stands as a contrast to emerging in and as the higher realities, by being the full embrace of the manifest reality.

To fully enter as consciousness, there can no longer be any agreement left to move with an attempt to avoid the pain of human life and living. Instead, this addition of realization through the gut calls for an embrace of learning through pain of facing ignorance and conditioning, the ”How to” in regards to being a human in a mature way. To grow up in that very center of Being-Here where the Human Wisdom reveals itself. We thereby come to attain expansion into the depths, where we come to contain the human state of freedom by transcending the current state of pain held within the body and psyche.

Our surrender in depth allows, by cracking open, a growing patience and room to allow the transformation of our own and thereby our fellow man’s misunderstandings and aches into pure beauty of human depth.

This teaching aims straight into the Heart of Man by being an invitation for qualities like cooperation, patience, understanding, respect, Real compassion, love for existence and Soul and with it the wholeness of man, as a being amongst other Beings on this Earth. The key is responsibility.

To come fully into matter, we must surely acknowledge and approach with care the part, that our previous human experiences have played in the health of our psychological environment.

A human beings way of thinking and operating the matter of being human, realisation and thereby his choices surely depends on the doors that open on the Way, but for sure also depends on the doors that stay closed. To enter into human health, as an addition to our realization as Space and pure Life, we must open pandoras box and invite in the Light of Consciousness into and through the wounds, so as to heal our human state.

The core of this angle of learning is based on our ability to intimacy with our selves and each other and the fact, that the intimacy in relating is one of the greatest possible beauties, that can evolve through the gift of our human evolution.

It is in its entirety the invitation for the human fruition of realization and thereby the addition of endless enjoyment as being the ripest and sweetest tasting peach on the tree of our human experience.

Growing into the Divine Mother

The secondary angle of the embrace in depth, points towards a transcendence of the body-image in its last of three angles, pointing to Reality beyond the human body; All the Way into the Matter of Mother Earth.

At Large, the growing into the depth of matter, Mother Earth, happens by a return of the Kundalini energy, which prior to the downwards in-depth emergence moves through the stages of vaporizing identification, by transporting perception into space and back into existence.

As we embrace the stomach, the Black Mother starts revealing herself as the vibration between the Light of the Heart and the Blackness of the Void. God reveals its infinite Source of Power through a portal burried deeply in the gut. Layers of identity must and do drop away through our surrender and agreement to take care and step into full responsibility as Man or Woman.

The True Individuality starts revealing itself herein, and we start coming into the deeply individual and unique aspects of our unique human Soul. Soul itself and God can no longer be seen as impersonal or universal, but our unique soul-print starts becoming alive and integrated as the beauty of uniqueness. A Uniqueness that just behind the surface of the human holds the entire capacity of the Black Mother in all of her mature compassion and patience.

This capacity is surely something we grow into; just like the expansion into space requires our ongoing surrender of the identity lodged in our heart-space. At some point the identification reaches its most external layer and our individual person will have merged itself with the impersonal display of The Divine Mother.

As we drop deeper and deeper, we come fully into the recognition of the Black Mother. as the Root of Earth Herself, and the magic and mystery of existence. As the stomach cracks open, we go through – as in recognition of Truth through the head and heart – the obligatory pain of cracking open the body, to the recognition through the very cells of the human body.

As we fully allow the stomach to Grow Itself Empty, by our reach of giving up our attempts to separate ourselves from the pain of matter, we experience the power of the Earth bursting and breaking its way in through the stomach and across the entire body-structure on a cell-level.

The stomach-space grows itself down through our legs into our toes, out through the arms into our fingers and up through the throat into and through our head. Her entry rises and subsides with every breath of consciousness, until the point, where we become ready to completely die into her Core.

Making the human being a mirage of individuality wherein personal and impersonal is integrated into one and the same. Nothing is excluded from the equation – not ones own human being and neither any other Being. We find ourselves being Deeply Human and yet Divine as the recognition of pure Being through every dimension of Being.

The initiation of being entered by the Black Mother is a painful-experience of being fully penetrated by Her from below. A passing through the body of all pain within consciousness, as the appearance of the very core of Soul itself.

When She finally takes the head, the recognition becomes: I am pain. Where we before were affected by pain and under the temptation to stretch the arms of our perception into the sky to get away from the pain of the Earth and the Earth as the manifest body, affectable and affected by pain, we reach the fullness of recognition in Her which removes the option of considering ourselves outside or apart from the fact of pain itself.

We thereby become one with Matter by surrendering fully through and as the painbody. With pain filling the entire body we loose the someone within the body-space, which can fluctuate between pain and enjoyment, and the enjoyment-body becomes fully born by our total attainment of Space within body itself as earth itself.

The Result

This fulfillment merges Matter and Void – becoming Her inseparable existence from Being itSelf, as Being itself nolonger in any way is or can be separated from Matter. Our individual comes to hold in its depth, the secrets of the Earth wisdom that becomes fully conscious within our field of Seeing and Being, as our surrender to Truth across and including everything.

In the process of growing into the stomach, the connection between Mind and Heart merges itself deeply into the gut, and the stomach is opened for the flood of pure Being.

It ignites the deep clarity of Seeing and power of Being//Presence through the human, at the same time as it invites our True Human existence in its greatest potential.

It is the third and final loss of identity and thereby a disappearance of the option to navigate between the three dimensions – as if they were separate. It is the state of no-escape and emerging of full reality as integration between All, Nothing and Human.

This merging touches the outer layers of the brain, which are burned empty and leaves the brain unusable by ”someone” and as a tool/vessel of pure intelligence operating on Soul.

The arrival on-ground reveals every layer of Being Human within consciousness, and there is no longer Space apart from the happening of Life itself. Masculine (Space) and Feminine (Life) is merging endlessly into Matter/Mother.

(An article by Aisha Salem, June 2015)

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