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Authority & Humility

In our Embrace of Truth, the really quiet balance between Humility and Own Authority must be obtained. It is actually the balance, wherein the Truth Warrior at all can exist.

The Truth Warrior holds the humility to absorb the keys and instructions of consciousness, which are the gifts of the Key-bearers on the planet: the Beings, which have realised different aspects and depths of Reality.

In addition, the Truth Warrior holds Own Authority, which is what is needed, for One to be able to apply the keys. She is straight enough to not attempt at giving away the responsibility for her own Life. She wants to be True in her own Self and is willing to stand with Own Authority, as that very container which makes it possible for the keys to click into place.

The Warrior spends no time in a state of collapse, waiting for things to happen or someone to “Come Save”, but has a zest for the fluctuation between receiving and applying what has been received, in doing her best.Without both, there for sure will be a lack of possibility and efficiency in walking the Path.

If we tilt too much in either direction – with either the self-sufficiency or the humility – we will create an imbalance, which makes it impossible for the Guide to be of actual service and do what they are meant to, for you and through you for the totality of existence.

If we reject all Knowledge, which could serve us from Knowledgable Sources, we are passing up the gift of receiving, what has already been uncovered in consciousness – along with its immensely intelligent and efficient ways of educating itself through loving respect and absorption.

If there is too tight a holding in self-reliance and a lack of willingness to receive from Master/s, a lot of energy and time will be wasted on “re-inventing the spoon” – that is, if one does not all together get lost with “the one being stubborn/defiant” through the unhealthy idea of separation. As Well, without a Full Holding of Self-responsibility, there will not be a container present within the One seeking, for the keys to be applied. No container ~ nowhere for the keys to land!

The subtle (or in most cases Not so subtle) attempts to “get off easy”, by giving our responsibility to something outside our Self, will create a momentary relief in our Life being left at the feet of another, but we will be bypassing on the Actual Benefit of being with a Master – the evolution of our own Beings, Spiritual Maturation and Awakening, as we will simply be resting in someone else’s – remaining with our own illusions and lack of ability to Carry ourselves as That, at the bottomline.

The time for Guru-disciple relationships is over. It is of importance, that we embrace this concurrent time in the evolution of consciousness, where we All are given the Opportunity, to bring our own Capacity, Lives and Beings into Truth. The times have turned, and All Doors can fly open, with some assistance, guidance and a Lot of self-responsibility.

This time invites the master not to be mistaken as “Your Master”, but A master ~ carrying a deep and unbreakable connection to the word mastery ~ of course still to be treated with deep respect and Love for the Truth, that His or Her Being holds. An invitation stands to a new and more rewarding relationship between master and seeker, based on mutual respect, Love and self-held responsibility. Like Real Friends.

There is a value to struggle, twist and turn. A certain weight and solidity of Self-emergence, which cannot happen, unless we are willing to learn through the Application of our Self to and in our Lives. To Mix It Up and find out for ourselves; the Hows, Whys and Whats. But within that approaching a master, or Key-bearer, as I called it before, is of Great Value. The Key-bearers can show the How and guide the trials, while the application inside must be attained through Own Being in continued dedication to resolution in Truth.

Since everything in this time stands before a re-invention, it is quite possibly the most rich time to forge new keys and ways of consciousness, which has never been more ripe, than it is right now.

Your inner authority must be the judge on whether a key-bearer – any key-bearer – is carrying a valid set of keys, for what you consider to be the Truth to which your inner Being responds and resonates – through a perfect mix of discernment and fearlessness.

But no matter which way we turn it – with guide or not – the self-authority and humility are both needed in our embrace of Truth. Simply because they are the very top and bottom of our recognition of Reality.

(An article by Aisha Salem, 2016)

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