An Honest Talk – on God

So, I guess it is Time to address this topic. As most of you know, I am not partial in my considerations on the matter at hand, and so I will do my Best to speak the reality, which is granted me in Both being a Deep Deep Lover of Gods and a human being.

The topic, which is at the tip of my tongue, at present, is that of how we address God as a part of our spiritual journey. When I look around, I see people on all walks of the path. What tend to be the strongest reality, however, is that of human beings, wanting reality, but without being willing to loose their separation. The intricacies of their human reality.

People generally tend to be truly on to and excited about reality, but then somehow tend hold and uphold this inner rejection of the Reality of Truly Pure Love. Like they will give up and adjust their ideas, and move their bodies and lives along a Way, but never truly deliver their bodies into the fire, because it will Cost them the hierarchy with which they love. The hierarchy which keeps and encircles certain parts of existence – as special. Themselves and their loved ones.

I understand, that the idea gets to be upheld, and what is clear to me is, that this bridge – the bridge between God and human – needs to be met with a Total Falling in Love with God, from you as this human! Not by maintaining and treasuring your humanness as something apart from God, but by Truly delivering yourself – as human – at the gates of God. I cannot stress this enough! God is not to be bargained with. God will not Agree to Truly Let You Through, without your willingness to sacrifice Everything!

In our journey and Way of embracing spirituality. I see that This, exactly This part of addressing God as the living Reality of Universal Existence – as Love – it isn’t something you can play around with. The universe and the interconnectivity, the eco-system of All of this wasn’t created with a Single coincidence, and the Universe isn’t Going to accidentally drop its keys in your lap, if you just keep going with the Touch upon parts of spirituality, what you find exciting or interesting!

Sure, you can address spirituality from that someone, which continuously invites you to discover, but when it comes down to it, we have The Absolute, which is prior to God, we have God which is the Universal and creational force behind All this, and THEN we have this human realm – that which we are born into. And I am sorry, but we are not Going to become Truly Real, without loosing our biased experiential reality, which leans towards that which we hold so dear – the individuated reality.

You know already, that I am not biased towards God as “Something” or as some different reality holding any kind of arrogance towards the value and beauty of your human existence – I Adore our individuality. I adore my life as a woman, and yet I Have to make This Point Clear:

The temptations of the human realms are Endless. And I am not saying temptations in some biblical sense, but I mean in the sense, that the possibility for distraction is endless. And keeps on growing! The more we Try to solve the mystery from this side of the equation, in a way, the level of possibility to distract oneself just turns more and more endless. But if we truly want to realize, we cannot keep standing as spectators to the game of God, we must turn towards it’s Source. Not at arms length, but by truly falling in Love with Love. With Self. With God. It cannot happen as Any kind of managing of the external reality. It is an inner junction, which must be passed by the agreement to Love, you see? Not to find-out or investigate or get to know more about, but the reality of Love – of God – must be discovered through our own willingness to toss Everything we are and Everything we Hold Dear unto that Fire. The fire of Love! Where it All burns to One Single Reality – that of God.

It WILL not deprive you of everything as anything but the moments (that times’) reality of releasing everything from your Self, so that you get to enter that eternal inner union, wherein Everything is given anyway! I am Telling you, everything is given to you on the other side of that willingness to totally deliver yourself! But if we do not deliver ourselves, if we do not obtain a realistic relationship with God, from standing on this side of the equation as humans, then God will keep on being an abstract to you. Telling ourselves we are one with God or we are God is not good enough – it is likely more than anything the total hubris of the human equation and that which continuously allows us to Fall into the abuse of power and illusion of being someone able to control.

I am a Fan of Every Part of this equation. Of our human existence and its sweet sweet sweetness. Of God and the reality of the Universal One Love, and also of Minds expanse in its birth of brilliancy as the complete open Door to every thought – manifested, lived, felt and dreamed – I guess what I am saying to you here is, that you may watch your inner relationship with God, you may investigate it More than a Little, and you may consider your doings and focus on “getting somewhere”, for Truly – the Reality behind All This is Love, and as long as we miss that part of the equation on our journey of Truth, we are somehow Lost to the interconnectivity which is the case between everything – as anything more than glimpses.

We cannot deny the reality of God, simply, as it is the Core of our existential realm, which cannot be Touched without our deepest willingness to travel to the Core of the Universe as our very hearts and shed every layer that separates us from God.

These words were born to you, from the early morning hours of a silent mist and gentle rain in the Dordogne in France.

With Love, with God –

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