Just Walk On

You know how your Soul has a way of its own? A way which you cannot direct as someone, but only surrender to?

This is It. When you allow the voice of your heart, your Soul is bound to manifest – to come to Live itself. As truth of Who you Are.

I know it is a scary thought, that Life has something intended for you, which you cannot control, cannot direct the playoffs of and so on, but somehow, it is almost like; wouldn’t you rather Not Know and Live Love as the unknown, than set yourself up to this predictable ride that everyone goes for in their planning their life, of running life and your days on repeat rather than Listening and moving along with Life, with Love as it unveils itself?

Your Soul has a path that no one has Ever walked before you! Isn’t that exciting? In some sense we all arrive in the same Reality once we Dare to walk the Way, but somehow it is Also the Way, which holds infinite value? Do you See? Because this Way is the very walk of your Soul in its birth. When you hear the words, it is not about the arrival, but about the walk, This is what is meant! You can lay Infinite Value to the reality of your Way in Truth. It is your life!!!

So you see, when you Dare to let go and follow your Hearts Calling, when you dare take those steps towards living your freedom rather than your captivity – This is when Love is being Born as you. In Step by Step by Step movement of embracing that voice of your heart.

Truly – you cannot do this wrong! You can only Learn day by day in Love – as you take the consequence of Being You, with the teaching laid out in front of you.

Aaaah, yes, we truly are Blessed. As This living life unfolds beyond our limited imagination – into the True Potential and Value of All of this…

Don’t Worry about arriving – it is all about This Now and how deeply and fully you are willing to Live it as Love.
Then Life itself will make sure that the arrival takes place Just in Right Time…

This is where it’s at – this is how Life Rolls.
Can you deal with that?

/Pema Salem

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