Online Course: Embracing our Humanity


This online course is an offering of transmission on the keys of consciousness concerning the topic of the embrace of our human reality. The course specifically focuses on our healing, our surrender into radical self-care, the discovery of our uniqueness and embrace of our human state. It holds the touch of our existential human ground at the centre, as the integration of Being into matter through deepest possible soul alignment. It covers the deepest touch upon our arrival to the vulnerability and human wholeness, in the becoming as true humans, which lies beyond the identity risen from self-protection surrounding the human wounding.


Some of the topics covered in this course are:

The dance of perfection and Imperfection, Handling resistance and self-hatred, Compassion and self-love, Taking responsibility, The simplicity of Grief & Joy, Love of the body, Vulnerability, The reality of change, True integrity, Being truly human, Our highest potential, Softening the controller, The Masculine/consciousness in the Feminine/body, Surrender and much more.


The Online Course contains

The contents of this online course consists of an online-space with access to course materials with teachings of Pema Salem:


  • 5 talks with Q&A (app. 45 minutes each)
  • 5 guided meditations – tools in working our inner landscape (app. 40 minutes each)
  • 5 sets of contemplations, to work with along side reception through the video material.

A total of 7 hours of HD quality video course-material and investigative contemplations.


2 Ways of Engaging

The *Embracing our Humanity* online course can be approached as a 5 week engagement or the more intensive 5 day approach:


  • The 5 day engagement, for you who would like to venture into an intense stretch of retreating at home with full focus on engagement on the topic, with the online course.
  • The 5 week engagement, for you who would like to engage with the course alongside your daily life, integrating the contemplations and teachings directly with your living reality.

Preparatory guidelines and a suggested schedule is included for best benefit of engagement.


Watch the Trailer

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