Teaching-pack: Essence, Power & Belly


Welcome to a focused Teaching-pack, giving you access to both articles and video clips specifically centred around the journey of descent and emergence into union with the Power of Creation.

A lot of care has gone into making this collection of teachings with Pema available, which opens the door for you to take on and apply these teachings in your life, for the transformation and change of your life and insides, as needed to move into deep intimate knowing of yourself in union with Her.

The collection circles around the turning of consciousness towards the ground. The meeting with the Power of Creation and the cultivation of- and surrender to said force.


The pack takes you on a journey through the teachings which has been given and made into clips, on Essence, Power and Belly. It is a severely extensive topics containing Various aspects of healing the human core-wound, learning self-love inclusive of the body, of Masculine bowing to Feminine, of dealing with Power and many other angles. This pack contains only selected aspects of the totality and you are advised onwards after to cover in depth more and other aspects of your descent.

The contents of this pack are parted in 2 chapters – one of Becoming Undone, and one of our Re-creation…


The topics covered by the Becoming Undone include:

  • Turning Towards the Ground
  • Opening the Way Home
  • Return to True Frequency
  • A Map of Human Wholeness
  • About Destruction & Creation
  • The Reality of Feeling in this World
  • Home into the Darkness and Much More.

The teachings addressing our Creation includes:

  • Essential Becoming – Pleasure & Pain
  • Power Just Is
  • Silence weaved into Passion
  • Creativity and pure Potential
  • The Real Commitment
  • Meeting the Black Mother
  • Life as Holder of All-Inclusion

The Teaching-pack as well contains 15+ writings by Pema.

You will find titles like:

  • Instructions on Her Arising
  • Birthing the Black Mother
  • Worth Value and Humility
  • Radical Self-care
  • the Real Way of Her
  • Tenderness – the Pearl, and many more


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