Online Course: Consciousness, Love & Hearts Wisdom


Welcome to a course with 7 hours of HD quality video course-material and investigative contemplations.

This online course is centred in the journey of the Heart and our surrender to pure Life. It delivers the keys of consciousness connected to the depth of recognition as pure Heart – the Masculine essence of pure consciousness and Core realisation of “I Am”, as the pure Self. Existentially it is the centre-piece, which allows our spiritual maturation by opening the true action-body – delivering us to Love and making us able to move freely and awake across all levels of Existence. The burning away of the identification with the body, limitlessly brings us into unity with the Being of Love (God).

Pema shares on the wisdom of trust and relaxation in Life – Knowing existence through pure surrender and true intelligence.


A few of the topics covered in this course are:


  • The diamond Heart & Self-realisation beyond belief
  • Unfolding the action-body through applying Love
  • Spiritual maturation – from drop to ocean
  • Trust as the full willingness to walk with Life
  • Efficiency, surrendering the body & dissolving body-identification
  • From my to thy will – from wanting to Pure Will
  • Fulfilling our natural longing to be of benefit
  • Into the Core of Love
  • Moving with Love – beyond the “good/bad” thinking
  • The Immediacy of Life – the power of Now
  • Humility: Trusting the intelligence of Life
  • The Wisdom of letting go


The Online Course contains

The contents of this online course consists of an online-space with access to course materials with teachings of Pema Salem:

  • 5 talks with Pema Salem incl. Q&A on selected topics (app. 50 minutes each)
  • 5 guided meditations – tools for working consciousness in different aspects of the topic (app. 35 minutes each)
  • 5 sets of contemplations, to work along side the reception throughout viewing the video material

A total of 7 hours of HD quality video course-material and investigative contemplations.


2 Ways of Engaging

The online video-course can be approached as a 5 week engagement or the more intensive 5 day approach:

  • The 5 week engagement, for you who would like to engage with the course alongside your daily life, integrating the contemplations and teachings directly into your living reality, or
  • The 5 day engagement, for you who would like to venture into an intense stretch of retreating at home with full focus on engagement on the topic, or

Preparatory guidelines and a suggested schedule is included for best benefit of engagement for either way.

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