Pema & Matthias: True Marriage – in Endless Transformation




From the first retreat at Nari Sanctuary, a sharing invited by the participants, for Pema Salem and her husband Matthias Diener to share on their relationship.

Feeling the effect of being at Nari Sanctuary and intimately Knowing the transformation of being with Pema Salem, the participants at the retreat naturally were a bit curious as to the nature of the relating between Matthias and Pema. The sharing offers some fundamental keys on the settings Needed in the context of a True Marriage. Holding the Endless Transformation and real potential of humanity and co-existence.

The sharing are relevant to anyone in intimate relationship, and lay out the fundamentals of True Relating as well as portrays Life in True Intimacy. Enjoy.

The audio is 1 hour 40 minutes and was recorded in June 2022.