3 Realisations – Triple Audio Meditation Pack




These transmissions are the Primary Transmissions of the teaching by Pema Salem, and can be returned to over and again in meditation, assisting your dissolution into the depths of every dimension of Being.

During the last 1,5 year recordings have been made to make available the in-depth transmissions of Reality through the three dimensions of Being – as facilitated by Pema Salem. All of which will be released later as educational material in HD-quality video.

As a pre-offering, we have chosen to gather three of the strongest transmissions recorded with Pema, here presented to you in a triple audio meditation pack, giving you option to engage via sound into each dimension of Your own Being –  emptying identification from the Head, Heart and Belly.

The meditations are the primary pillars of Truth from the teaching of Pema Salem, covering the three primary realisations of Being:

  • The Diamond – Pure Brilliance Meditation
  • Universal Consciousness – Heart of God Meditation
  • Dissolution to the Depths – Black Mother Meditation

Each audio meditation lasts app. 45 minutes.

We look forward to offer you the full video material pointing towards the rewiring and alignment with Reality as the True Human.

From Pema:

“Usually, I am required to Meet people where they Are in facilitation – to limit the reflection, for people to be able to focus on their place in Life and their Next Step. In these recordings… I have not done so. I have shared mySelf to the extent possible at that point in time (2018).

For anyone working through the dissolution of identity, in any alley of the embrace of Truth, Listening and re-Listening to these transmissions, will benefit in hollowing out the inner field of perception, through alignment in reception to Source.”

Welcome to a triple audio-meditation pack, giving access to the direct transmissions of the three primary pillars of the True Human.