All:In Meditation-pack


Welcome to this All:In Invitation for men and women alike. An audio meditation-pack designed for you to Breathe into your Innermost, with a series of 4 meditations, centred around calibrating and opening your Being and body in connective, deep and intimate ways, close and intimate to pure feeling.

The bringing of consciousness to these vital parts and elements in the body, bring forward the health and healing of the baseline of our human being. In inviting for the merging of consciousness and matter, the meditations facilitate the transformation of and calibration towards the greater alignment towards your most Natural and Essential Self.

This pack consists of 4 meditations – 25-30 minute each – with the titles:

  1. Nurtured in Womb
  2. Blood, Veins & Intimacy
  3. Spinal Calibration
  4. Under Water

All files are downloadable for your phone or other audio-device, and are offered on a delightful page of Beauty in Graceful collection.



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