Free Gift: Beauty is Born – Music Album




This is a music album with recording of the first live concert with Pema Salem, in Germany 2019. The koncert was 1,5 hours and took place in a church with musician Markus Stockhausen. The recording – in the end – turned into an album containing a 35 minutes intensely Deep and Silent music-journey, with Pema Salem on vocal. A journey which displays the journey of man.

The album is a live recording, but the result offers more than plenty the experience of being at the concert. Enjoy!

Album contents:
(app. 35 min. – digital release only)


About the Album – words from Pema

“The nobility of our Journey as humans cannot really be put into words. It is a Feeling – profound, noble, real. A Feeling that Touches us all, when we allow it to.

I have walked for many years… With the heartbreak and pain of our human race as well as the true Beauty- and profoundly endless potential of man. This album is my first expression of that journey into sound. Its recording took place as a part of my agreeing to go on stage with an amazing musician, Markus Stockhausen, for a wholly improvisational performance, in which he played the trumpet.

During the koncert, 5 other musicians spontaneously rose from the audience to join us in the expression of Silence – and it became the BIRTH OF BEAUTY. It was a truly magnificent happening, which I hope you will enjoy.” Pema Salem

Contributing artists: Markus Stockhausen on trumpet and a number of artists rising in the audience.