Compassion as the Way – Mar 2019


Pema speaks deeply on Compassion and the penetration of this Ground of Compassion into every area of Being and Life. Consists of a 1 hour long talk, where Pema is speaking directly into consciousness, and 1hr30 of questions and answers.
“We reject, because we have not agreed fully to adapt to the nature of Her.
The nature of Her is one big Shovel and the love just goes wild into the soil.
Being beyond the rejection of any part of existence and allowing ourselves to be grateful when there is something new to chew. She takes anything within Existence which needs the purification and She gulps it up, She spits out Love.”

Duration: 2 hours 47 minutes



Topics covered are such as:

  • Dealing with strange experiences
  • Accepting others in relationship
  • Self-hatred and hardness towards oneself
  • The beauty of the darkness
  • Fear and health problems
  • Humility and addiction to arrogance