Innocence & Nurture – Feb. 2024


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This video is circled around the topic of innocence and nature of nurture. It is a door opener for embracing and living the magic and gratitude, which allows us to breathe the innocence and closeness with nature which is our deepest framework of existence in simplicity and Joy.
Pema gives a meditation of balancing and embracing nature in and around us and continues into sharing with a group on the magic of living in closeness with All-Inclusive Reality.

30 min. Meditation – transmission Innocence & Nurture

Content Topics:

  • The Dark Chief, power of forgiveness and nature of innocence.
  • From Hardness to Softness, Dissolving the self-judgemental.
  • Depression as a gateway to the spark of Beauty. About not fighting the fullness of our experience.
  • Womans support of man on his Way – letting Her guide him.
  • Trusting the power of the Feminine as caretaker – the intelligence of mirroring.
  • Developing beyond arrogance.
  • A 25 minute sharing by Pema on living in Inspiration, awe and wonder of this adventure called Life.

Total video duration: 2 hours 20 minutes