Beauty is Born – Music Album

Dear Friend, I am so happy you have chosen to receive this free gift; the music album curated from the recordings of my first concert in Germany. Back then my name was Aisha. It is such a Pleasure to be in Touch and I want to invite you to Join my Newsletter, where I send out Warm Sharings regularly from this life of Wild Freedom and Beauty lived in Deep Intimacy - along with news of different publications and events. Want to stay in Touch? Please use the following button: Join the Newsletter Here is the Music... Welcome to a musical journey of Grace and Potency... With this album of songs straight from the Heart and Beyond. Contents The album exists of the following songs:   Groundbreaking - 4:21 Dawning - 3:45 Functional - 5:55 Beauty is Born - 2:39 Diversity & Unity - 4:07 The Fall - 4:15 The Breaking Heart of Man - 2:43 We Find our Way Home - 5:08 And it's Done - 4:31 Please Enjoy... With Love, Pema 1. Groundbreaking - 4:21 2. Dawning - 3:45 3. Functional - 5:55 4. Beauty is Born - 2:39 5. Diversity & Unity - 4:07 6. The Fall - 4:15 7. The Breaking Heart of Man - 2:43 8. We find our Way Home - 5:08 9. And it's Done - 4:31 About the Album The concert with Pema Salem on vocal and Markus Stockhausen on trumpet was an improvised concert arising in the Glory of the Moment. “The nobility of our Journey as humans cannot really be put into words. It is a Feeling – profound, noble, real. A Feeling that Touches us all, when we allow it to. I have walked for many years… With the heartbreak and pain of our human race as well as the true Beauty- and profoundly endless potential of man. This album is my first expression of that journey into sound. Its recording took place as a part of my agreeing to go on stage with an amazing musician, Markus Stockhausen, for a wholly improvisational performance, in which he played the trumpet. During the koncert, 5 other musicians spontaneously rose from the audience to join us in the expression of Silence – and it became the BIRTH OF BEAUTY. It was a truly magnificent happening, which I hope you will enjoy.” Pema Salem
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