Retreats 2022

Fall Retreat – 4-9 October, 2022

We are deeply delighted to bring you this warm invitation to the a group-retreat at Nari Sanctuary in fall 2022.
This invitation to retreat is offered as a sweet 6-day (5 nights) journey Home to True intimacy and deep union with your being, body and soul.
Together we respond to the deep Call for joy and wholeness, in a space of Beauty and Grace, with ongoing explorations into the soulfully naked, the deeply explorative and the truly touching and transformative.
The retreat at Nari takes place in the delicate balance and intimacy of a smaller group, and the spots available are thereby limited. Read all about the retreat below.




Dates: 4-9th October 2022
Place: Nari Sanctuary, Risbækvej 3B, 4791 Borre, Møn Island, Denmark
(transportation details available on webpage).
– Bed in double-room: 4.450 DKK (600 EUR)
– Bed in sleeping hall: 3.750 DKK (505 EUR)
– Tenting: 2.900 DKK (390 EUR :: own tent & equipment is brought, please notice weather is app. 12 degrees celsius in October, and may be wet).
Which includes:
– Access to toilet/shower (bring own towel/s)
– NOTICE: Self-catering, space in refrigerator and shelf
– Bed & bedding – duvet, pillow, sheets and covers (tenting excluded)
– Free Access to Nari communal spaces, hall and gardens
– All sessions during retreat – including Talks, Practice-spaces, meditations, movement, bonfire (according to weather) and more.
The deposit is 150 EUR (1.125 DKK) – which is paid on booking and non-refundable. The rest is exchanged at arrival for the retreat.
Booking takes place via the link to the home-page. Please read all information there prior to making your booking.
Join the Facebook event for coordination with other participants on food, transportation and more.
Booking CLOSES on September 25th at midnight.

Retreat schedule (October 2022)

Retreats at Nari are more than anything an invitation into the Real Flow of Life. So a schedule simply opens spaces, where the Natural Unfolding can take place.

Day 1:

15.00-18-00 – Arrivals
19.00-20.00 – Shared Dinner
20.30-21.45 – Gathering, Welcome, Meeting, Retreat-Opening

Day 2:

10.00-12.00 – Meditation & Satsang
14.00-16.30 – Topic-exploration & Practice-space: Truth, Trust & Vulnerability
20.00-22.00 – Beach & Evening bathing

Day 3:

10.00-12.00 – Meditation & Satsang
14.00-16.30 – Fall Forest trip – Walking & Being together
20.00-22.00 – Evening Satsang & Musical sharing (Pema & Matthias Diener)

Day 4:

10.00-12.00 – Meditation & Satsang
14.00-16.30 – Topic-exploration & Practice-space: Emotional Tai Chi
20.00-22.00 – Café & Bonfire

Day 5:

10.00-12.00 – Meditation & Satsang
14.00-16.30 – Talk on “Living Intimacy” & Practice-space
20.00-22.00 – Evening Movement-meditation

Day 6:

10.00–12.00 – Morning Prayer, Meditation & Satsang / Retreat-Closing
12.30–13.30 – Shared Lunch
13.30–16.00 – Departure

Important Information on Retreats at Nari Sanctuary


The nearest airport is Copenhagen airport. Public transportation is needed from airport to sanctuary.

You can plan your journey of public transport on

Bus stop closest to Nari: Bøgebjergvej (Klintevej). Nari Sanctuary is a 15 minute walk from the bus stop – approximately 1 km.


Animals at Nari Sanctuary

Animals live at Nari Sanctuary, please prepare for any expected allergic reactions prior to arrival.

Feeding the animals and entering the stables during your stay is strictly prohibited.

Care & Conditions

All rooms of accommodation are rented with co-inhabitants (double room or sleeping hall), and any conditions effecting mutual co-existence (such as snoring or other) must be informed of on e-mail at booking/in advance of retreat.

Friends with snoring issues are welcome to make use of the tenting option or to rent a full double room for their participation. If two people with similar conditions sign for the retreat, we will make sure to offer participation in double-room on normal terms. Please contact us for resolution.

Food at Retreats

Your food at the coming retreat is self-catered. A refrigerator and shelf-space to store your food will be available, as will free transportation to the nearest supermarket on your arrival day. It is small but has the basics. Welcome to bring along food or shop on the way, as well. Or/and to get together between participants at the retreat around cooking.

Option of transportation to shopping will be available mid-retreat too, should anything be missing.

Remaining Payment of Exchange

Payment of remaining exchange for retreats takes place at arrival. Please make sure to bring cash in DKK at arrival (can be taken out at airport or from bank 7 minutes walk from bus-station in Stege town on Møn, prior to arrival). Going to bank after arrival at retreat, is not advised/possible.

Extra days at Nari Sanctuary

It is possible to stay extra days at Nari Sanctuary at a discounted rate – after the retreat. Prices for staying (additional to price of retreat):

    • Indoor: 250 DKK/night
    • Tenting: 200 DKK/night

Food is not included. Shopping is however possible in closest town nearby (walking distance) and kitchen and bath is available during your stay. More information on and booking of stay at Nari – additionally to your participation at retreat – is done separately and in advance, by writing us on

About Nari Sanctuary

Nari Sanctuary is a place in Denmark, of Pema’s work and Being, deeply immersed in Truth, Intimacy and Wild Wonder. It is a place for (un)learning and deep Home-coming in All-Inclusive Reality, with Pema Salem and the community of Truth wanderers. For events like this group retreat and for your individual retreating as well.

A pre-booking list exists, for coming retreats, which you can request to put your name on – to ensure booking is possible at the time of opening registration at coming retreats. Send us an e-mail for pre-booking.

Please sign up for Pema’s newsletter to receive notice on coming retreats and other news.