Women’s Wisdom Gatherings

As a part of exploring and supporting the field of Woman’s unfolding, Pema holds a monthly special event – the Woman’s Wisdom Gathering.

Each month an evening of engagement for women takes place, in a space specifically dedicated to touch upon the female unfolding of Truth connected to deepening in the Feminine Essence.

The events can be attended one by one or as a pre-tasting on joining the Wise Women’s Network, which is an ongoing commitment of weekly meetings, with a network of deeply dedicated women.

In the meetings we are Touching deeply and walking with the invitation of:

  • Clarity without sharpness
  • Woman inclusive of Man
  • Real Nakedness & Rawness
  • All-inclusion & the inner marriage
  • Subtle Strength of Softness
  • True Intelligence of Being
  • Pure Pleasure & the Wonder of Woman

You are as woman Welcomed to touching into and receiving your Feminine Self in a safe space and for inter-connection between beautiful feminine beings.

It really is a very sweet space, where the nature of Reality as the ground of Being is naturally, sweetly, gently and truly held to Reality as the entire expanse from our human healing and wholeness to the eternal Essence of She.

Each online gathering is 25 EUR and access bought in the shop under coming events.

The events take place via ZOOM and your purchase confirmation letter holds the link to jump on the call. Welcome, We look forward to explore the Feminine space with you.