30 Jul-4 Aug 2024 – Summer Retreat, Nari Sanctuary, DK


Welcome to the Fall retreat at Nari Sanctuary – a Truly Intimate and transformative time in the Deeply Sacred flow of Life – in the graceful and wondrous space of Nari Sanctuary in Denmark with Pema Salem.

This booking is a deposit of 100 EUR (non-refundable) for the Summer Retreat. To see full price, please read below.


Your choice of accommodation determines the exchange for participation. Food is additional and app. 100 dkk/day (pre-planned co-cooking in small teams, shared cost at end retreat).



You’re invited to join Pema Salem deeply in the Natural Flow and Stream of Life in evolution and cultivation of Truth – in waves of Satsang and Essential Un:learning – Playing yourself into union with All-Inclusive Reality and Source.

Together we respond to the Deep Call for Joy and Wholeness, in sitting with Pema Salem in a space of Beauty and Grace – with ongoing explorations into the soulfully naked, the deeply explorative and the truly touching and transformative.



Dates: 30 July – 4 August, 2024

30 July: Arrival 10-13.30. First session starts at 15:00.
4 August: Departure: Last session ends at 16:00.

Nari Sanctuary, Risbækvej 3B, 4791 Borre, Møn Island, Denmark


– Bed in double-room: 4.500 DKK (600 EUR)
– Bed in sleeping hall: 4.100 DKK (550 EUR)


– Daily sessions & enjoyment – a natural flow between transmissions, rest, caretaking, dancing, bonfires, beach trips and more.
– Accommodation: double room or sleeping hall (varying exchange).
– Free Access to Nari’s spaces, main-house, hall and gardens
– Co-creation of Food/easy-cook recipes, planned schedule (food additional to retreat price & app. 100 DKK/day)

The deposit is 100 EUR (750 DKK), paid on booking and non-refundable. The rest is exchanged at arrival for the retreat. Booking takes place via making your deposit via this product.

Limited participation (max 25 people).

Booking CLOSES on 16th July at midnight



Tuesday Arrival 10-13.30. 13:30 Lunch. 15:00-17:00 First session – welcome & Calibration. 18:00 Dinner. 19.30-21:00 Movement meditation.

Wednesday 9.30 – 12.00 Satsang. 13.30 Lunch. 14-16 Open space. 18.00 Dinner. 19.30 – 21.00 Sauna & Ocean-dip

Thursday 9.30 – 12.00 Satsang. 13.30 Lunch. 14-16 Open Space. 18.00 Dinner. 19.30 – 21.00 Musical Sharing.

Friday 9.30 – 12.00 Satsang. 13.30 Lunch. 14-16 Open Space 19.30 – 21.00 Movement meditation

Saturdayday (day of Silence) 9.30 – 11.15 Meditation. 13.30 Lunch. 14-16 Social silence. 18.00 Dinner. 19.30 – 21.00 Sauna & Ocean-dip.

Sunday 9.30 – 12.00 Satsang. 13.30 Lunch. 14-16 Meditation.


Facebook event for transportation-cooperation with other retreaters: https://fb.me/e/7ooyHryOo


Important Information on Retreats at Nari Sanctuary


The nearest airport is Copenhagen airport. Public transportation is needed from airport to sanctuary.You can plan your journey of public transport on www.rejseplanen.dk.Bus stop closest to Nari: Bøgebjergvej (Klintevej). Nari Sanctuary is a 15 minute walk from the bus stop – approximately 1 km.

Animals at Nari Sanctuary

Animals live at Nari Sanctuary, please prepare for any expected allergic reactions prior to arrival. Feeding the animals during your stay is strictly prohibited.

Care & Conditions

All rooms of accommodation are rented with co-inhabitants (double room or sleeping hall), and any conditions effecting mutual co-existence (such as snoring or other) must be informed of on e-mail at booking/in advance of retreat. Friends with snoring or other conditions are welcome to make use of the tenting option or to rent a full double room for their participation. If two people with similar conditions sign for the retreat, we will make sure to offer participation in double-room on normal terms. Please contact us for resolution.

Food at Retreats

Staying at Nari is a movement into the fully integrated and sacred flow of Life with pleasure in care, creation and enjoyment. All participants offer their love and care to the group and mutual space, in taking care together. It holds Real Value.

The food at retreats (lunch & dinner) is made according to a preplanned meal-plan, groceries bought before-hand, and with co-cooking and cleaning in teams. All thereby take some shifts in the kitchen. Breakfast foods are brought by participants and storage-space offered, for your self-service (only lunches and dinners shared).

The food is kept mainly organic, healthy and delicious yet simple and easy to cook. The food-expense is shared between all participants on the day of departure and is usually app. 100 DKK/day. 

Our experience with the self-catering is, that it works super well as Care is ignited in everyone taking part, which affects the mutual space overall.

Remaining Payment of Exchange

Payment of remaining exchange for retreats takes place at arrival. All necessary information regarding packing and other practicals, will be available in an e-mail sent out 1 week before the retreat. Please look out for the -email.

Extra days at Nari Sanctuary

It is possible to stay extra days at Nari Sanctuary – before or after the retreat. Price for staying (up to 3 days on either side – exchange additional to price of retreat) is 300 DKK pr night.

Food is self-organised in extra days, with self-cooking in communal kitchen. Shopping is possible close by and kitchen and bath is available during your stay. Booking of extra days at Nari is done separately and in advance of arrival, by writing us on e-mail: info@pemasalem.com.


After making your retreat deposit, you will receive an automated e-mail confirming we have received your deposit. One of the following days, you will be contacted via email from: ‘info@pemasalem.com’ with our final confirmation of your participation, according to your request for accommodation.

Please Add the e-mail: info@pemasalem.com address to your contacts, so the correspondence does not end up in junk or promotion folders.

Please do not order tickets for transportation, before the time of receiving our final confirmation.

In making the retreat deposit, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of retreating with Pema. Furthermore you confirm, that you hold no conditions challenging the mutual space (like snoring or other) unless this is informed to us at the time of booking.

Entering retreat at Nari Sanctuary, you are entering the Stream of All-Inclusion, wherein you take part – along with everyone else –  in caring for the space and helping out, for all to run smoothly, during the retreat. We look forward to share the Journey with you.

NOTE: Please complete the payment of this deposit separately from other products (do not add other products to the shopping-cart, with this retreat deposit). When making your deposit, you are being registered as member in the Pema Salem webshop, which gives easy access to visit this and any future purchased products and information for products.