28-30 Apr. 2023: Back to Nature Online Retreat


Welcome to Natural Intelligence, Pragmatic Standing as Earth citizen, to alignment with Nature and re-turn to our Roots, to deeper discovery of yourself as the Wild Wo/Man and Core creation of proper foundation for sustainable and True Life and Holistic (Realistic) Living . Read more below.



In the coming online Retreat; Back to Nature, Pema is taking you Deeper in through the transmission of the Divine Feminine and into the Well of Connection in unity with the force of Nature itself. Our work towards our own wholeness is a part of establishing the fundamental re-connection with the Power of Creation (force of nature), which gradually opens the door for the unseen world of Communication in the Holistic Presence of Nature itself. This Unity is – Priceless. The foundation of Natural Intelligence.

Take a weekend-long journey with Pema into an unveiling of the lanes of true human existence, waiting to be Returned to our Most Natural, for us to re-discover ourselves in Unity with the Power of Creation. We will touch aspects like the Wild man/woman, the all-inclusive Care and the return to the Baseline of our Standing on this Earth as Human Beings. Open doors for the realisations which all await for us to find ourselves (re)aligned to True Existence in Union with Feminine Essence.

This retreat is relevant for men and women both – in their journey towards the seamless breath of Unity with God as the Feminine. Welcome to an All-inclusive and deeply Integrative revelation bound to inspire, deepen and inform your Being of your True Place in the world.



The online retreat is a 3-day weekend journey, with exploration of the return to nature for us as human species.

It will involve exploration and transmissions around topics like:

  • Pragmatic existence
  • Beyond Society – From world- to Earth citizen
  • Opening to the Force of Nature
  • Mother Nature – Connection & Communication
  • Union & Body as part of Nature
  • Energy, resilience & resourcefulness

Daily Schedule

18-20 pm: Session 1
21-22.30 pm: Session 2

Exchange & Access

190 EUR (10% off for Gateway Online members)

Access to event is given via link (please save for later use) sent out in confirmation-mail after purchase of participation in the online shop.

Preparations for Online Retreat

Prior to the Online Retreat, you are best served by preparing your living-space to enter into a held and intimate space, carrying you through-out the retreat. If you can be situated in natural surroundings, during the retreat, it will re-inforce the effect of the transmissions for your return to Deepest Connection and Natural Intelligence.

A set of Retreat@Home Guidelines are offered at the bottom of the online retreat-space in ‘Extra Material’.


The Online Retreat takes place via a well-wired online retreat-space, holding all necessary information, which you will get access to immediately after purchase. Make sure to bookmark the front-page until the time of the Online Retreat, where the space will be open for you.
Recordings are made available within 24 hours after each online meeting and are available to you for free for 1 month after the retreat. The retreat will be recorded for possibly later publication (Pema visible only).


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