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This is the retreat-space of the Online Retreat with Pema Salem; Back to Nature. Please Bookmark this page for your later return and access to streaming at scheduled times and other material available throughout the retreat. Time & Date The retreat begins: *Friday 28th of April 2023, at 6pm (CEST), And ends: *Sunday 30th of April 2023, at 10.30pm (CEST) Welcome You are now entering the online space of the Back to Nature Online retreat with Pema Salem, which is set to take place 28-30 April 2023. We are looking forward to share with you this 3-day journey of in-depth exploration of the truth behind our connection with nature. The Back to Nature retreat delivers transmissions and eyes deeply into the ceter of our return to Earth. Welcome back on the 28th of April & please bookmark this page, so it is easy for you to find again, once we are ready to engage. Day-pages for moving through the retreat Retreat day 1Retreat day 2Retreat day 3Schedule during Retreat The retreat is scheduled as follows: 6pm - 8pm : Day's first session 9pm - 10.30pm : Day's second session All times are in timezone CEST. Information on Retreating NOTE: Please remember to bookmark this page and save your login information for this retreat-space, until the retreat begins. Preparations for Retreat Prior to the Online Retreat, you are best served by preparing your living-space to enter into a held and intimate space, carrying you through-out the retreat. A set of Retreat@Home Guidelines are offered at the bottom of this page in 'Extra Material'. During the Retreat Each day of the retreat has a page with entry to the sessions of the day. The day-pages are available via the buttons above. You are encouraged to show up in the online space 15 minutes before each session to be ready and sure your video and camera is working. The online sessions take place in ZOOM All sessions take place via the online conferencing tool called ZOOM. To run ZOOM a plugin must be installed on your computer. If you have used ZOOM before it is already installed and ready to go. If you have not used ZOOM before, you need to install the plugin. Go to the ZOOM website and making an account. It is quick, easy and free. It only takes 2 minutes to go through the process. Please get your ZOOM account now - so you will be ready at the time of the retreat. Thank you. Each meeting during the online retreat is opened 15-20 minutes before it begins. And you are let in from a waiting-room in the minutes before the meeting by Pema. The flow of the sessions Pema will feel into the space and be prepared to move with you between meditations, Satsang as engagement and sharing etc. Any further instructions on engagement with Pema Salem during the online retreat - is given at the retreat. EXTRA MATERIAL Retreat@Home Guidelines AFTER RETREAT Give your TestimonyIf you have enjoyed and benefitted from engaging with the work of Pema Salem in this Online Retreat, you are invited to share a testimonial for the people, who are new to engaging with transmissions and teaching online. You are welcomed to send a testimonial to Welcome to Gateway OnlineYou are furthermore invited to enter the ongoing stream of teaching with Aisha Salem online in the internet portal called Gateway Online - a portal inviting for your deeper and further engagement in Truth in monthly online events, ongoing articles, videos and more. Read all about Gateway Online Next Online RetreatsThe next coming Online Retreat is a retreat called "Mystery & Mastery". a rare occasion to engage with Pema Salem on the nature of Reality based in our Being as pure creative force. Welcome to see all available Online Retreats in the Shop on
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