Women’s Bi-monthly

Dear Woman,

Welcome to your bi-monthly participation in the Wise Women’s Network.

We are so happy for you Join Us in this space of Inspiration, Investigation and Deepening into Your Feminine Essence as Woman and the Core of Creation.

You Join Us every other Wednesday at 7.30 pm CEST

For 2,5 hour meetings of Enjoyment, Alignment & Engagement with Pema and the community of sprouting Wild Wonder.


Darling women – thank you for another beautiful night. The new recording is available underneath <3 Love, Pema (Wednesday 13th Oct.)

Join us every other Wednesday at 7.30-10pm (cest)

This is where we Engage… Every Wednesday at 7.30 pm CEST. In respect of Pema and the community, please make sure to be in Good Time and show up 10 minutes before – rather than 30 seconds after – start-time…

Catch up or re-taste - with access to free recording

We are happy to let you know that the recordings are freely available to you – for one week after the meeting.

The recordings will be video of Pema and sound of all attending. Recordings may become video or audio products at later time. Please be aware, that to keep a copy of the recording, you have possibility of saving it (before it disappears for next weeks recording), by clicking the Youtube icon below in video window, and copying the link for saving or downloading  the video from youtube. Please help yourself within the available time-window – Providing links to old recordings is not possible.