True Man Retreat – 17-31.3 2023

The intention of the mens retreat, is to create the opportunity for the mens group (combined with other men wishing to work with Pema in a mens group-field), to get together, to explore and deepen in All-Inclusive Reality in a concentrated space.

The retreat will be based on a new form of gentle exploration, which allows Both for times of alone- and togetherness alongside a daily session with Pema, in the Wild Deep of Nari Sanctuary. It will be a space of Brutal softness and Naked Honesty, where men both can inspire and gift each other as well as dip and deepen in the Pool of Intelligence which is HER, available in the field of Pema.

The baseline of the men getting together in the retreat, will be the people in the bi-weekly online mens-group with Pema; the “True Man mens group“. Anyone who would like to join, but hasn’t taken part in the mens-group previously, is welcome and invited to sign up for the retreat as well. For people new to Pema’s work, however, we ask that a months participation in the mens group take place, in advance of the retreat, to get the feel for the depth of Reality, level of exploration, transmission and Taste of the field, which will be opening at the retreat.

During the retreat, we will meet for 2,5 hour session pr. day with Pema, and otherwise deepen together in nature, cosy fireplace and silent spaces – enjoying each others gifts and presence. 1 sessions is Enough to ensure, that every man can Keep Up, take responsibility for what arises in the sessions as well as enjoy the Beauty and Grace of Nari Sanctuary, the men and surrounding nature.


Dates: 17-31 Mar 2023.

Place: Nari Sanctuary, Risbækvej 3B, 4791 Borre, Møn Island, Denmark

Exchange with self-catering pr. week (we will cook and take care together):

  • Double-room 1 week: 3.700 DKK (500 EUR), incl. deposit*
  • Sleeping hall 1 week: 3.500 DKK (470 EUR), incl. deposit*
  • Double-room 2 weeks: 7.000 DKK (940 EUR), incl. deposit*
  • Sleeping hall 2 weeks: 6.500 DKK (875 EUR), incl. deposit*

*additional is the self-catered food – estimated app. 10 EUR/day (for collective shopping, cooking and cleaning – with equal split of shopping-bill in the end of retreat)

Room-delegation: First come, first served. Please inform in advance in case of any issues affecting mutual sleeping-space (like snoring or other).

Which includes:

– Access to toilet/shower (bring own towel/s)
– Bed & bedding – duvet, pillow, sheets and covers
– Free Access to Nari communal spaces, hall and gardens
– Daily session during retreat – alongside the natural flow of enjoying in forest and beach trips, rest by fireplace, cooking together, alone-time, Silence, dancing together and more.

The deposit will be 100 EUR (750 DKK) – which is to be paid on booking and secures your bed in double-room or sleeping hall. The rest is exchanged at arrival for the retreat. Booking is now available.


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