The Re-invention of Community – beyond group-bypassing

I was approached about the logic of community, from the people here on the island, who has been in the centre of the New Rising of Her – as the Core of reality taking form – over the last year and a half. Some confusion was present about the link between the initial stages of strong individual work and solo-processes and the sweetness of community. I had to address the logic of and difference between “the idea of community” and the natural happening of an organically growing community, rising on true grounds of reality.

We are midway in a total (and silent/true) re-emergence, re-invention and rewiring of the concept of community. That kind which is necessary for HER to be the foot and foundation of it. It is a re-creation which calls for extremely profound implantation of teachings and consciousness technology, which requires phases as a part of its organic unfolding. Listen…

As you all know, we have been under way for some time by now, in regards to the growth into our unity as community. Its initial phases has required ongoing and strongly facilitated solo-processes, to bring you to the center of Your own denial and proper meeting with the wounding, which I understand if you don’t fully understand how fits with the happening of community. However… The work of closing in on own inner landscape and rooting in own Being is Absolutely a part of the full spectrum of information, which must be implemented in this equation for it to unfold in Any Real Way. Let me explain…

1,5 year ago, I went into the Big Think Tank (pure Mind) and investigated every piece of information available in consciousness on “community”. I studied the past of various teachers, students and where it (always) goes wrong! It became immensely CLEAR, that no community can rise (as the sweetness and Joy of what now is showing to become possible as a rising place for our gathering, deeper group-based communion etc.), before a Proper and Solid ground of establishing the PEOPLE in awareness of their own wounding and patterns, avoidances, grief of separation and so on, had taken place.

This has had to happen as the Very First thing – that the field was to undergo their very individual meeting with their primary inner obstacles to Standing and Being Real in the face of the depths.

In that sense the usual and general idea of community holds aspects to it, which are sweet and rich – on the surface – but which (without being founded and grounded on a field of Responsibility and Integrity) in No time turns into a field of obstacles to Real Growth.

When community rises as a getting together – without it being on a BASE of what each of you have had to Meet and develop in yourselves, over the last 1,5 years –  then it happens on a base, wherein the messy parts and brokenness simply go unseen – and keeps on doing so. The fact of NOT being required to self-investigate and self-dissolve as well as grow MEANS that the engagement on those levels, which you have found to be MISSING, EQUALS the happening of a get-together, building on unseen unconscious movements, missing responsibility, integrity etc.

This I have not been allowed to let happen. Enough of Those Kinds of community – not rooted in a way which includes the Silence of reality.

If we lean on people in times, where we need to get on our legs, we become dependent on being “picked up” by others. In other words, we lean into the community and connections based on not taking responsibility for our innermost and we do so without a Deep Inner Knowing of the reality of Integrity. In other words we fail to receive the LEARNING about how to pass these places in ourselves, which we KEEP skipping a beat on.

Without integrity – no responsibility.
Without responsibility – no Real community.

So in other words, all of that, which you have been missing – as you have seen and tasted community Rise and exist briefly, only to vanish into the mists gain – it has happened because this entire field has had to go through a severe period of preparation. It has been a consciousness work, as I have never seen or carried out before. And All of you have been a part of that – with all of what you have worked out in yourselves in the last 1,5 years.

Preparation to be Ready to Be in relating without bypassing own inner responsibilities, is something which is not possible without knowing the fact of integrity. And it has taken time to establish proper grounds of both my Being (becoming able to Hold this) and you guys in being able to unfold, for us to now be where we are, where what follows is possible.

We have learned – A LOT – in this time and I see now a natural rising in the field towards a readiness for something more than just taking care of ourselves – we are ready to start taking care of each other! As well and without loosing our foundation in and knowing of what is Real and True to our genuine unfolding in relation to Her.

The field which is reflected by my Being, now is able to Hold people in it in ways which doesn’t allow for this hiding out, which used to be the main thing (for every spiritual seeker). In other words the field is so strong by now, that things can be supported and information transported in it on a ground of very strong roots in Her.

The last 1,5 years of transmissions and immense ground-work that has taken place on both global and local scale, and has taken All of us to another level of existence – and that work has also been something I have had to grow into, to be able to BE in this with you ::: in exactly that way, where the tripping-points of community, the integrity, the realness of true surrender etc. is included in a way, which means movement now can be carried Here on a Solid ground of Joy.

As result: Huge levels of shame has been transcended and hiding is no longer the preferred stance for people here. From here we can move together into the joys and sweetness of community on proper grounds – by a Growing for Real in cross-field integrity – rather than cross field dependence.

The logic is simple: We can let ourselves lean, when we Know how to stand.
To lean when one wont get on own feet makes community an obstacle to gathering and becoming real individuals – and it is on This base, of Knowing this, that we can move ahead in ways, which are Deeply Real.
We can Care for each other – but we can’t take responsibility for (from) each other.

So I am explaining this, for you to get a sense of how profound this learning need be and has had to be implemented through individual processes, so you can See how deeply this teaching needs to land and be brought into the field of individuals – how high a level of responsibility that NEEDS to be Here and be Taken by everyone – for us to be and be able to Stay REAL in this.

There is no expectation nor belief, that everyone here are in the same place by now, but I See that a Proper foundation has been created now, which is ABLE to carry new people stepping in, and which is Able to carry people stepping in to Touch This with their hearts and minds, hands and path-walking Feet On This Solid Foundation.

It is time for a place to happen next, and we are Step by Step getting closer to be able to Give Room for that, which we can Be Together as community, in being ready to let manifestation of Her into form reach further than just our individual and inner landscapes.

I am happy and proud to have gotten this far with you all – My God! HAha, it’s been a Ride…

I am proud to be with people who choose to take the inner workings of resolution of the knots of freeing, releasing and merging with true Being and surrender to the emergence of the Essence, and I look forward to every step being taken from here just as I am delighted to get to have THIS as my human experience. Very happy for everything, and can’t wait to be able to invite you guys in to play your part in building, sanding, constructing, playing, creating this new place in Denmark.


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