The Patriarchal Limitations – in the face of She

A conversation on the dissolution and foundation of the patriarchy – and its meeting with the Greater Reality of Her

Today, a man contacted me, who considers himself very knowledgeable of what is real, while approaching with complete distance, fear and mind-based analysis. It became a conversation wherein he worked hard to attain the information, which could be used in his mind, to confirm the beliefs which were held towards the nature of divinity and reality.

As the conversation went on, his mental and emotional division between darkness and light grew Ever more evident – until he found the need to call me a desire, greed and power-hungry devil. I saw his view and its limitation. Felt his arrogance and let it slide off of me, like water off a ducks back. It was interesting. The most interesting part, was to stand face to face with the patriarchal view and female condemnation towards the embrace of She and nature of the Feminine Essence – the All-inclusion.

As there was no real wish to own the conviction – in all of its division and opposition – there really wasn’t anywhere to go together, but the nature of Seeing how one cannot be Hurt, while resting in the nature of total flexibility, bending like a straw in the wind… left me fully Grateful and with the sense, that this truly was a Fully Beauteous happening. One, which once again showed me, that the True Protection lies in Her. As the evidence of full Flexibility and agility of Being – able to give way for any opinion fighting for its own right to exist, in its need for its own defense against the Totality of Reality.

I sat left with the fact, that reality Needs no defense. I crawled under my bedcover for a sweet snuggle and felt his words roll off and out of sight leaving me resting in the certainty of my own surrender and innocence, the deeper Knowing of my Being and the warmth of the embrace, which doesn’t divide nor condemn – neither human nor divine. Knowing innately, that She in Herself is beyond the edges of whatever bounces up against Her “in the name of Truth”.

I am standing with a new experience of adversity – a view whereupon no existential happening can move or shake the Depth of Knowing even a milimeter… There is no fear of adversity and even a Joy in meeting it, as All is viewed from every angle and includes the deepest holding of whatever bit or piece, proposed as the objection, is set forth and held up against the scope of Totality. It seems, the ground of enjoyment beneath me is now strong enough to allow me to enjoy to Stand in the Face of such displays, where before the vulnerability was not backed to this degree and in a way, where All could be contained and responded to without any internal losses, fears or doubts arising.

It is amazing to watch, how True Protection IS from the rest in Her… How Actual Truth NEEDS no defense… So that All which arises in other SIMPLY is Seen in the Light of edges, needing to defend THEM selves from the Totality of non-objection and Full-Inclusion/Totality. How can any such display be taken personally, when there is a Deeper Knowing and Seeing of the fear that stirs Right beyond and beneath the proposed edge? Is this not Real and Radical Compassion?!

This writing continues through the conversation with a man in sweet Listening…

Question: How did the patriarchal view end up denying and defying pleasure, as a part of it?

Because without this defiance, it would not be able to make divinity into Something. There would BE no grounds for separation and thereby no foundation to “make special”. It couldn’t be Special, without having an opposition. A division into Good and Evil – Good and bad.

Divinity isn’t Something, but it isn’t nothing either. It is Everything, and must be Seen in such Light. In reality it is one of those fully paradoxical happenings, which requires our surrender to Keep Up with and be able to relate to it properly. Something which is demanded from all of you, in my visibly becoming more and more so.

To find, however, that the experience of the ever greater immersion as and emptying to the Divine is continuously counterbalanced by an even greater manifestation of and ability to Human Beauty, tenderness and Harmony – I find This to be one of the Greatest Evidence of Victory… (not to say it necessarily needs to stay that way, but it simply Is the Fact of Balance, in this moment as the remaining years of human experience unfold).

Question: Why is there a need for judging… for separating light and darkness, good and bad, black and white?

Because it is the only platform existing, wherein the fuel of rejecting the Feminine can persist.

Because without it, the Masculine couldn’t put Himself above the Feminine and evidently, obviously, the Masculine would have to face the fact, that the Feminine is the Greater Reality – because she is Him and Her in ONE, and not Him based on denial of Her… Allah is Great, Mother is Greater… and this we can accept or deny. Either way – it doesn’t change the Facts.

Can you see the entire history of mankind within this? How mans forthcoming and making special, his wars and alienation of nature and all else that has created Towers instead of Valleys… how it has been based on this notion?

Without it… “special” is dead… As anything other than the natural Bowing and Respect for the Profound – but in a natural and naturally all-inclusive context and manner!

Without it, He cannot be above Her, and as result ALL would have to face and plummet into the devastating reality of digging out their human pain, facing their darkness, owning their separation from God on and in Earth.

It is easier the other way… So I understand the temptation to cling to the conviction – but it doesn’t make it more real.

I understand why everyone are afraid. What rests in the dark is not for sore or selective eyes. It is the meeting with and facing of Reality, which remains when “no other editions of Truth work anymore”, as a manner of escaping or getting away from. 

It takes a LOT from man to be able to Face this. ESPECIALLY…. since His entire religion and Way is based on shunting the darkness. Not to mention it is the end of that identity, which otherwise finds gratification in “knowing reality” (in its stagnation up against various un-dissolved edges of identity and lack of backdrops into other dimensions of Being). 

It requires All of him.
A Total Surrender. 
Into everything he is afraid of.
Everything he is trying to get away from.
Everything he is avoiding to feel.
Everything he is terrified of drowning in,
… and to answer the call for him to Hold it All.
A Call which doesn’t allow the remnants of denying Her…
But Leaves us with One Single Fact – that the most profound Reality is the development and manifestation of us as Radical Compassion.

Can you see how the human imaginations ways of thinking about what is “pure” is a total and unavoidable trap here? How can things be divided this way? Must we not Learn to Bow to and emerge as innocence Through all of these aspects of existence, which we are afraid to Touch – out of our own inability to surrender to innocence in its emergence?

How does it make sense to maintain the belief and fear of being “contaminated by”? Can this propose us anything but a rule-based religion, desperately clinging to some things and avoiding others, to ensure no shaking of the boat? Is there any other way to BeCome real around and with the human temptations, than to Meet Up with and Bow to what must be Met and dissolved inside in our fear of
and all else (tempting to human kind)
… for it to be handed back to its Source?!

I think not…

Question: And how does that then reflect itself back through us?

When the edge of the surrender into Her is reached, there is no Telling what action-patterns await. But what is Sure, is that the avoidance patterns are endless. We must Grow beyond this willingness to Run. To dodge. To escape.

What is certain is, that the fight/flight mode will attempt to turn mind, action and speech in EVERY which direction, to AVOID its own certain death awaiting on that edge. This is where people become predictably unpredictable. This we can BE with in honesty – but not in self-defense, not in denial or clinging to conviction, and not in lack of humility.

The only way around that, is if the Wish for Full Surrender and for Bowing to Her is sincere. If the Truth is more important than the defense against it and thereby the fear of the edge. With the Sincerity, this deeply confrontational (towards the inner terror of ground-based death) edge can be passed – by a Standing Still in the face of the discomfort of that Full Facing. We can’t keep running. We just Can’t.

But, Yes, it Does invoke every manner of threat, from inside the system – as the identity on ground is not easily dissolved, not easily lost. It requires real courage to pass beyond the pride, the prejudice, the defense systems in their frankly speaking close to Full Vigor of defense against emotional and particularly sensory honesty – On that edge.

But we can Grow. Grow in our Ability to Stand Still, grow in our Dedication. To be present and non-objecting, as rest of compassion in the face of the unavoidable death of that preference and separation.

… And we Can Emerge.

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