Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, prior to purchasing the contents of this webshop.

Purchases in Shop

By purchase of products in the online Shop, your information create the basis of a membership. Your creditcard information and Paypal account is only used for the purchase itself. Your name and e-mail, however, stays in our system and is used for making your purchased items, as well as any future purchases in the Shop, available for immediate and later access.

Use of Content

All publications containing the teaching and transmission of Pema Salem are copyrighted.

Products purchased via the web-shop, are for private use only. Unauthorised use or distribution of purchased material is prohibited.

Pictures, video-clips, audios and articles, as freely available via this webpage, can – without being subjected to any alteration – be shared with credit to Pema Salem and link to the webpage www.pemasalem.com. If interest is on sharing larger portions of material, please contact us prior to sharing.

Refunds Policy

Purchases in the online shop whether it is for products or deposits made on retreats and other events are non-refundable.

The remaining payment to a deposit usually takes place close to or at arrival for the event – unless otherwise specified in the individual event description.

In case of family emergencies, the space of attendance can be given over to a third party.

Booking for Retreat

Prior to booking space for a retreat with deposit via the shop, the following must be agreed upon;

All participants hold full responsibility for taking care during any openings occurring in Pema’s Presence, in a way as to respect the environment and retreat-setting incl. its people as well as own well-being. Disregard of this responsibility can cause expelling from meetings and/or retreat.

Unauthorised photo, audio or video recordings, of any kind, taken during meetings and/or retreat, are prohibited.

Entering retreat with Pema Salem, is giving permission for recorded dialogues and photographs to be published in various media. Please read more under Recording policy.

Booking of and attendance at retreats implies agreement with these conditions.

Childcare Policy at Retreats

Pema does not receive parents with children in retreat, nor work with minors unless written consent has been given from parents.

Minimum age for attending retreat with Pema Salem is 18. This policy can be bent, with parents consent and Pema specifically approving attendance of the child, by contact with both child and parents.

Lowest age, for application of attendance below the minimum age, is 16 years.

Mental Illness and Use of Substances at Retreat

Pema does not receive people with previous or current conditions of mental illness, in retreat.

Neither does she work with people in continued use of alcohol, drugs or other substances – conscious work with medicinal plants is not included. Use of any such during retreats is cause of suspension from retreat without refund.

Recording Policy (Retreats & other events)

Public meetings and retreats with Pema Salem are copyrighted and recorded in photographic, audio and video media, for publication via www.pemasalem.com and other platforms. As a participant in Pema’s events, you may appear on photographs with Pema. All rights reserved for immediate or later publication.

Unauthorised pictures, audio or video recordings, of any kind, taken during meetings and/or retreat, are prohibited. Attendance at meetings or retreats implies agreement with these conditions.

Availability and Errors

Technical errors around gaining access to the products are rare, but do happen. If your attempt to access the product generates an error-message saying “Bad Gateway”, the problem is on your browser-end. Please try emptying your cache and restarting your browser, prior to writing us for support.

If error persists, please contact us for support on info@pemasalem.com.


Use of the materials on this webpage, any purchases from the web-shop or attendance in meetings or retreats with Pema Salem activates strong forces and is at your sole risk. You acknowledge, that Pema Salem has no control over, and no duty to take any action regarding, what effects the Content may have on you, how you may interpret or use the content or what actions you may take as a result of having been engaged with the content or event.

Any engagement with Pema Salem, in either videos (Q&A and meditations), audios, writings (articles or e-mail) or events (in-person or online), are likely to penetrate into multiple areas of your living life. The process it initiates needs to be handled with care and in respect for all aspects of your existence.

Entering engagement with Pema Salem, requires your sincere dedication to Truth. Approaching the transmissions, from either webpage, web-shop or events, while being motivated by anything other than dedication to Truth is ill-advised.