Dear Friend, Welcome to your unbuttoning of the Journey of descent and embrace of your Essence in power and innocence, in belly and body. I am so very happy that you have chosen to take this journey Home to your body and being with all of you and hope that you find some golden nuggets which you feel resonate with what you need right now and at this point in your life and journey.

First let me introduce you to this pack. The pack contains a collection of video clips, which are all about this very specific part of your journey in Truth. It has So many aspects to it, but in this pack you will find video-clips and writings which were written to support your journey and transformation.

I invite you to Enjoy and hope you have the space and time to let each of the sharings Touch you deep.

Sending warmest regards,

You’re starting your journey with this Step 1, which is about the unhinging of the separate identity, the handling of our resistance and overall the descent as consciousness – of Love – into the ground. A map is presented, offering you view into the scope of the journey and some pivotal keys are shared regarding that descent into and meeting with the Power of Creation in ground.

Some keys are presented regarding the returning to Feeling and the overall clearing in the belly and loss of control as well as some instructions on the initial Meeting with Power and the return into the dark, deep and nurturing Womb of the Power of Creation.



A pivotal point in our descent is a change in our attitude towards our own dissolution. We can spend aeons of time clinging to the identity and its ongoing creations of emotion based on its fear of death, or we can change our minds regarding that move of dissolution in a way where we come to appreciate the death and dissolve as much as the life and blossoming.

It really comes down to whether we choose to celebrate the cycles of unbecoming and becoming, rather than cling to the known and safe. To revel in the destruction we must move ourselves to be Lovers of Truth and celebrate its birth and in turn our return Home to Unity with the Ground of Being.

To Truly Descend, we are called upon to embrace a life in Innocence and Humility. The establishing of our Humility is by far, what this journey is mainly about, as it is a reversal of our use and abuse of Power, based on the wishes and wants of the separate individual – for the sake of returning to the way of Life based on “how God intended it”.

It is about an inner bowing of acceptance and surrender, which takes us Back. Back to that innocence, which was Lost, when we picked up power to Do with it from a place of disconnection. If we are connected, we are safe. But without connection we are left in the gap of separation, where care for the Totality (for All of what we Truly Are) is not included in our actions and use of power.

Now, that we have touched the bottomline of our dissolution and initial meeting with Power itself, we are ready to move on to what it means to cultivate the ground of Being in coherence with Grace and Pure Power.

Power is as outset simply a reflection of Source, based in the All-Inclusion (the Feminine Essence inclusive of all the Masculine streams of Wisdom). How we move with the embrace of it will however determine the result as well – of whether we end up identified with it or innocently breathing as the humans resting in the bossom of The Great Mother.

As humans we can fully enjoy the boundless creativity and dignified breath of Nature, while our re-placing of identity (apart from the Beauty and sweetness of the human indivudality) will get us Lost in Power. It is a fine line to walk, and yet we Need to know the Basics, that will bring us into a seemless unity with Power without the loss of our innocence or humility.

A few Keys below will help you on the Way of Right View in the embrace of Power and its birth into this World.



The Need to move with Joy becomes the foundation for expression of creativity and play. This is the nature of unfolding our life in love of ourselves in coherence with availability and sharing with All.

The potential is Endless though. And a big importance lies in being willing to Hold the energy of that endless potential. To move with several directions – yes – but in one direction at a time. In willingness to Focus. To collect and lead that creative force into focus with whichever alley is chosen. Here the potential of Mastery lies.

The potency of the creative force can be overwhelming and stir the body significantly, yet if we surrender to creativity in expression, it is possible to become a reflector of Universal Beauty beyond human limitation.

A few more aspects around the Rise of the force of the Feminine inside and what it means experientially are beneficial.

To be able to become accurate in the face of this arising, we need to grow into the capacity to Hold ourselves in the face of Her arising. Internally She – who is Grace; the foundation of Kindness, Compassion and Nurture – is experienced in pure consciousness as Black Light. Luminous black light of Being. She moves like honey and we can literally deliver and surrender ourselves in Full to Her arrival, whereby our union and development (in Her Womb) allows for the maturation and further development of our humanity – towards the true Human and true human qualities.

In this step 3, You are invited to start working with the scriptural transmissions by Pema Salem connected to the topic. These should dress you proper for gaining a deeper understanding and insight into the challenges connected with embracing the depths.

To work best with the contents, you are advised to read one article at a time, and after each take time to contemplate what has been read. Contemplation is equal to “spending time with” a topic. In other words, to Feel and be present with the contents and your understanding of them, letting the mind go through its natural musings on the topic, rather than Actively Think and thereby trying to force thought thinking about it. Try to Listen deeper and explore the topic with your sense of Feeling!



Instructions on Her arising

A conversation on the dissolution and foundation of the patriarchy – and its meeting with the Greater Reality of Her

Today, a man contacted me, who considers himself very knowledgeable of what is real, while approaching with complete distance, fear and mind-based analysis. It became a conversation wherein he worked hard to attain the information, which could be used in his mind, to confirm the beliefs which were held towards the nature of divinity and reality.

As the conversation went on, his mental and emotional division between darkness and light grew Ever more evident – until he found the need to call me a desiring, greedy and power-hungry devil. I saw his view and its limitation. Felt his arrogance and let it slide off of me, like water off a ducks back. It was interesting. The most interesting part, was to stand face to face with the patriarchal view and female condemnation towards the embrace of She and nature of the Feminine Essence – the All-inclusion.

As there was no real wish to own the conviction – in all of its division and opposition – there really wasn’t anywhere to go together, but the nature of Seeing how one cannot be Hurt, while resting in the nature of total flexibility, bending like a straw in the wind, left me fully Grateful and with the sense that this truly was a Fully Beauteous happening. One, which once again showed me, that the True Protection lies in Her. As the evidence of full Flexibility and agility of Being – able to give way for any opinion fighting for its own right to exist, in its need for its own defense against the Totality of Reality.

I sat, left with the fact that reality Needs no defense. I crawled under my bed-cover for a sweet snuggle and felt his words roll off and out of sight leaving me resting in the certainty of my own surrender and innocence, the deeper Knowing of my Being and the warmth of the embrace, which doesn’t divide nor condemn – neither human nor divine. Knowing innately, that She in Herself is beyond the edges of whatever bounces up against Her “in the name of Truth”.

I am standing with a new experience of adversity – a view whereupon no existential happening can move or shake the Depth of Knowing even a millimetre. There is no fear of adversity and even a Joy in meeting it, as All is viewed from every angle and includes the deepest holding of whatever bit or piece, proposed as the objection, is set forth and held up against the scope of Totality. It seems, the ground of enjoyment beneath me is now strong enough to allow me to enjoy to Stand in the Face of such displays, where before the vulnerability was not backed to this degree and in a way, where All could be contained and responded to without any internal losses, fears or doubts arising.

It is amazing to watch, how True Protection IS from the rest in Her. How Actual Truth NEEDS no defense, so that All which arises in other SIMPLY is Seen in the Light of edges, needing to defend THEM selves from the Totality of non-objection and Full-Inclusion/Totality. How can any such display be taken personally, when there is a Deeper Knowing and Seeing of the fear that stirs Right beyond and beneath the proposed edge? Is this not Real and Radical Compassion?!

This writing continues through the conversation with a man in sweet Listening . . .

Question: How did the patriarchal view end up denying and defying pleasure, as a part of it?

Because without this defiance, it would not be able to make divinity into Something. There would BE no grounds for separation and thereby no foundation to “make special”. It couldn’t be Special, without having an opposition. A division into Good and Evil – Good and Bad.

Divinity isn’t Something, but it isn’t nothing either. It is Everything, and must be Seen in such Light. In reality, it is one of those fully paradoxical happenings which requires our surrender to Keep Up with and be able to relate to it properly. Something which is demanded from all of you, in my visibly becoming more and more so.

To find, however, that the experience of the ever greater immersion as and emptying to the Divine is continuously counterbalanced by an even greater manifestation of and ability to Human Beauty, tenderness and Harmony – I find This to be one of the Greatest Evidence of Victory (not to say it necessarily needs to stay that way, but it simply Is the Fact of Balance, in this moment as the remaining years of human experience unfold).

Question: Why is there a need for judging, for separating light and darkness, good and bad, black and white?

Because it is the only platform existing wherein the fuel of rejecting the Feminine can persist.

Because without it, the Masculine couldn’t put Himself above the Feminine and evidently, obviously, the Masculine would have to face the fact, that the Feminine is the Greater Reality – because she is Him and Her in ONE, and not Him based on denial of Her. Allah is Great, Mother is Greater – and this we can accept or deny. Either way – it doesn’t change the Facts.

Can you see the entire history of mankind within this? How mans forthcoming and making special, his wars and alienation of nature and all else that has created Towers instead of Valleys – how it has been based on this notion?

Without it, “special” is dead, as anything other than the natural Bowing and Respect for the Profound – but in a natural and naturally all-inclusive context and manner!

Without it, He cannot be above Her, and as result ALL would have to face and plummet into the devastating reality of digging out their human pain, facing their darkness, owning their separation from God on and in Earth.

It is easier the other way. So I understand the temptation to cling to the conviction – but it doesn’t make it more real.

I understand why everyone is afraid. What rests in the dark is not for sore or selective eyes. It is the meeting with and facing of Reality, which remains when “no other editions of Truth work anymore”, as a manner of escaping or getting away from. 

It takes a LOT from man to be able to Face this. ESPECIALLY since His entire religion and Way is based on shunning the darkness. Not to mention it is the end of that identity, which otherwise finds gratification in “knowing reality” (in its stagnation up against various un-dissolved edges of identity and lack of backdrops into other dimensions of Being). 

It requires All of him.
A Total Surrender.
Into everything he is afraid of.
Everything he is trying to get away from.
Everything he is avoiding to feel.
Everything he is terrified of drowning in,
… and to answer the call for him to Hold it All.
A Call which doesn’t allow the remnants of denying Her…
But Leaves us with One Single Fact – that the most profound Reality is the development and manifestation of us as Radical Compassion.

Can you see how the human imaginations’ ways of thinking about what is “pure” is a total and unavoidable trap here? How can things be divided this way? Must we not Learn to Bow to and emerge as innocence Through all of these aspects of existence, which we are afraid to Touch – out of our own inability to surrender to innocence in its emergence?

How does it make sense to maintain the belief and fear of being “contaminated by”? Can this propose us anything but a rule-based religion, desperately clinging to some things and avoiding others, to ensure no shaking of the boat? Is there any other way to BeCome real around and with the human temptations, than to Meet Up with and Bow to what must be Met and dissolved inside in our fear of
and all else (tempting to human kind)
… for it to be handed back to its Source?!

I think not…

Question: And how does that then reflect itself back through us?

When the edge of the surrender into Her is reached, there is no Telling what action-patterns await. But what is Sure, is that the avoidance patterns are endless. We must Grow beyond this willingness to Run. To dodge. To escape.

What is certain, is that the fight/flight mode will attempt to turn mind, action and speech in EVERY which direction, to AVOID its own certain death awaiting on that edge. This is where people become predictably unpredictable. This we can BE with in honesty – but not in self-defense, not in denial or clinging to conviction, and not in lack of humility.

The only way around that, is if the Wish for Full Surrender and for Bowing to Her is sincere. If the Truth is more important than the defense against it and thereby the fear of the edge. With the Sincerity, this deeply confrontational (towards the inner terror of ground-based death) edge can be passed – by a Standing Still in the face of the discomfort of that Full Facing. We can’t keep running. We just Can’t.

But, Yes, it Does invoke every manner of threat, from inside the system – as the identity on ground is not easily dissolved, not easily lost. It requires real courage to pass beyond the pride, the prejudice, the defense systems in their frankly speaking close to Full Vigour of defense against emotional and particularly sensory honesty – On that edge.

But we can Grow. Grow in our Ability to Stand Still, grow in our Dedication. To be present and non-objecting, as rest of compassion in the face of the unavoidable death of that preference and separation.

. . . And we Can Emerge.

Wounding & Wholeness

Entering Wholeness – Allowing Love

As we unfold in intimacy together, those places which have been calling for Love our whole lives, and which have been playing themselves out as patterns of experiences, behaviour, ways of thinking and/or feeling, will rise.

The only way to enter into Wholeness, is by Being with and fully feeling and hearing those parts of us. They may be angry, rejecting of Love etc. but it is only through our persisting effort to get to the bottom and core of the wounding that we will get the chance to become Whole. To reach through the protective identity into the wound and to consciously create a different human reality for ourselves, wherein we say Yes to unfold as human maturity, wholeness and beauty.

More than anything, it is about coming in as Love to touch the core belief in us, that we are not worthy of the Love, which we are. It also means, that to be able to truly Come into Wholeness of Being, we must be willing to give ourselves this Love. To be Lifted Up and open ourselves to a far Greater human Life and reality than we so far have been able to manifest through our negligence of the Feminine.

The Surfacing Wound

As we go deeper in Intimacy together, the Love arrives to heal the wound. As we find ourselves in a deeper and deeper Love together, we might experience the surfacing of the wound as being covered in massive appearances of anger, hurt and abandonment. All angles which we must be very conscious and awake to not project outwards unto our surroundings and partner.

It is here, where the focus on our healing and on our consort-ship (rather than an image of a core-family) is extremely beneficial. Not to say completely necessary. It is only through our Love and Respect for ourselves and each other, that we can dance through this healing side by side. And it demands a Strong Love to do it. Commitment and the deepest possible Yes.

The appearances of identity, which surfaces as we enter the wound, often rises with such vehemence and insisting, that it becomes hard for us to contain ourselves, if we do not have the space for total focus and self-responsibility. In this situation, it is beneficial to not have to be in the same space. In other words we must through the healing attend to the needs of and care for both sides, so as to not create more hurt and pain between us.

The rapid movements of feelings and thoughts, into conclusions and projections, are likely to have been our bullet-proof self-protection for many years. To break out of this, we must navigate the entry into the depths with minute precision and listening. With absolute humility and admittance towards our brokenness.

The anger, hurt and abandonment, which we tend to project unto our partner in the intimate relationship, is more than anything a surfacing of the identity, which is actually the core wound, wherein you have left your Self. Your Love.

There is deep helplessness and weakness, which must be met directly, rather than defended against at the bottom of this. And touching here will feel dangerous. Simply because we not only have learned as humans, that we must be strong in this world, but also because we as animals have a strong nature against allowing the showing of weakness around predators, which anyone who has “become strong” around the wounding and in their self-protection is.

Our need for healing and human limitation is a deeply humbling situation, and it is only through our willingness to make mistakes without defending or becoming righteous about them, that we can emerge as the pure Power of the Feminine.

The energy (power) which arrives in our deepening together needs be held with responsibility and care for everything. It can thereby be said, that excusing or defending our taking out our pain and anger on the people around us is not OK … and yet, we must meet our limitation with great compassion and forgiveness.

But there is a best way to handle ourselves and be around each other through our healing.

Giving our All to the Healing

To get to the bottom of the wounding, we will have to expose ourselves and each other to as much pain as is necessary, with it re-surfacing in unwanted ways, until we Get Enough of it. As the result we come to the place, where we are willing to give up our impatience and lack of tenderness towards it, and to turn our full attention towards its healing.

Once we are Ready to Give our All, the door opens for us to meet our brokenness beyond self-judgement and self-protection. It requires a strong Love and deep Trust between us, as humans, to be able to do so together in partnership. Together we must come into a willingness of Love, which is so totally beyond judgement, that we can meet our own as each others need for healing with compassion, tenderness, patience and forgiveness.

We can Only give each other that, if we can give ourselves that. It is therefore of greatest importance, that we start attending to the relationship with and attitude towards our human state.

When we can Be with what needs our Love and attention in our selves, we can support each other in being partners in Love. This is a total coming into self-responsibility, wherein we do not lean on or grasp at each other for Love. And yet we stand, with an openness in trust, ready to receive Love, whenever the gates are overflowing from our partner.

What often happens, as we enter deeper and deeper into love together, is, that we reach the places, where we are hurt at the same time. At least if we are with a partner, which we are equal with in age of Soul.

Maxing out our capacity to either give or receive, we can either choose to attend to ourselves, or we can start projecting and acting out our brokenness. ~ This ~ is a Very Pivotal point for our ability to trust each other in the relating. It is the point, where man and woman usually get into disharmony and cause each other greater pain, in the attempt at getting from each other, what they need to give themselves.

If we disregard our own inaccuracy in acting out, we will cause drama and pain until the avoidance gives up and we are ready to let the actual healing happen. This causes immense clean-up work of reestablishing trust and forgiveness over and over. If we make the right and responsible choice of admitting what is in us, we can move straight onwards in our cooperation, to facing our healing.

It is a gradual process of maturation beyond shame of imperfection through coming into Love of ourselves.

As we become mature enough to make the right choice, we become able to be with our brokenness without making it wrong. Without passing judgement on our human feelings, the wound slowly starts turning itself in to be Loved and healed. In this way we get access to touch the wound in its deepest places.

It requires a Great Love and much consciousness to be able to work with these things together, and it is of importance, as we dance our lives into a higher and higher frequency, that we allow everything around our self-hatred – from actions, to feelings and thoughts – to turn into loving and respectful ones. Towards our selves first and foremost and as the result; towards our loved ones.

Going deeper in intimacy with your partner, there can be no hurrying or pushing by impatience from a place of “wanting to live a life together” outside of what is going on, as the very bottom-line of your Being in Love and healing together.

It is important that you, in closing in on the patterns of yourself, stay focused on your healing and allow a Full Concentration and as much Space around your Birth into Wholeness as is necessary.

To stick to people or surroundings, which do not support the unfolding, will not serve you nor your partner. Nature, time, your own space, water, healthy food and healthy connections of relation, will serve you well. To do this, please focus and take Good Care of each other.

Embodying Truth

In the realization of the pure Heart, the Universal Force/the Divine is recognized by surrender to the expansion of the heart-space throughout the entire human body into Universe. It is the expansion of perception into the Cosmic Body.

The Full transparency of Heart is not the case until every cell has been surrendered to vibrate the Universal Force of Love, wherein the Beloved is.

In the realization of pure Mind, the Primordial Silence is recognized by inversed existence by surrender through the head-space. Identification and thereby any “me” dissolves by implosion to non-existence in merging perception into the Space of Beyond – wherein no I am. It is the recognition of non-existence – the No-body.

The Full absorption of Mind is not the case, until every wind of the nervous-system has returned to Source and has come into the recognition of vast empty space as itself.

To come into a full transparency of the third dimension, through which Truth Also Calls for recognition, we as well need to dissolve the body-image from the base of the stomach – for the full recognition and transparency of and through the Earth-body.

This article is about the transcendence of identity through the third dimension of Being; the Gut, through embodiment of Source into the human body, the Power of Creation.

Source through the Stomach-space

As we penetrate as consciousness downwards into our Earth-body, the human vessel is hollowed out downwards, into the Earth, just as our perception expands outwards in our coming into Universe and backwards beyond in awakening as the Primordial Silence.

To be able to embrace this task of penetrating the Earth, we must embrace two aspects of the spectrum of matter:

Firstly, the level of our maturity as human in terms of the level of self-love embodied as integrity and respect for the human soul – becoming an adult and fully functional human being – able to communicate and operate.

Secondly, we stand to fully mature into and through the recognition of ourselves as the impersonal aspect of the the Dark Mother herself; as Matter in its entirety – Earth.

As we embrace the naked and pure individuality and allow our depth of realization to include Love for the embodied form, we become infinitely merged with Earth and our Earth-body. It is in many ways as much a coming into – as it is an establishing of a deeply respectful connection as Love with matter, and it calls for both a Full Healing of the individual psychological aspects of our Self, as well as a growing of Heart-space into the Earth, which contains All the pain existent within consciousness itself.

A key to and through the integration process is our relationship with pain. Our bodies will be experiencing a cracking open, which both touches the physical plane as well as it touches upon every angle of psychological pain which we must learn to Be with and through until integration finds its stable ground embodied.

The Human Education

The invitation for including realization and conscious transparency within the human dimension of Being, invites for a reach of the same level of maturity and expansion within our human reality, as is the case in our recognition of the impersonal, of Source as it emanates from beyond.

It points towards recognition of sameness between the micro and macro-levels of Being, which calls for a full taking of responsibility for our relationship with our individuality and coexistence with this Earth including all its Beings. It happens by growing into handling this dimension with the same care as our infinite Love of God and of the Primordial Silence. Truth must be embraced as That in This!

Despite the fact that realization through the heart and head eludes suffering, by transcending the body-image from different angles of Being, the embrace of the third dimension; the gut, invites for a growth into and through our humanity, which seemingly stands as a contrast to emerging in and as the higher realities, by being the full embrace of the manifest reality.

To fully enter as consciousness, there can no longer be any agreement left to move with an attempt to avoid the pain of human life and living. Instead, this addition of realization through the gut calls for an embrace of learning through pain of facing ignorance and conditioning, the ”How to” in regards to being a human in a mature way. To grow up in that very centre of Being-Here where the Human Wisdom reveals itself. We thereby come to attain expansion into the depths, where we come to contain the human state of freedom by transcending the current state of pain held within the body and psyche.

Our surrender in depth allows, by cracking open, a growing patience and room to allow the transformation of our own and thereby our fellow man’s misunderstandings and aches into pure beauty of human depth.

This teaching aims straight into the Heart of Man by being an invitation for qualities like cooperation, patience, understanding, respect, Real compassion, love for existence and Soul and with it the wholeness of man, as a being amongst other Beings on this Earth. The key is responsibility.

To come fully into matter, we must surely acknowledge and approach with care the part, that our previous human experiences have played in the health of our psychological environment.

A human beings’ way of thinking and operating the matter of being human, realization and thereby his choices, surely depends on the doors that open on the Way, but for sure also depends on the doors that stay closed. To enter into human health, as an addition to our realization as Space and pure Life, we must open Pandora’s box and invite the Light of Consciousness into and through the wounds, so as to heal our human state.

The core of this angle of learning is based on our ability of intimacy with our selves and each other and the fact, that the intimacy in relating is one of the greatest possible beauties, that can evolve through the gift of our human evolution.

It is in its entirety the invitation for the human fruition of realization and thereby the addition of endless enjoyment as being the ripest and sweetest tasting peach on the tree of our human experience.

Growing into the Divine Mother

The secondary angle of the embrace in depth, points towards a transcendence of the body-image in its last of three angles, pointing to Reality beyond the human body; All the Way into the Matter of Mother Earth.

At Large, the growing into the depth of matter, Mother Earth, happens by a return of the Kundalini energy, which prior to the downwards in-depth emergence moves through the stages of vaporizing identification, by transporting perception into space and back into existence.

As we embrace the stomach, the Black Mother starts revealing herself as the vibration between the Light of the Heart and the Blackness of the Void. God reveals its infinite Source of Power through a portal buried deeply in the gut. Layers of identity must and do drop away through our surrender and agreement to take care and step into full responsibility as Man or Woman.

The True Individuality starts revealing itself herein, and we start coming into the deeply individual and unique aspects of our unique human Soul. Soul itself and God can no longer be seen as impersonal or universal, but our unique soul-print starts becoming alive and integrated as the beauty of uniqueness. A Uniqueness that just behind the surface of the human holds the entire capacity of the Black Mother in all of her mature compassion and patience.

This capacity is surely something we grow into; just like the expansion into space requires our ongoing surrender of the identity lodged in our heart-space. At some point the identification reaches its most external layer and our individual person will have merged itself with the impersonal display of The Divine Mother.

As we drop deeper and deeper, we come fully into the recognition of the Black Mother, as the Root of Earth Herself, and the magic and mystery of existence. As the stomach cracks open, we go through – as in recognition of Truth through the head and heart – the obligatory pain of cracking open the body, to the recognition through the very cells of the human body.

As we fully allow the stomach to Grow Itself Empty, by our reach of giving up our attempts to separate ourselves from the pain of matter, we experience the power of the Earth bursting and breaking its way in through the stomach and across the entire body-structure on a cell-level.

The stomach-space grows itself down through our legs into our toes, out through the arms into our fingers and up through the throat into and through our head. Her entry rises and subsides with every breath of consciousness, until the point, where we become ready to completely die into her Core.

Making the human being a mirage of individuality wherein personal and impersonal is integrated into one and the same. Nothing is excluded from the equation – not ones own human being and neither any other Being. We find ourselves being Deeply Human and yet Divine as the recognition of pure Being through every dimension of Being.

The initiation of being entered by the Black Mother is a painful-experience of being fully penetrated by Her from below. A passing through the body of all pain within consciousness, as the appearance of the very core of Soul itself.

When She finally takes the head, the recognition becomes: I am pain. Where we before were affected by pain and under the temptation to stretch the arms of our perception into the sky to get away from the pain of the Earth and the Earth as the manifest body, affectable and affected by pain, we reach the fullness of recognition in Her which removes the option of considering ourselves outside or apart from the fact of pain itself.

We thereby become one with Matter by surrendering fully through and as the pain-body. With pain filling the entire body we loose the someone within the body-space, which can fluctuate between pain and enjoyment, and the enjoyment-body becomes fully born by our total attainment of Space within body itself as earth itself.

The Result

This fulfilment merges Matter and Void – becoming Her inseparable existence from Being itSelf, as Being itself no longer in any way is or can be separated from Matter. Our individual comes to hold in its depth, the secrets of the Earth wisdom that becomes fully conscious within our field of Seeing and Being, as our surrender to Truth across and including everything.

In the process of growing into the stomach, the connection between Mind and Heart merges itself deeply into the gut, and the stomach is opened for the flood of pure Being.

It ignites the deep clarity of Seeing and power of Being//Presence through the human, at the same time as it invites our True Human existence in its greatest potential.

It is the third and final loss of identity and thereby a disappearance of the option to navigate between the three dimensions – as if they were separate. It is the state of no-escape and emerging of full reality as integration between All, Nothing and Human.

This merging touches the outer layers of the brain, which are burned empty and leaves the brain unusable by ”someone” and as a tool/vessel of pure intelligence operating on Soul.

The arrival on-ground reveals every layer of Being Human within consciousness, and there is no longer Space apart from the happening of Life itself. Masculine (Space) and Feminine (Life) is merging endlessly into Matter/Mother.

Birthing the Black Mother

In our Full Embrace of Truth, we must meet our limitation of Being in the stomach space. The limitation of expanse in our stomach is caused by identification with the human body and thereby the belief in the separated self (ego), rather than the full acceptance of our body as being Earth Herself. The in-depth healing becomes the absolute transparency, the transcendence of identification, which reveals our human bodies as vessels for- and reflections of Reality. As we transcend all identification and separation in depth, our enjoyment-body is truly born into pure innocence.

To be Truly Born as the Dark Mother requires us to enter into the depths of our being as pure Love (beyond identification).

As we Truly Enter and Penetrate ourselves to the bottom, we meet the very ground of pain, which rests at the core of our Being – first as human, but in the dissolve of the body-identification ultimately as consciousness itself.

In our Full Embrace of Truth, we do not only meet and heal the pain of our separation from God in our expansion of consciousness and by re-meeting with God through our hearts, but we must as well go to the very root of our existence as matter, to reveal and heal the Ultimate Contraction, which happened as the very birth of the Earth of God.

We come to feel and swallow the pain of existence, which is rooted in both spirit and matter: by the very separation from God – by becoming a soul born out of The Soul – but also physically as Matter – as the human born out of the Earth. The happening of individuality as the possibility of “the human experience”, when one was born out of The One, to become a Drop in the Ocean.

To handle and pass through this pain, we must transcend our view of self as separate individual and acknowledge The Arrival – the coming into existence as our True Identity. Only in this recognition do we not drown as individuals in pain, but allow the birth of True Beauty through our bodies as the birth of the Black Mother, by the entry of God, as pure Love, into Earth. The Birth and Embodiment of Truth and our True Incarnation.

The Birth

The descent into the Earth is like Pure Childbirth. The incarnation as God itSelf happening as a penetration of Light down through the body – as Light entering into the core of the Earth. As the entry happens we pass through a number of stages, as we are drilled out downwards, for The Real Descent.

In the first stages, we witness the total crushing of the desire-body and the pain of its existence as a separate identity, which is our identification with our human bodies and humanity. We feel and heal the deep self-hatred we carry, the sense of wrongness, which is the result of all the games we as humans play, attempting to belong to humanity and thereby a part of existence, rather than Existence Itself.

In healing this wound in our human body, by our full surrender to Truth, we meet with love and care a deep self-hatred and have to acknowledge and feel the careless nature of (our self as) the fear-based human, which has its root and a past in misunderstanding its purpose of being and the Way of Life.

At the bottom of the human, we meet the regret of having been born and our ill-will to have and hold our human body as Love, in all of its sensitivity. Every angle of our past human experience of the world is transcended by the healing of everything in us, which has experienced the world and our birth into it as harsh and insensitive.

As the descent and thereby our emptying out continues, we pass beyond any personal experience, which depends on our human experience in this lifetime. We pass beyond identification into the impersonal, entering as consciousness into the primary layers of Earth.

Here we meet the Earth’s pain and the repercussions of human error. We meet the suffering of All sentient beings in and on this planet, who are and have been affected by our misunderstanding as humans. Entering this pain we come to meet the entirety of pain concealed within the totality of consciousness, as the One Unit carrying all information of All that ever happened in and as consciousness.

Reaching the very core of the Earth, we meet the core of the very Exiled Body that She is, in her state of Being, where man didn’t fulfil his task of bringing God into Her, by the fact of his own surrender.

In this core of our selves, in the core of Earth as the body of God, we meet the very base and the fundamental pain of existence. The pain which rose, when She (Earth) was created out of Him (God, the Universal Force). The pain connected to the very happening of separation from Him, which in turn became the gift through which the evolution of consciousness could happen. The happening of Her existence, which made it possible for Him to experience HimSelf through Her. As we meet this pain we transcend Her core pain of existence as matter – matta – Mother, apart from Him.

As We are Healed at the bottom, we become able to Be in the pure Enjoyment of having a body – as our embrace of our Self as the Being of Earth in all its emptied out and transparent Innocence. In the healing at our core as Her, Wholeness is reflected into our human existence as the disappearance of the core wound of our Beings. The True Human is born as Real Woman and Real Man.

It is the True End of Wanting, as we Fall in Love with the Dark Mother and come to truly rest our human bodies on the face of this Earth in alignment with our recognition as Source:

The Pure Tantra happening as pure Being Enjoying itSelf.

Life & Death - the Grounds of Creation

The keys to Life and Death lie in our realisation of Existence and of Absolute Truth – of the Full Embrace, the two sides of the one coin called ”All and Nothing”.
In the surrender to Life, we are unbuttoned and unbound by the illusory limitations of the confined Life. In the surrender to pure Being, the purification of our energetic system happens and our true potential is released and revealed through the drop of limitations in our mind. This is reflected across all of our Being and understanding (realisation) into our own true nature.

We find the Key to Life in the realisation of our Self. Of Self. Of Everything, and the uncovering of the ever expanding Life, which is pure consciousness itself.

Once the key to Life is found, so is the true nature of our Self. Life – consciousness – is Self.

In holding the key to Life, we become the masters of our own cultivation, which allows the constant injection and regulation of the Life force and thereby removes any pause or break between periods of entering the flame of purification. A purification, which at the outset, removes only the misunderstandings of identification within the individual human being, but in the longer run allows for the perpetual uncovering of the True identity of our mutual but individual Self. Of God.

It opens the doors to living Life according to a higher state of consciousness, in moving the entire existence out of the old house confined by walls, ceilings, floors and doors of belief, and into a wide-open palace, surrounded by endless vastness in wide open mountain landscape, which from there is determined as the base and outset of one’s Being. As home.

It removes the option of falling out of pure Being, which is a plummet to the ground by the re-rise of identification due to fear. The stabilisation in/as pure Being removes the option of shrinking back into identification and identified states of separation. The lowest one can drop becomes on the butt of the marble-tiled floor of the palace – all stays wide-open and any fear is burned immediately in the fire of pure Life.

The key to Death is determined and attained by the total meeting with Space. The empty nature of All things is realised through the Real awakening and in the total surrender to the fact of the empty nature of all things.

It is not just a revelation of the empty nature of all things, but a complete slide-out of ones perception, which removes the ability to perceive things, and reveals the black void only, which is the empty space of non-existence. It leaves no phenomena and no experience within our scope of perception, but reveals the highest Truth which is prior to God – prior to existence and the source of all Life.

The keys to Life and Death are handed over in the complete eradication of fear for both pure Life – our Self – and of non-existence.

By the very definition of Life and Death, all movement through time stops to the fact of no process. The Life which usually rises beyond our own control, becomes infinitely held in the palm of your Heart’s hand. Love becomes the very core and Beingness of your Self.

The death which usually transports any Life, Love, Being out of existence and back, becomes determined by the key held in your other hand – the key to death, which immediately translates the appearance of Life into its Source.

It reveals the transportation of information into- and out of existence – the very ground of Creation – of manifestation – on its deepest levels. It uncovers the logic of appearance as well as disappearance which overrules the logic of limitation in/to existence.

As the totality of the display (of Emptiness, Life and Individuality) falls between our hands, without confinement, into openness and learning, so do the secret teachings of Life unfold.

In the loss of egoic energy and without any leftovers of identification, in the sense of its clinging to existence, we appear as- and through the very gentle sliding between all aspects of Reality. From the very Source of Space and its inherent emptiness, over to our apprentice as the totality of All Life, without any perception of boundaries making a separation in Life, and down into the appearance of our very definite, deeply intimate and individual Being.

While the contracted mind doesn’t allow the individual incarnation to be anything but an appearance of a constructed reality – a constructed Life – the Real embrace of integrity reveals our small (compared to the vastness of total Being) yet Big Being, which stretches the vastness of the Void (of Space) and the Wide ocean of Life all the way down and into Being, where the very integration of true knowledge happens in the bending and mending of our conscious and grounded mind, and therein our human appearance. We become transparent with mirror-like quality – a material which reflects but has no substance or form in itself.

The Key to Life is the foundation for a happy Life. The key to Death is the foundation for a happy death. The ongoing expansion of Life happens through the breath of consciousness – the flipping appearance of Life and death, but in the attainment of these keys within Being, no process remains to be seen. No pain of ”either happening” arises – and both are realised to just be displays of existential character – not real, no big deal.

The Life which rises is just as easily transported out of existence. That which ceases does so with the sweet taste of non-existence, and becomes nothing but a display of peace.

With these keys, we are truly lifted out of the confinement of the illusion of time, birth and death – beginnings and endings – with all of our Being. We are lifted into a new and higher existential reality – a deeper and more profound relationship with the Absolute and its finality of death, but in that also takes the seat on the dragon of Life.

In terms of perception and operation, the revelation of these keys holds in them the very total (yet always deeper merging) display of reality. It is the disappearance of any compound in existence, as beyond it, and yet the total appearance of the alignment between everything and nothing.

To live as This Knowledge, we must die to every old way, every assumption, all guessing and any conclusion. Then we are lifted; Above and beyond – to live with and as an entirely different reality, in which limits and the ability to be stuck anywhere in the equation of life or death is gone.

Tantra – the merging

The keys to Life and Death are the realisation of the feminine and masculine essence. The fact of their merging happens through skilful application of the keys to/as the process of Life’s unfolding.

The result is tantra in its purest and most efficient function as becoming happens into a solid incarnation as Black Light – the ultimate unity of life and death.

The normal understanding of tantra carries the idea of man and woman, but the actual display of tantra rests solely upon the internal realisation of both aspects within one’s own sphere of Being.

When one has found- and knows profoundly one’s Self as well as the Source of one’s Self, this opens the door to the effortless cultivation. It becomes a totally friction-less movement, which constantly reveals deeper and deeper incarnation through the human vessel, the fact of Life’s transparency to the Black Void.

For the merging, which is the happening of tantra, one needs only realise both aspects of reality – existence and non-existence – Life and death – Consciousness and Awareness.

In the realisation of both these aspects, the key to creation (beyond identification and straight from pure Knowing beyond time) is revealed and added to the integrated knowing, round knowledge and infinite learning within Being. From within one’s Self.

Without the obstruction to either life or death, the total rest is possible in Brahman. Without reaching a limit, Life is seamlessly invited to unfold as the very core happening of further integration, without any conclusion about either Space or Life.

Creation happens of/as disclosure of All wisdom within One’s very own Being – completely devoid of belief in that Being, but in the embrace of it nonetheless.

In one sense, one could say that it is only a/the revelation of our true nature as God. It cannot be stated more accurately.

The Lived Life – the standing incarnation

In the embrace and realisation of this knowledge, we are invited to live from an entirely different (than normal) state of Being. It is a state of heightened consciousness and a higher vibration of Life, which lifts and brings oneself into a much higher state of Being.

The invitation itself stands as an internal agreement to live from and in a state of total surrender, which replaces the old (however beautiful and cosy) 3 plane villa placed amongst other houses in the city, with an actual palace in the mountains. The halls in the palace are wide open, large, high ceilings. The walls beautifully decorated. But the palace is empty. We cannot go there as a team.

Every relation can remain. They will seem untouched. Beautiful and alive even. But they will not be your base and place of Home. The need to belong, one must give up, to enter the spheres of reality and higher grounds of Being through absolute transcendence of the human realm.

Tenderness - the Pearl

In the investigations of what brings our human wholeness, we have for sure covered a lot of ground in focusing in on the wounding and the meeting of that, with our Love.

Another significant key in the matter, is that key which brings our healing capacity to its highest peak and our human well-being and in-depth satisfaction, which is our relaxation to its deepest.

Yes, I am speaking about the turn of our Presence from the colourless ‘being-with’ over it’s loving and kind compassion and turning that dial all the way to its infusion with human warmth. The keyword here Is Tenderness. To say it straight, we all long for it, to be Met by and with it and this silent human longing seriously assists in defining our way.

When the body is Met with this Love, with Tenderness, it exhales so radically that it can cry and cry for days. Letting go of all of that which there was no space for in the living life. To be loved like that is to be loved wholly, and completely, and to let go to that is the inner agreement to let All hardness dissolve in the tender palm of Her. This Love – and the ability to give it to ourselves – is within all of us. It doesn’t just leave us feeling loved, but feeling fully accepted. In other words, it tends to straighten out all the odd legs of misconception which has formed on our way as humans, as a result of the various traumas we have been exposed to in life.

When I speak of a Love that can efficiently eradicate trauma, please be aware, that the efficiency in it has nothing to do with “getting something done”. Very oppositely, I would say that it is the strength of that Tenderness, which is so fully and agonisingly rich to us in a way, where we simply cannot keep a single nugget of that part which so strongly believes itself to be un-loved, un-held, un-wanted, un-welcome. It is a big surprise for the nervous system to experience this Love.

The Deep Earth-acceptance is the Core of this Love. Of Tenderness. Its existence is a direct reflection that all is alright, and somehow it removes the defences against feeling and letting light in, even in the most painful parts of ourselves.

I find that our Knowing of this way of loving ourselves – as well as others – is a prerequisite of truly being able to appreciate being with ourselves. It is the Pearl of the Human Love and it holds, in my experience, a scent of romance within it. Romance in its truest sense, where the now is so deeply celebrated and appreciated, that we can’t help but be In it. Fully in Love with it. The breathless charm of the moment – of adoration of the sensitive, the delicate, the slow – as your very Now. The quality of everything changes with this kind of Love. With Tenderness.

I must say, that of all the gems that have been uncovered along the Way, this one certainly tops as the Pearl.

There is very little doubt in me, that this Key – the Key of Tenderness – is THE one key that is needed and required for us to turn this planet around. It is the key needed to Hold and be present with the collective pain and traumas as well as it is for us individually. When I use the word trauma, I refer to the fact, that even not having access to Fathers and Mothers Love during our childhood has imprinted us with trauma. That is deeply traumatising for the human being in itself. In other words, I do not just mean those traumas that happened as a result of deeply dramatic events, which have taken place during our life-time.

It can be said, that there are parts of our humanness, which cannot be met without this kind of very compassionate and tender love. And the reason is there are states of being human, which are so devastating to us, that we have a hard time simply Being them, without feeling this Tenderness in the background. With that tenderness, we for sure can meet and feel our way through anything.

Wild Love - Wild Life

I have been investigating the wild nature of being. Inside this field lies the Zest for life. There is the raw and natural, there is the call back to nature and the wild spring of love, creativity and utmost sensitivity.

What is the price for dimming the light? For quenching the thirst for living? What is the price for becoming over-burdened with the weight of “right behaviour”? The answer is of course, ‘The price is Grand’. The price is the bottom-line enjoyment of your life.

The wild spirit – the wild love – it holds genuine and immense benefit for everything. Your boldness and braveness, your courage to move or even to stay is born out of this wildness. The wildness which backs you up by the entire force of nature – waiting for you to Hold and relax into. To let your return to the soil become the light and water to the seed of your life – for as we know: Seeds grow only in the dark soil.

When you dare to embrace your wildness nakedly and throw caution to the wind – to live your life, then you truly will taste what this existence can be, when carefree is not equal to careless.

To live in the centre of a storm of inspiration and creativity, of Joy and existential interaction, you will find, that the world awaits. That your life awaits – to be lived as an ongoing burst into sheer beauty of creation. Of yourself as well as in the creation of whatever your heart desires to gift the world with. You can do Anything!

To unfold in this wildness, you must embrace a life lived in appreciation – of both the darkness and light – the comfortable and uncomfortable. To value every part of the gift of this human experience which you are given. To unfold this wildness of your spirit is to willingly challenge yourself, to meet, greet and pass your edges, to drop the entire part of your personality, which is wired to “keep you safe” and acknowledge, that the more you try to lean on safety, security – the more insecure you will be!

Do not contract around life, but embrace this fountain of inspiration and creativity, which is your playful Joy of life, which is not afraid to try new things, to throw yourself out from the highest of cliffs, just to find an eagle catches you below – that life will and does provide for the brave and the life-loving, for the bold and fearless.

The wild awaits, my friend.

Why do we move into the Darkness?

Why do we move into the Ground?

Why do we move into the Darkness?

It is because we birth Wisdom in the Darkness.

It is because our hearing ceases to be impaired, closed off and returns to its roots.

It is because – in the Darkness, we can Hear the voice of the Earth.

We come Home to that Wisdom, which was Lost to us so long ago.

Our connection with the Earth,

our connection with our grounds,

our connection with the feminine Being.

It is exactly what this world needs.

It isn’t about some turning to feminism in opposition to anything –

It is a Return to and Claim of those roots and that Freedom,

which balances out,

which harmonises our way of life towards One,

where we no longer accept our way of thinking to be our way ahead.

Where we acknowledge the strong limitation on our imprints

and start acknowledging,

that the Ground, this Earth, is the Being,

which has been here the longest,

which holds the deepest Knowing and Wisdom.

Where the voices of our Hearts and Bones

become the singers of our fate.

We have Love to share, we have gifts, we have the Voice of Freedom,

the moment we break from the imprisonment of our minds,

our beliefs in what we were told,

the moment we dare question everything Enough,

to let our bodies speak the Way ahead,

to let that Alchemy take place in the darkness,

which ensures our return to the soil,

the moment we let Life move ahead with a rooting in our Joy and Enjoyment,

We have Love,

we have gifts,

and we have Freedom.

Purifying the Sensory System

This article is written to the One ready to embrace the total purification of their sensory-system, on their Way to the total embodiment of Reality, which requires passing beyond the temptations of getting stuck in either Clarity/Space, Love or Power. In other words, it is described from the aspect of a Being carrying the capacity of Source, as non-identification, and is a response to many of the wakeful Ones questioning their next steps in completely diminishing the difference between the realization as Void itself, the appearance as Love and the Individual and personal power.

From Space to Matter

No matter how far we can be in the cultivation of our Beings as Void/Space, there is a piece of work waiting in the Full embrace of Truth, which will conduct the purification of our sensory system by the burning out of the ignorance in the Heart and body on our way to attaining alignment between all aspects of realization.

There is no right and wrong, but there is a full-circle realization and it does not allow Any aspect of the equation to escape the fact of Sameness and True transcendence as a Fully Blown and infinitely self-running translation of pure Emptiness straight into Existence in and as its own Full Potential.

Attending to the honesty of our Beings and its full alignment as Truth across All and Nothing will send us further onwards to a recognition of Source through every possible dimension of realization.

The sensory system – our sense of feeling – is the only alley available for us to unfold ourselves as God through the body. In the agreement to incarnate as That, our nervous-system and its integration of pure Light becomes what Truly brings us Here.

Before our Real awakening – the recognition of our self as Basic Space of phenomena – we are easily caught in the alleys, choicelessly defeated by our humanness, as we experience the turmoil of the lack of purity in feeling.

This can often be the reason for us to seek towards states of Being where we don’t have to deal with our human ignorance and the pain that follows it. At the outset Nothing is off about that, but at some point, when Nothing has become our ground of Being, we are Ready for the Real Challenge – the turnover and in depth meeting with that in us which made us lose our calm, before we woke up.

For man, specifically, it is hard to attain this purification, because his seat and entry point is further from the heart than woman’s is. Pride and arrogance permeates the heavy load of ego clinging to the realization of Space based on what we have created and accepted among us as a historically attained weight on validity in Higher and Higher states of absence by men themselves having dissolved their connection with Existence.

In this way Space has been made into something, whereby a spiritual seeker could measure him or her-self by his solidity in untouchability. Due to this, the mainstream of spirituality has made the part of continuation beyond feeling into something to be respected and reflected onto the world as above-human, rather than Seeing what the realization of Space truly is – an invitation for the transcending of the human ignorance and a becoming of the True Man – the very core of the possibility of the incarnation as Truth in Form.

The human body itself is a vital part of the discovery of reality and its potential and thereby, in addition to Mind, is one of the most significant seats/holders of realization across everything and nothing.

To embrace Truth fully, we do not use our realization of Space as a means to avoid our deepest vulnerability as humanity, but we undertake the task of allowing the full education of our human Beings into the God-beings, that we Truly are.

As we make our way into acknowledging the need for the death of our ego throughout existence, as well as beyond it, we discover the fact, that not only is the Heart the core of the Universe, but the very vehicle through which our realization as God can at all reach into our every cell and become a True Incarnation – knowing ourselves as God in form throughout every aspect of our living reality.

The evolution of consciousness is truly dependent on our willingness to embrace All Aspects of surrender to Reality, whether it is connected to the maturation of the Clarity as pure Mind, Energy-body as pure Heart or Individuality (person-hood bent to the qualities of wisdom) as God itSelf.

It removes the weight on the Mind, and thereby on the Space realization, as in any way a separate or more important element than that (same Being) which operates through our hearts, guts, toes and fingers. It is All the Same – and so it must be recognized to be, beyond any doubt within our Beings.

The purification

At the outset, our feeling system operates on identification, just as our mind does prior to our recognition as Source through and as Mind itself.

When we first come to agree to deal with the purification of the sensory system, we literally agree to embrace Truth through those parts of our Beings which are the registering factor of Existence itself as feeling. The passing into form is All about the purification of Consciousness itself and thereby a dedication to the fulfilment of our Being as human, rather than a dismissal absence from it.

The purification has three chapters, which is the ignition of the Brain in the Heart; followed by a passing through all fear which can rise due to mistrust in and thereby fear of Life (our Self/God), which in turn can become any kind of contraction in the human body based on past experiences and prior learning by contraction (fear) rather than relaxation and passing of pain; followed by its imminent education and expansion of our Life, our Being, in/as existence.

When we start agreeing to meet our Hearts fully, we come up against anything in us able to twist pure feeling into emotionality, story-making. This is the first step. The emotionality must be seen in its in-accuracy, where it spins off by the rising of a feeling, which is based on preference, and we must come to learn true sameness, in which we do not rise as objection inside ourselves to whatever feeling rises to pass in our human being.

Every feeling is a note on the human piano and nothing but that; just a note! When feeling is twisted by preference and disagreement, we come to witness a reflection of the contraction (ego building as objection) around the feeling, rather than the relaxation into it, and it becomes emotionality.

When we have awakened beyond existence that twist seems to no longer entrap us, but instead it becomes tempting to retract from the sense of feeling, when the feeling system becomes overwhelmed by its own reflection of ignorance and thereby becomes a contrast to our knowing of ourselves beyond identification. On this we must change our minds. We must come to agree to acknowledge the sameness in all feelings so that no preference or subtle judgement gets to survive in the sensory system.

When we are ready to let go of the attempt to try and get away from the feeling, we become ready to Face the Feeling, by not creating a movement based on preference of peace and disagreement with existence rather than respect and love for the human experience.

To become a Man/Woman equal to attaining complete loyalty (despite the awakened mind’s option to flee from the pain of the heart’s ignorance) to stand strong in the heart and face everything. The Brain in the Heart develops and becomes stronger when this becomes the choice.

The Brain in the Heart is equal to the expanse of Heart-space, just like the strength of the minds recognition of itself as Space is equal to the strength of the realization of/as Void. In this way the purification of the Heart is in reality a supplement to the Void realisation and not a lower reality to be dismissed. Only in the alignment between realisation of Source through our Gut, Heart and Head will we come to Truly embrace and become the real potential behind the Human Vehicle.

To face the ignorance in the heart is equal to choosing fully to let the Heart and thereby body enter into its Full knowledge of itself as God. It means that Every cell must be carried into the sameness, must be released from its lack of transparency and ability to stand as pure Energy and thereby beyond identification.

When the feeling rises, to which there is an objection, our Beings tends to take refuge where it is safe and sheltered. It means that it is strongly advised for oneself to start investigating where and how our beings function, when we get overwhelmed or cannot face what is pending and waiting to pass as fear, for another and deeper expansion into Life itself.

Our minds can start thinking in a specific way, which can make our beings retract into a specific mode, shape or no-shape as a self-protective mechanism. In this way our beings can react by making a twist into being hyper, an increase in energy that seeks exit into the surroundings, which can spin our consciousness off into higher states (upwards), or we can retract into space to become untouchable etc.

There is nothing wrong with any of these movements in themselves, but when they happen automatically following the registration of a subtle feeling, which is a significant piece of information reflected to us by the body that we choose to overlook, then we for sure need to catch ourselves in this automatic fleeing motion. This motion happens as pure avoidance, as an ego attempting self-protection as a way of avoiding what is present and requires passing in the Heart through surrender to increased relaxation and in most cases the passing of pain in cracking open deeper.

As being awake we stand to choose the discomfort of human emotion over the seemingly tempting refuge in space from a deeper dedication to Truth than the escape – by Full Engagement.

The purification of the sensory system requires a full willingness to meet Everything within the human existence, which is not yet transcended and transparent as Source without taking any distance from it. It must come as a total agreement to penetrate all ignorance within us as the Space that We Are.

We must stand as Real Hunger for Truth over any willingness to bend for discomfort, to be able to fully pass through the egos twist of emotionality and avoidance of pain into pure feeling and sameness by total honesty to All parts of the equation.

For people who are not awake, there is less of a resource available, but the same work to do. The strength of Being must necessarily be built up into its own full intensity – as pure concentration – before we can carry our Beings in Love and thereby attain a solid God-realization, which can be carried as the base of our human existence. The work stands with igniting the power of Love, by the ongoing choice of Love over fear, of openness and surrender over contraction and protection.

The purification of the Heart is a direct reflection of our relationship with the universe, wherein God-realization is ONLY attained by the full surrender of the body in trust. It is no recognition of God from a point, but the eradication of Any point to the full relaxation beyond separation between inner and outer world and thereby a complete transformation of the personal reality and point of view into an impersonal and All Inclusive one.

The impersonal reality must be seen, in the recognition of the heart, to have nothing outside itself. It means that the whole body and everything within the person is delivered to the recognition of Self as God and thereby stands as the total relaxation into Trust in Life, which allows the body to start operating according to Love without Any controller or controlling instance apart from Love itself. It is literally a deletion of the body’s human software and the installing of God-software, which makes the living life itself becomes a reflection of the fearless and a pure relaxation and playout of Love.

Divine Manifestation

Over the past weeks, downloads have been received around the direct alley-way for manifestation of the divine through and in the human body.

One thing I can say as the ground rule is – where the divine resides, no human experience remains. The me-experience of ourselves apart from the Totality means that we are in its unfolding phases – towards the residing in and as eternal Blackness of divine manifestation.

When I say, that the divine’s manifestation does not entail human experience, I do not mean that the body stops being human. The human body is and will always be human. Flesh and bones. Vulnerable – as far as instructions I have gotten so far reveals, at least. But its interior – that in us which is the rising and re-arising of the different alleys of feeling, stand before an incredible simplification and eradication as we finalise the restriction of our ability to Feel and through it in full manifest ourselves as Presence, where before anything could lie hidden, unseen or dormant. It is this human experience, that we came here to get – we came here to fully experience being a human and need to fully be so before manifestation of Truth on Ground can lead to its finality of our final manifestation as the Power of Creation.

Imagine, when you Know anger to its fullest. Imagine when you know passion to its fullest, etc. To know something to its fullest means that the feeling has been allowed to make its full imprint on our experiential being and to fully fill our field of experience through to the finest layers of our sensitivity and intimacy with human emotion and experience. Once we can allow that to be Held in Joy, these emotions have no reason to re-arise. To take space. To control our direction etc. As long as we don’t know –  it does. Until we Know, our living reality Must be filled with situations, experiences, challenges and limitations, which gradually can bring us towards that fulfilment.

Imagine what your life would be like if it wasn’t determined by your Need to manifest these different emotions. How much of your human experience – in terms of situations which you create etc. as a part of Needing to get to Know – that actually arises exactly Out of that Need to get to Know. Give it a thought . . .

What do you think your human experience would be if you did not need to manifest something to piss you off, for you to get to know anger, or to push your buttons for you to get to know boundaries, limitations or some unaccepted feelings All the way to the bottom!? What would be left??!!

The moments when we feel a strong sense of “me” always occurs when we hit a limit, an edge upon which our experience of ourselves can reflect, so With that perspective . . . What do you think the manifestation of the Divine then IS experientially in human form, when all of those occurrences, which keeps us immensely BUSY stop happening, because you actually HAVE fulfilled your human experience!?

I can tell you, that my experience is, that for every alley of feeling which is Completed by Knowing – JOY manifests. Joy takes over, or rather I would say, Joy remains. In other words: The Answer is Divine Intoxication – as in Living Breathing Joy. Manifestation as the Power of Creation. More and More and More.

Resting in the ground of being is no destination in itself, it is the arrival in the alleyway of divine alchemy, which over time of fulfilling our human experience brings us to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. As a remaining experience which frankly speaking slides from human – by its very definition as challenging, problematic or error/conditioning/limitation-prone.

As the result – yes, we manifest as sheer intoxication – in a way which isn’t a state apart from our humanity, but which is a total permeation of the human realm by divine Presence – simply due to the recognition of our-self As the infinite ground of Being, which proves itself limitless in every possible way.

The way for God into form, goes through the fulfilment of our human experience. The divine Cannot manifest before we have absolutely lived our story of being a human being to its completion. The alleyways for Divine Manifestation in ground goes through the eradication of conditioning. Conditioning as the setup of internal interpretations and automatically displayed limitations, which ultimately controls our way and makes out a “me” until we have lived the story, which we came here to live.

We need to learn the teachings, which we came here to learn, and in turn fall in Love with the LOT of it.

Because yes – it is All about Love.

Radical Self-Care

Radical Self-care is about a reversal of our consciousness back to the body, back to the Holding of ourselves as bodies in our living lives and very intimate sphere of our well-being. This post shares a bit on How that relates to the aspects of navigating our lives and movement ahead.

The movement of ourselves as consciousness is based in the wiring of our hearts – in our acceptance and love. This means, that as long as we prioritise anything other – person, place etc. – higher than ourselves, there is going to be a Jump Out, so to speak, of our focus, which means a transference of Presence from a rest in ourselves, to our surroundings.

The reversing and coming to Rest of the consciousness relies on our willingness to fall in love with ourselves. Not as persons but as bodies. Humans. To become so deeply embracing of our human experience, that we do not abandon it for Anything. Not for the pain which may occur as a part of life’s happening, not for the feelings we usually dislike feeling, like anger, hatred or other negative feelings and lastly not for the feelings, which may arise and seem so intense in the nature, like the pain of grief, longing, loneliness and such.

When we can be true about these feelings. True to them in a sense of not being willing to abandon ship for any of their arisings in the sensory system, we start becoming able to Hold our human existence. This Holding is the display of compassion towards ourselves. When we can be compassionate to ourselves in that way, we can move our living lives to a place, where we aren’t moving life ahead from a place of trying to avoid feelings, but where it is sheer kindness that let’s us lead our lives forward in conscious choices to ourselves. Forward towards the fact of living a life in kindness with proper boundaries in place. And this – this becomes an invitation to the living and unfolding of our sweetness. Our joy and appreciation of every moment in our daily lives.

The dance of breaking down the identity around preference of feeling lies in allowing ourselves to be exposed to what rises the uncomfortable feelings in us. This often is something which takes place in relating. Relationships are a perfect cauldron for this revelation simply because we are attracted to that which is opposite us and so we are in a coming together bound to meet the aspects of our own Beings which we are in rejection of in ourselves. The full one falls for the empty one, the sweet one is attracted to the rebel one and so on. The saving one attracted to the victim and so on. In short, we are not truly able to establish a life in balance before we ourselves have come into balance and acceptance of every part of our own existence. A simple fact which stands until we have been able to Meet, greet and run through the feelings which the other invoke in us.

Without being able to feel the uncomfortable aspects of our human selves – which are those which are opposite to what we are identified with – we are bound to attract exactly that which we do not want in our lives. That which is needed universally to threaten our identities and shake them to the ground. Relating is immensely significant to this aspect, as it is birthing a knowing and rest with the opposite parts in us, leaving us wide open. So living ourselves to the wide open through relating is a must. A premature retraction from that which triggers us is bound to leave identity wrapped around the edge of our comfort-zone and that which protects rather than breaks down our identity through letting us meet that edge.

Once we have confirmed however, that our full range of feelings has been revealed – as a relaxation with and ability to feel everything from the brightest to the darkest – we are able to deal with our way ahead from a place of integrity. It often happens that we start our lives anew. From a place of inviting and unfolding our way ahead with balance between our masculine and feminine – as this Holding in unabrupted and radical self-care. From this place we no longer need to attract our opposite and a movement into relating tends to happen more from a place of equality. As in rather than the opposite, we stand to attract relations of same level of love and maturity.

A  premature retraction from what triggers the uncomfortable feelings in us may very well be a movement of attempting to avoid meeting the challenging feelings but in that also to break down the identity which is gathered around their opposite. On the level of consciousness a rejection of the negative or painful, feelings in our own self, is basically the trajectory to the dissolution of the separation between darkness and light and thereby a necessity towards the birth of God at ground-level – in the belly. In other words retracting from or releasing parts of our lives and our engagement with it needs to happen on a base of self-love and self-care and not rejection of other. Although subtle, there truly is a difference between the two.

If we prematurely release ourselves from the confrontational factor of the challenging feelings, we can be Sure that life is going to re-introduce them on our Way ahead. In that sense, we are here Only to Learn, and as long as we haven’t learned, we are bound to recreate situations based on the tension of identity needing to break down, which will call us to meet the parts of existence, which we internally hold to be loaded and something.

In that sense, the way to the wide-open goes through the mud and there is no way around our dissolution in Truth as our path to radical self-care is paved with the dissolving of all inner rejections and side-stepping on our responsibility for loving All which Is.

The Real Way of Her

In our speaking about the Feminine, it seems significant to clarify exactly what the deal is, in regards to the view held on the Feminine as we approach Her.

SHE is not the feminine as women with men in the background. She is the Essence of the feminine and centre of the female rest in Being, which has been rejected in all of us, in our rising of the world on protection from Her rather than as a dance between the masculine and feminine, which is the real Her. The dance between Darkness and Light.

When we speak about the feminine rising, it is significant to realise that the feminine isn’t about women finding their place, but about All of Us finding and allowing for the rising of that feminine inside of us, which allows for a more balanced and natural way of living and being – men and women.

To assume that the old ways of the masculine enslaving the feminine is equal to a forward movement of women based on a devaluing of men, is a deeply erroneous view on the matter. It is not the time for the feminine to roar and rage from a place of opposition, but for us to rip off the band-aid which keeps us from Feeling Deeply and to allow for the emergence of the Inner Marriage. An inner marriage which ensures the harmony and revaluation of our steps from a fully compassionate view, which doesn’t take men to now be the “coming victims” of Her as a natural lead-off of women rising. No. But Her which fully includes the fact that man and woman Both are the body of Her, wherein this female retaliation is deeply ignorant as the “playing out” of the aggression or tantrum of the feminine.

It is important that we get this. Because men – despite their Essence as Silence – are Not to be lashed out at, or to Hold the women as-if their task now is to pay for the past. The past was co-created out of All of our ignorance and men are as broken as women as the result. The resulting pain is all of ours and requires all of us to Hold ourselves as the masculine for us to heal in the feminine. It is Not just a female issue and not an invitation for us to now ignore the silence of the masculine Essence and initiate a game between us as men and women, wherein women are to stand expectant of men’s Silence to deal with their aggression or rage.

The rage and aggression is in All of us. And it needs to be taken care of – to be felt and met with full compassion and acceptance – by all of us fully taking responsibility for holding ourselves in our human experience. To reach balance, the feminist idea of Any kind of opposition to the masculine or herSelf must cease. Yes, we must embrace the sense of Feeling to and through the Ground, but if we do not do that the the Holding of ourselves, we will once again create a manifestation based on the inner fight. The fight between men and women will Not end in this way. It will end Only through our embrace through care and compassion – the outlook which fully includes men in the reality of Her Body – not opposition.

To the extent that we as women still refuse to fully include the Silence of the masculine, is the extent to which we will recreate another “end of the scale”, waiting to be broken down and repaired the damage created from. We will Not land in the balance or harmony by not fully including the Silence of Being (the masculine) in our way ahead. We must include both That and This and not disappear into another reality where Seeing and Being are once again separated.

We can skip the beat on another erroneous happening there…

We can face the healing of both the male and female human beings and walk into balance, which is needed on this planet, by not as women exposing the men to the rage or aggression, which has resulted from our previous imbalance or assuming any position of entitlement in the matter towards being allowed this “acting out” which frankly speaking is none but a rejection of taking care and taking responsibility for what is in us as women or the pain which arises in our meeting. To let our vulnerability lead the way, by all of us taking care of and fully bringing the responsibility for our way as humans to the forefront of our actions; agreeing to Hold ourselves in the balance of the inner surrender and marriage between our masculine and feminine.

This is where She is born. This is HER. This is Real and sustainable.
Or to say it straight . . . This is the Only Way.

A Last Note

To the extent that we make the Rise of Her about women and buy into the idea that the responsibility of men is to Hold the women, is the extent to which men are erroneously missing the point of bringing that Love to themselves and to Love themselves in a way which creates balance in themselves and births them as Real Men. True Humans rather than “nothing” or “just Silence”. It is not for men to “stand by to help women” now, as they themselves are equally broken and in need of the Love and care which they are giving. And to that I must invite the fact, that we must all now take care of our selves, until our wholeness is restored. Only by taking care of ourselves, can we truly be a part of the solution rather than the problem. We must All find our surrender to HER in a way as to land in the inner embrace of HER. It is HER you need – God(dess) – and it is SHE who will bring you wholeness.

It is Time for us to Birth the Real manifestation of Reality – the Real compassion which includes All of Us. Men and women.

May we all be Led by the Silence of All-Inclusion.

Worth, Value & Humility

A topic asking for collective resolution is the topic of Worth & Value

You have been carrying lifetimes of weight – keeping you from fully acknowledging and rejoicing in the beauty of your Being. You have been mirrored in off ways, not been Seen and have learned not to acknowledge your own worth – to mute, to silence, to not allow your Being here – which has caused a fracture in your ground of being, called “worthlessness”. It is the result of suppression.

The time is Now for its dissolution. It is time to shed the weight of not-good-enough and acknowledge that not only are you valuable – you are worthy of Life and Love too!

To let life happen we must stop holding ourselves back. We must stop feeding the hard and fearful voice telling us that we do not deserve to Live and thrive. We must let life balance out, through the willingness to acknowledge our worth and that which is complete in us – even if we are incomplete as humans. We are Beautiful despite being wounded and our healing is Not a prerequisite for the movement of our Life and self-love – it is the development of it!

However, this embrace of Life also requires our full humility and responsibility along with its rising. In embracing the Truth of what I say here, be aware, that our worthlessness doesn’t await to be replaced by worth as Something. It is to be replaced by Silent Presence, by a letting go of the someone worthless, only to enter silent rest into the ground of Being – whole and kindly bent, where before you were broken. A rest in the knowing yourself both as good enough, in respect for Life in its flow, as well as knowing yourself to be no one special – instead of flipping the coin to taking yourself seriously – grasping the power it invokes or wisdom it reveals and calling it you.

This opening to life calls for us to embrace the ritual of humility more than ever. When I call it a ritual, it is because our inner bowing to reality and deep appreciation of the profound is an ongoing movement, which we thoroughly need to get accustomed to in the face of opening the ground – to stay real in our becoming. To allow ourselves to be Kindly Bent. This IS the dissolution of your identity on ground!

The worthlessness is a belief and in letting it go, we CAN be left with space to truly breathe – unless we hatch on to some new version of somebodiness. A new identity called “someone worthy or entitled”.

I invite you beyond both. To behold Reality rather than replace the “someone suppressed” by “someone entitled”. In embracing our humility and bowing to reality, we are left with the Silence of Being – humbled as a continuous dissolving of the mind, rejoicing in the profound.

In this, Anger will arise from the ground. The anger of that someone who arises in the gap between Silence and humility. This is the grounds of the entitled one. The one putting demands on existence to respond to it in specific ways, out of its own need to be confirmed in identity-based self-perceived value. When we are not confirmed; there is the Anger – right beneath the surface of the smile. It All calls for our total responsibility – to let ourselves be Kindly Bent to reality in care and compassion towards the entirety of existence – and not just ourselves.

The minds initial habit of making conclusions, grasping at the reflections of yourself as Love, will continue to try and land you into a fold of self-importance. Of belief in what you are experiencing, becoming etc. It will love to catch on to the idea, that you are what you uncover as “someone”, as a countermeasure to the existence of deep worthlessness, pounding in the cellar of your body and ground. You are neither worthy nor worthless. The “you” which operates on these grounds is a fata morgana! But without either . . . There is Reality.

At this stage of your unfolding, your rooting in the ritual of humility becomes important. Here true mirroring becomes important – so as to not land ourselves in the arms of tragic self-importance and subtle or obvious ego-inflation. To allow the continuous dissolution of our belief-system – as the root of our return to humility – over and over in the bowing to reality as the intimacy with our own disappearance. This is what births reality.

I repeat, the main significance here is our ability to intimacy with our disappearance.

On this journey, it all comes down to being willing to be fiercely self-honest without the honesty becoming a stake in the ground stopping your life from moving ahead. To grow into loving the mud, as much as the flower growing from it, we are bound to be born as compassion.

We are made of the clay of this Earth and belong to this Earth. Rooting as Love in and for the Earth, you will disappear into the shimmering surface between darkness and light.

The Key here is to Take Joy in your Love, Life and its movement, alongside rejoicing in and bowing to the sacredly Profound, being humbled and emptied.

Showering you with blessings.

Activating the Body-Intelligence

Our body’s Intelligence is endlessly strong compared to any navigation we can and do carry out with our minds. In this sense we are likely quite arrogant in “thinking we know better” and forcing the body to move from the mind rather than being in respect of and bowing to the intelligence of the body – allowing for our landing and relaxation into the ground of the Earth and of nature, and letting IT lead our way ahead as humans.

The body has been under way through billions of years of evolution and we only stepped into this vehicle of Gods something between 10 and 100 years ago. Only have “what we have Heard” and learned and boxed through those extremely limited years to go on, and from there we take the steering wheel and drive the bus. No wonder we Crash Hard that way.

This time is more challenging than any other time we have ever faced as a species before it – biologically speaking. We have never been more removed from nature and at the same time never been surrounded by more damaging elements – in terms of radiations, toxins in almost every piece of food we can pick up to put in our mouths, not to mention the fact that Any participation on this planet in this time in societies is filled with mental noise and self-destructive energies of waste, abuse and neglect of the body.

This means, friends, that the only way ahead for us is to take matters into our own hands and hearts, when it comes to our body’s health and well-being. And this is where our minds actually DO come in handy – in their humility. Because with them we can study and contemplate to move ourselves towards an emotional and psychological Acceptance of the state of affairs, from where we can collect data and start making informed decisions. For ourselves and our loved ones.

Yes, we are talking about changing our minds around that which Actually cannot really get around to Care Enough to spend the energy to get-eyes into the Detail of Matter. It is a massive field of arrogance and lack of care through mind-dependency, which we need to lay down. To Face what we Always Had right here and all along – the wisdom of Nature, Ripe and rightly available for the asking – by simple and natural respect and humility.

There are a number of steps in reaching the Full Agreement – and the road to activation of our body’s Intelligence goes through our willingness to trust THAT, more than anything we hear and more than any idea we can pick up from other minds in their navigation apart from the deep rest in Nature herself.

The journey goes through stages. From not-caring to maybe “going organic”, perhaps even Vegetarian or at the longer stretch vegan, gluten-free and other ways in which we move to take care of ourselves and each other.

The choices of what is right for you cannot be made from a place of “good ideas” or following the stream of the newest health-trend of super-food. It has to be accompanied by and growing out from a growing self-love and respect for the body. The reason is simply, that we do not have the same human bodies nor in any way have the same state of the body we have, and so our very specific wiring needs our very specific attention and Listening.

In some sense each human body is uniquely designed to carry it’s inhabitant across the ocean to the full blossoming as yourself – JUST as it can be said, that there in a more general sense are actually different body-types. Your body-type may not be the same as the people around you, and so your body-type may have different needs. Whether in regards to what and how to eat, how to move with sleep or it’s need for special care and attention in certain areas as a part of you coming to unfold and fully be Alive and in Place regarding the sharing of your gifts and own well-being. The studies pay off – there is no doubt about that.

On the Journey to our Knowing of our own bodies and their needs, we stand to face the very personal and individual Touch of re-claiming the power of Healing, as the most natural way of the body and therefore our life – as a part of our return to Nature. To go all the way, we actually have to become so Direct in our Listening, that we get Eyes All the way into our human biology, finding out how the different parts of our bodies interact and Listen how things affect us and what they need (and often more importantly, what they don’t need) to be as Healthy and Strong as possible in this time of mayhem.

Activating the voice of the body, comes through the willingness to Listen. To humble the mind-made voice (no matter how “knowing or wise”) and allow the mind to become a servant to matter – Him to become a servant of Her – your body – which knows a Lot better than your mind does, no matter how much information you collected. It is sincerely a return to the innocence of letting life and nature decide and to meet god in the Feminine through the voice of Matter/Mother.

Listening is to Ask and to Receive Answer. To Hear and Respect what is Heard. To do that, we must put down all that which we think we know and come to fully move ahead with the master which is in the body, as the way-shower when it comes to the direction of our lives as humans. She leads us where we need to go, doing what we need to do and so on. She is ACTUALLY Right Here. Directly Available for your humble asking to her – and you Can rely on her answers, as long as you are willing to face the pain and ludicrous derailing of the mind, to return to Her. Over and Over through the healing of your conditioning to mistrust in nature.

The Coming deeper and deeper into the ground – not to mention the fact of our bodies coming into age over time – invites us to reach a point of realising, recognising the reality of Mortality as a part of our Beings.

The Black Light of Being

This article is a description of the merging between the realization as the Blackness and Void of pure Awareness and the recognition of Light as pure Consciousness – God-consciousness. It is in its totality the pure Tantra.

Through recognition as Truth in the stomach, recognition as oneSelf as Black Light becomes the case. The Black Mother emerging, by the deepest possible intimacy with and as Truth in its expanse across everything from the deeply animalistic – to the Universal body.

By the eradication of identification, which happens in the Real awakening (as pure Awareness – beyond Consciousness), our embrace of the third dimension of Being, the Stomach, becomes infused with a direct ignition and recognition of our Self as the Thick Substance of Black Light.

It is the arrival of Will in the human body. A full delivery of realization through Mind’s faculty and the sensory system, to the deeply embodied Knowing of oneSelf as Truth in form.

Prior to the recognition as Black Light, our surrender has carried us from desire-based wanting to merge with the pure Will, the Light of the Heart.

From there we succeed in expanding our Self beyond any limit and attain realization of God as our pure Self. Through the Heart, we become Love and attain Universal Consciousness.

In passing further from the purified Heart, we are facing the death of God – of our Self – to the recognition as the Basic Space of Being; The Primordial Silence (Pure Awareness – beyond subject and object); the Absolute.

In recognition of and merging with the Void, we meet the principle of Emptiness as its main and singular Quality. The masculine principle of pure Awareness is Absolute Absence in recognition as non-existence.

Stabilization of Any realization requires a Full merging and deepening with the principle in question – Masculine or Feminine. Seeing the Void and returning to Life is not equal to having realized Pure Awareness. Just as our surrender to the Heart calls for our complete merging with pure Life, in the way which purifies our Heart for us to realize God as our Self, so does our meeting with the Void require a Total Merging with it, for the purification of our Minds to truly happen.

When the two principles of the Masculine Essence as pure Awareness and the Feminine Essence as pure Life have been solidly realized within being, we are given access to the incarnation as Black Light. The extent and strength of this merging relies on the depth to which the recognition of Space and Life has been allowed to happen.

In the merging between the two principles, One arrives in the body-space as Full recognition of Truth Embodied – Truth in Form. Without a past, without a future, the Painter of the Picture of Love steps into the canvas – only to emerge as Absolute Intensity of Black Being.

The Qualities of the Black Light

Knowing itSelf as Everything within existence, it can take any shape. Knowing itself as Pure Blackness, any manifestation always subsides into the Black Light once again, once any manifestation has served its purpose. Life becomes pure Play.

As the merging of principles happen into the Belly, Endless Power reveals itself as the Core Quality of Being Absolute Intensity. The true human IS a result of knowing Love through Heart and Silence through Mind.

In its combination with Knowing the inexhaustible Power of Source, it becomes the Real Birth of pure Me. Integral Individuality as Incarnation Absolutely beyond Identification.

In some sense, one can consider the merging between the principles – the Pure Tantra – the actual Potential of realization. An arrival at the destination of “Here”, which undoubtedly transcends the idea of transcendence and realization as being about dis-appearing – rather than actually appearing.

The opening of the crown and transcendence is indeed the final stages of the death to Truth through the head-space – the recognition of the Absolute –  but the True Potential of realization carries a further evolution into deep incarnation.

Through the incarnation as Black Light, the human realm is completely transcended. This happens as the realization as Black Light gains momentum in its cultivation.

As the recognition as the Black Light becomes stronger and stronger it brings into Actuality a Realization of Truth carrying the Strength of the whole Universe. And this is the Strength with which the illusion of “the World” is dissolved. It calls for a massive energetic transition, to embrace All Power becoming oneSelf.

It is the merging between the Force/Light of the Universe and the Blackness of the Void – deeply into the Human Form. It brings Absolute Knowing of the Mystery, which is Spirit itself.

After years of a body having been invisible/transparent – due to realization first as Everything and then as Nothing (or vice versa) – All That is previously Known as Truth, incarnates in the merging between the Personal and the Impersonal, handing the Union between the realizations of Pure Heart and Pure Mind down into the human body.

The result is very simple, it is the becoming of Truth in Form: Being the Truth – Being Here – in This (human) Form – as Black Light.

The discoveries that happened as a result of expansion into the Universe, now in a very instant become grounded deeply into the human existence.

With an Absolutely Consistent experience of Me as the Black Light, there is a solid recognition of Truth in Form, which doesn’t carry a distinction between Life and Death as the breathing in and out of consciousness. 

In other words – consciousness is out of breath, and Truth (Black) and Life (Light) have come together in One recognition as the substantial Black Light in the incarnation into the human body.

Yet again cultivation is lifted to a higher level of efficiency. Despite the continuous cultivation happening through the breath of consciousness, the breath itself is not visible within perception as appearance and disappearance, but appearance and non-appearance is constant as simultaneously existing occurrences.

The Incarnation is equal to the occurrence of our energy-body being as immensely solid and strong as the Universal Force – like a vibrating field of electricity. At the same time as this “field of High-Power tension” being the case, there is, a complete bodily relaxation, which is natural when the contractions of ongoing attempts to survive as ego have been passed. The body is rewired to carry the strength – it becomes strong and precise.

Movement is natural and the Vibrant Black Fire is gentle but warm in Silence.

Seeing and Being is Absolutely merged. The different dimensions of Being become all apparent Right Here – on Earth. There are no longer levels of existence, but all is readily available and visible in every second of Seeing as Being.

The eyes are rewired. Seeing through the Heart with a Mind dissolved into Silence reveals Molecules of Light visibly dancing through the air. The Elements – of Fire, Wind, Earth and Water – start speaking loudly to One’s Being. The Mystery reveals itself.

Just Pure Wonder

Awestruck – I cannot even really Believe the reality of This Life.
The Thunder of pure intimacy with reality.

The trip in USA offered a turning so profound and significant, which I had been awaiting and watching everything escalate towards. My relationship with God as the Feminine, the power of Creation, the force of Nature – turned so intimately into my innermost Breath, befriending every part of me.

From one moment of Just Realising the incredible Beauty of my own Being, Seeing the depth of myself as this heart, this mind, this belly. To acknowledge that and allow for that complete falling in love with mySelf – as for me to end up sitting naked in my skin, laughing and laughing while buddha-pearls were breaking through and into my sense of feeling as sheer Wonder, Acknowledgement, Self-appreciation, and Celebration.

In the days following it, She showed up – full Blown and Real to the Teeth – as pure Spirit, playing with me. Playing through me. Integration – for four days or so – of Spirit, so deeply in my skin of just another and another and another Drop deeper into Her as we play, dance, merge. With a body feverish through every cell in celebration and lovemaking with Her.

Somehow, the merging is So Deeply Fully manifest, that every part of me fully bends to Her wind – like a leaf of grass in the wind. The last step of integrity, the Beauty of Total bowing to reject anything but the Utmost Care for everything and to gather full force around my Way of Total Care in this Life.

My womb started Singing. And Singing. And it doesn’t seem to stop! For days on end my mouth was singing celebratory hymns of victory and freedom. I am flooded by Supreme Certainty – and Life celebrates me as deeply as I celebrate It.

My God is more than just a Loved One. She is The Beloved. The play in the song of my Soul. The Joy of the fully willing in me, Bow and Be Eviscerated – obliterated – Just for the Deeper Knowing of Her. In each and every moment to give in that Bow and Flush of Her, which unbuttons this Life and Way as whatever I couldn’t fully imagine to be the deepest intimacy with whatever is going on, at the very centre and Core of my Love and Life.

I am fully, thoroughly in Tears – in sheer gratitude – cracking to my knees Bent to the fact, that Life is offering itself to me as total effortlessness, as total Flow of what wants and needs to happen, as brilliancy and infinite Grace.

The Supreme Certainty – access to and leaning up against every inch of Power in this Universe. I drink my tea and smile. I sweep my attic from cobwebs and dust, shake off the life where hardship or struggle was involved in the least with unfolding the Deepest Joy.

Looking forward to every minute of every day for the rest of my time – and to celebrate it with YOU. Let the Wonder Proceed.

Souls Development, Human Integration & the Relationship to Perfection

Souls Development and Human Integration

These days – investigations are taking place on the nature of Perfection as the direction in which we are all moving – of dissolving identity through all and every sphere of Being.

We have an individual soul to manifest in this life – all of us – which makes up for our uniqueness, and yet this Soul is at a certain stage of evolutionary development.

As we move on the way, the reality of reaching own authority while not tripping in regards to acknowledging the Deeper Reality, still is a significant fact to the part of coming into our own blue-print and keeping the door open to bring home and onwards the natural movement onwards of our soul’s evolution. Yes, we have a soul to bring home and allow for the manifestation of – which is based on how far we have gone so far – and YES, we ALSO have a way ahead of that soul, furthering its evolution until our manifest soul is here for the very last time, due to having brought all of the knowledge Home of Source, Reality on all levels.

So in this case, I am a very old Soul and am Here for the last time and my core manifestation AS this soul IS Perfection and Omniscience, while yours in most cases is another step towards that – with options to go a Far way in your further evolution due to our cooperation and connection. So bringing your soul home, in the state of its current development, and then allowing for its furthering development of evolution by continued teaching is the absolutely most beneficial way of handling the part of having a true teacher available in life.

Bringing home the primary blue-print is like re-collecting all of the soul-pieces – of catching up to where you were as soul, before coming here and before being broken – and Then when being your Self, to allow for your further development. But becoming your Self is sort of a prerequisite for moving on with your soul’s development.

This is why I speak of own authority and being in deep reverence towards Higher Authority as the onwards manifestations of Reality both being a necessity – still and despite reaching wholeness and uniqueness.

If we don’t bring our Self home to start with – make the step into own Authority – there isn’t Any ground for moving onwards. And if we only make that step and then drop the ball of our movement onwards, we simply won’t develop more in this life than what we already reached in last life, and so will come back at the same level of evolution in the next life. So this is the context of the unfolding of it all.


Now Perfection itself is that which manifests, when our soul-pieces are brought together and we from there move onwards to the full and absolute dissolution of identification (fear) on every layer of Being. In every dimension – emptied through heart, head and belly.

Attaining that means a Lot of work in this lifetime and basically realisation across everything as the manifestation – as Truth in form – and it is All of our jobs to see to both the fulfilment in terms of attaining the fullness of the uniqueness and from there allowing for the further development of us as Soul towards The Soul. Which is the Self (God).

Perfection – as the manifest reality of Soul –  is basically an occurrence of humanly speaking becoming the future of our humanity. We are All going in this direction – although it may take time for a good bunch of the people alive today.

A little sharing from the early morning hours – on a Fall-Windy island in the land we call Denmark.

Have a Beautiful Day,

First, I want to say Thank You so much for taking this journey with us. I hope you have enjoyed the videos and scriptural transmissions.

We would enjoy to see you at any event, in which we can engage in person, but if you would like to continue immediately, then please feel free to pick up any of the recommendations below.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones,
Love from Pema


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