Surrendering to the Power of Creation

Dear Friends,In the following week I will be moving into retreat with a number of you and a lot of new people too. It is a time where you with benefit can tune in to what takes place there and if you did not have the opportunity to participate, the media team will ensure you get fairly quick access to video material in the shop on aishasalem.com with the talks in it, from the retreat afterwards. For now I will leave you with a taste, of my journey into Her, as it is picking up with a gradual and increasing ability, responsiveness to and intelligence in receiving Her filled with Awe and humble bowing.

When She comes Knocking,
I am prodded by the the clouds thickening in the sky,
everything turning Pitch Black
– inside and out –
and then…
when I let go in the Right Way,
I am picked up-
fully surrendered –
inside the whirls of a Tornado.
Floating as I am Lifted Deeper into Her,
with hair caught in the wind,
whirling to all sides,
eyes closed,
lifted from the ground
into the Storm of pure Power.
Fully relaxed,
as She Takes me,
Deeper into HerSelf –
greeting humbly the Force of Creation –
with absolutely no objection…
And my eyes Run
with the Flood of my Reverence –
as the Profound and Epic,
the Endless Wisdom of She,
the Fundamental Core of our existence
as it reveals to me…
And I Bow –
I Bow Deeper.
For what else can one do
in the Face of This…

I send you a sweet hello from the Center of the storm / as the naked and direct Meeting with our Creatrix, Boy oh boy, does our meeting with Her require ongoing transmutation.


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