Stay!… It matters

Yes, that Meeting with Her – it is challenging. It is a Journey from Terror over Acceptance to Love and living humbly with and surrendered to Her.

As I see the field overall becoming more and more ready for that Real and Deeper Meeting and drop – A few words…

You will meet and need to Face and Stand Still – unmoving in full attention and focus – through what will be experienced as pretty horrific states. It is inevitable. You will meet fear – beyond what you can imagine – and be required to Stay Put. It will All rely on your willingness to Be Still through these places – to give in, instead of fight and race with the mind, actions and all else. To Trust and remember that you are not alone. I encourage you to use the video-clips and meditations available, when in need of connection, as you face and start meeting the harder and more exiled grounds. The grounds, where Love seems to be the opposite of what you are experiencing. Remember – that there is Nothing Wrong, that you are not alone and that this unfolding is backed up by forces Significantly bigger than you, which that you can relax into as support – She Truly wishes to reach All of us.

We are not supposed to run from this Ground anymore. Something Else awaits. Something Else is Next – and it requires us to move beyond fear. To at the very least STOP in the face of it and with courage move INTO the ground as Love. As willingness to See and Be With – for the healing of you and the Earth.

The True Human awaits to emerge as the one and only Way Ahead for this planet.

When you reach the Rough Spot – There IS a way through.
The name of that Road is Surrender.
It is Care and Honesty.
It is Courage and never giving up in the face of meeting Honestly and Directly
Anything which appears and allows for the Love and Compassion to reach your innermost.
Let It In.

The road ahead
is to Stand for That which is True despite Trial.

It is Staying Put, when you feel like running away.
It is Growing in your ability and capacity to Meet first and foremost the pain of yourself – but in turn to become real in relation to the pain of the world.
With all of its deviations from and distortions of the beauty of Darkness.

You have to Center, to Focus for this.
Practice and practice to Build the muscle of Compassion in you.

You are Not Alone.
Even when you feel like you are.
When the mind spins off and projects wrongness into everything around you – including yourself.
When the feelings and thoughts in you lie, rejects, defies, denies – Stay, dear one.
Stay silent.
Break the roll of thoughts attempting to make you draw conclusions.
Stay Still and breathe deeply.
Focus and
The storm will pass.

My Place here…
I feel immense tenderness towards and responsibility in connection with All of you.
Naturally –
as I rest in Her Integrity – treating All I Touch with the golden precision of total commitment.
Deep Care.
The protection provided through this field – I wish it for ANYone taking the Journey to the Real Deal.
And Your courage –
your willingness to take responsibility,
to absorb and apply what is available to you…
It matters.

All your worlds stand to be uncovered.
The ones you dislike – especially.

Your Dedication.
Your Aspiration/Application.
Your Direction and Devotion.
It All Matters.

Now IS the time to practice.
This time Calls for you to Take it On and allow it All to break Down.
To Answer what Life in this time is Calling for from us –
to open and empty out.

To Hold it with me – as it All falls apart.

A Gentle Touch of Care,


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