Return to the Original

Fundamental and monumental times of change – this is where we are. I sit to write you from a rest into the stream of musings, which arise naturally as a part of this life of mine passing by. 

How do we relate to a world gone or going mad? To fearbased movements of state and continuous shifts of the entire foundation on which we stand as humans? 

The answer is of course, that we are forced to come to Rest with our own journey in life. That we are forced into the hands of trusting, of moving with the base of our own intuition and relying on our own inner voice. 

A voice which was Always there, but which somehow – in the hustle and bustle of the worlds 7 bio seemingly good options of choice – was overshadowed by the endless stream of reflections on whether “this or this or this” perhaps was a better option. It isn’t. It wasn’t and it never will be.

The one and only option in this life was always to live your individual stream of Life through deep Trust in and surrender to Who You Are. Not unquestioned, not un-investigated, but by the ever flowing river inside, of wisdom, which holds deep connection with Source. The river, which waits for you to honour and hold it, like the beautified seed that it is – for you to be carried back into the palm of your Creator. Your Creatress.

There’s a deep Source of wisdom there. We can feel it, when we’re connected to it, and also – if we’re being honest – we can feel it when we’re not. And in the moments of Not, we also know that Life is waiting for us to listen and surrender deeper. To humble ourselves from the position of separation and back into the deeper connection with what is Bigger than us. The Life, wherein we are all connected. 

So this time, it is really inviting us. Back into the original inspiration of who we are. Back into the purpose of living, which is so much bigger than just about our individual lives. It is beckoning us back to The Original View, also, wherein our movements await to return to the highest purpose. The purpose of Everything Thriving, of everything being re-invented on a base of Care for All.

And this, of course, makes it a Perfect time for us to start questioning the foundation, on which we are practically speaking living our lives. To study the background behind some of our most pattern-based behaviours – the ones that leads us through the day. That spends our time in anything but the deepest Joy of engaging with what inspires us most.

Because somehow it is obvious, that our way ahead must be based on true inspiration. On That, which cannot be predicted, caught or anything but deeply surrendered to in our humility to be real from moment to moment.

And of course, the disagreements taking place on the planet now, they are reflections of where this deepest of Care for All is missing. Where it is playing out as less than all-inclusive. Since somehow, we are going to have to come into Agreement – to Care – all of us, about everything. It cannot be partial caring anymore. the kind of care, which sets off Joy in one place but wrecks havoc in another. It just isn’t good enough anymore and we Have to make that fundamental shift.

And it all starts with our individual relationship to the Mother. Individual in the sense, that it all starts with you. For surely it is a collective evening out which is needed, but it starts with everyone looking to themselves first and foremost, being willing to enquire. To ask where all this pain is coming from, and to acknowledge that it is there, deep inside everyones own Self. The Self which is not separated from the whole.

Many of you here, or at least the ones who have been working with the teachings for a while, are aware of and working through the minds attempts to bypass the deeper connection. Many of you have seen some Real progress in moving yourself out of the arrogance, that the mind has towards the feminine, and are thereby also in a deeper understanding of what is actually moving behind the global fear-based actions, taking place at present. You know what it takes, you know that Something Deep needs to give in, for us to move into the grounds of real humility, towards what Life is calling us to.

In this time, I spend my days Listening. Playing. Being. Creating and Moving with the teachings and investigations relevant to my own journey at present. And I find myself flipping the coins of conviction – over and over – which have previously already been investigated in full, but that somehow tend to start, when I spin them Really fast, to show a third and yet unknown possibility of existence. An existence of pure invisibility. A divine siddhi indeed.

I am sending Love to all of you, before walking into another interesting day of building, discovering, questioning, and Listening.

Loads of Love,


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