Wise Women’s Retreat, DK (deposit)


Your choice of accommodation determines the exchange for participation.

Your booking includes 1 daily 2,5 hour session as well as accommodation. Food via self-catering of taking care together is additional to the price

The prices are:



Welcome to women’s retreat at Nari Sanctuary. This retreat is a gathering for the women in the Wise Women’s Network. Participation in the Network (online women’s group) is thereby a pre-requisite for sign-up to this Gathering and Retreat.
 Please find all information via the page available under “messages” on the Wise Women’s Network page.

This payment covers deposit for the women’s retreat primo 2023, taking place in Nari Sanctuary on Møn Island in Denmark. Please read All Details on the retreat available via the Women’s Network page – prior to booking.

The deposit is 100 EUR (750 DKK, non-refundable). The remaining part of the retreat exchange is paid in DKK at arrival for retreat (more information coming via e-mail in advance of retreat).

After making your retreat deposit, you will receive an automated e-mail confirming we have received your deposit. One of the following days, you will be contacted via email from: ‘info@pemasalem.com‘ with a final confirmation of your participation, after checking up on availability, according to your request for accommodation.

Please add this e-mail address to your contacts, so the correspondence does not end up in junk or promotion folders. Please do not order tickets for transportation, before the time of receiving our final confirmation. 

In making the retreat deposit, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Furthermore you confirm that you hold no conditions challenging to the mutual space (like snoring or other) unless this is informed to us at the time of booking.

To make your deposit, please;

  • mark “X” on the chosen kind of participation above,
  • check the box confirming you have read the necessary details (this page plus information on retreat page)
  • see the total amount below and
  • click ‘Add to Cart’

You can then proceed to the retreat deposit payment, which will secure your participation.

Entering retreat at Nari Sanctuary, you are entering the Stream of All-Inclusion, wherein you take part – along with everyone else –  in keeping the space and helping out, for all to run smoothly, during the retreat. We look forward to share the Journey with you.


NOTE: Please complete the payment of this deposit separately from other products (do not add other products to the shopping-cart, with the retreat deposit).

When making your deposit, you are being registered as member in the Pema Salem webshop, which gives easy access to visit this and any future purchased products and information for products.