True Man – Bi-weekly Online Men’s Group

 60 / month


Welcome to the True Man men’s group…

In the spirit of supporting the shift of man in our time – a shift of you into a deeper frequency of Life and Living, of embodied unity and core realisation in Joy and passionate (co)existence – Pema offers the Deep, True and Sweet space of Engagement, Alignment, Inspiration and Dedication for man, with a community of men walking into the strong and steady pulse of True Manhood. Deep, grounded, passionate, compassionate, noble, real and spacious.

“It is with Deep Joy that I invite you to Join us in the space of Inspiration, Investigation and Deepening into the Core and Care of your creation as Man.” Pema

Join Pema and the community of men for bi-weekly full-evening Meetings – every other Monday from 6pm CET (CEST in summer period).

The evenings commence as 2-part meetings – all evenings from 6-8pm CET and again from 9-10.30 pm CET – on every other Monday.


Exchange & Subscription

Joining the mens group is easy – via this page you create a subscription with a monthly exchange of 60 EUR.

Your participation will provide ongoing support to Unfold and Rise your frequency towards living your highest potential, supported by the field and Being of Pema along with the group of equally resonating men.

Your subscription gives access to:

  • 2 bi-weekly full evenings (3,5 hours/night) with Pema and the mens group.
  • In addition to the meetings, you will have ongoing access to the meeting recordings, for revisiting and working with the topics or to catch up, should you miss a meeting.


The Foundation

As a member of this men’s group, you get option to Be, Stand and Fall in a connected field of Truth-based and steady support. Where connection, trust, mutual support, honesty and real nakedness Matters. Pema offers this as a group, which you can relax, and dare sink deeper into your true nature, with.

Pema protects the space in a way, where the intimacy and trust building through this space is respected and honoured. As a member of this group, you too are invited to allow for this work, the group and your Being to be Prioritised, Cared for and Supported.

Please know that Any topic, question and aspect of your human existence is welcomed, for deeper investigation, exploration and collective resolution. Topics typically stretch anything from intimate relationships, the facing and handling of feelings and trauma, shame, health, sexuality, body, mind, heart, purpose and work, family-resolution and overall the inner relationship to Reality, Power, Truth and Being and the integration of same – In other words; no topic is off the table.

You are invited to come to the meetings as you are – including holding the challenges on your Way – as a part of what can be shared and you be supported in by this space. In other words, your uncertainties are gifts, that calls for collective resolution and release for a deeper merging with your Essence.


The Practical

The meetings will take place in ZOOM via a dedicated online space, which you find access to in the top-menu under Online Offers ->  True Man men’s group.

Once your subscription is paid, you will have direct access to this page, for ongoing and easy access to all coming meetings. You simply click the large oval shape on the page, and the meeting opens.

Please make sure to install ZOOM on your device and to test sound and video; 15 minutes in advance of every meeting.

The full-meeting video-recordings will be available at the bottom of the Meeting-page. Also the link to the next meeting is available on this page from the day after the last meeting. Please know, that the recordings may come to serve other men via publication in the shop (Pema holds all rights to the recordings, which will only show her face).

Depending on how the group moves, Pema may add to this offer for men, in which case you will be informed. This could include yearly or bi-yearly retreats at Nari Sanctuary, Denmark. It could also be with extra platforms created for alleys of engagement, between the men of the group. Time will tell.

Please notice, that this offer is an addition to the collective community Gateway Online (Gateway subscription not necessary for participation).



Welcome to the  True Man men’s group.

With Warmth and JOY,


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