The Value of Intimacy – June 2023


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Enter a field of Pleasure and Truth with Pema and the Lovers of Reality participating in this Satsang. First, you will be invited into meditation — Silence and Presence. And after that, you will get to enjoy the discussion covering amongst others the Surrender of the Mind, the Importance of True Responsibility, the Value of our Essence… The video was recorded in June 2023.



00:00 Meditation

31:00 Emergence as Feeling; Embracing Vulnerability

1:00:35 Breathing with Overwhelm; Release of the Mind

1:07:57 Anchoring in Silence; A Delivered Mind

1:16:25 Expanse of Being in the Ground; The Body of Compassion

1:41:18 Forgivness as a Given; Responsibility as Our Foundation

1:51:47 Intimacy through Everything; Return to the Essence

2:03:25 The Value of All-Inclusion; Our Essential Nature


Total Video Duration: 2 hours and 25 minutes