Strongly Deeply Truly – May 2023


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This recording is an invitation from Pema into the Deep and Wondrous Transmissions of Reality. We start off with a meditation calling for All-Inclusion and Openness; after which we continue into an inquiry, and touch on topics such as Peace, Presencing emotions, and many more aspects of Practice. You are warmly welcome! The meeting originally took place in May 2023.



00:00 Meditation

29:15 The Journey with Truth; The Whole Deck of Cards

50:16 From Grasping to Surrender; Humanity’s Real Potential

1:05:57 Steps Towards the Next; Coming Home

1:29:08 Befriending Overwhelm; Space of Being in the Ground

1:38:30 Freedom from Hope; Letting Go of Everything

1:52:43 Humility as the Foundation; In Unity with Everything

2:05:04 The Mother’s Love; Back to the Core

2:11:52 True Nurture; All Things Coming Together


Total video duration: 2 hours 25 minutes