Raw & Naked – Jan. 2024


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Join us on a journey full of Magic and Wonder. Take part in a meditation which invites into a deep settling and a compassionate embrace, and afterwards in an inquiry that touches on the much needed topics such as – the Balance of Being and Humanness, a Clear Mind, and True Intimacy. This is a recording of a women’s group meeting that took place in January 2024.



00:00 Guided Meditation

25:14 What We Truly Need; Cycles of Work and Pleasure

45:54  Connecting with the Land; Wisdom of Deep Places

56:06 Meeting Grief Directly; A Free Mind

1:14:47 Responsibility in Intimacy; Dedication to Truth

1:30:28 The Role of Woman in a Relationship; Balancing Out Being and Humanness

1:44:54 Passing Through Darkness; The Growing Strength of Being


Total video duration: 2 hours 16 minutes